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Why Use Emergency Management Software During Crisis like COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for businesses worldwide. The Emergency Managers and crisis response teams are working hard in companies to restore operations and maintain coordination between teams. However, business, even with most sophisticated business continuity tools are finding it hard to tackle the present chaos. 

How prepared your business is to handle a major emergency, disaster or crisis like COVID-19? According to reliable data, 60% of the businesses don’t have a robust emergency management software or plan in place right now. 

The use of generic business software like team collaboration tools, spreadsheets, etc.is most common among organizations today for emergency management. But those are not enough for crisis response. 

You clearly need intuitive and automated emergency response planning and management software in place to manage incidents and ensure business continuity.  

The article will highlight the key reasons why you should use emergency management software for your business. But, before we discuss the benefits, let’s first understand:

What is Emergency Management Software? 

Emergency management software enables the organizations to prepare, respond and recover from a wide range of crisis or natural disasters. These systems are specially designed to automate and streamline emergency response activities. In most cases, traditional business systems or applications fail to manage a crisis, coordinate mass notification and communication to key personnel (e.g. employees, clients, customers) in an organization. 

Hence, using advanced, cloud-based software for emergency management is a must for modern-day businesses. It helps them ensure business continuity, boost communication speed, improve task visibility, and standardize incident management practices. 

Common Features of Emergency Management Software

emergeny software features

An end-to-end emergency management system contains one or more of the following functions: 

  • Emergency Planning & Preparation
  • Emergency Data Management
  • Emergency Reports, Charts and Visuals
  • Regulatory Compliance 
  • Mobile Support
  • Emergency Assets Management 
  • Emergency Action Plan and Checklist Preparation
  • GIS Support

You can also request to add more features in your custom emergency management tool from your enterprise software solution provider, that suits your business needs: 

Reasons To Use Emergency Management Software During Crisis

You can use a reliable emergency management Software to reap the following benefits: 

  • Increase Operational Efficiency 
  • Seamless Accessibility of Critical Data 
  • Real-time Updates and Alerts 
  • Multipath Communication 
  • Customizable and Scalable
  • Faster Collaboration & Streamlined Workflows 
  • Remote & Mobile Working Support
  • Simplified and Intuitive Dashboard 

Increase Operational Efficiency 

Effective response planning requires a coordinated response and a robust action plan. You need to manage inventory levels, deliver updates to clients and fast pace resource mobilization - all of which are time-consuming. A robust emergency preparedness and response software can ease all of these tasks for you. Web-based enterprise software for emergency management uses a centralized database to store emergency data. Use can use such a tool to coordinate the entire workflow and streamlining communication during a crisis. 

Seamless Accessibility of Critical Data to Employees 

In the event of a crisis like COVID-19, access to critical data or resources become important for key stakeholders (e.g. employees, supply chain partners, emergency response teams, etc.) of your organization. You have to make sure that data is instantly accessible anytime, anywhere and from any device to emergency staff. Using a SaaS-based software for emergency management helps you maintain, update and store data at a centralized location without wasting too much time. 

Real-time Updates and Alerts 

Have you analyzed whether your current emergency protocols are good enough to provide instant alerts to your employees about any crisis? For example, as real estate business owner, you’ve asked your employees to stay in a shelter, but now the plan has changed and they need to evaluate the building they were hiding. How would they able to know the plan had changed? 

An emergency evolves faster, so you need flexible emergency software solutions like emergency response apps. With cloud-based mobile apps, you can quickly provide SMS, push notifications or alerts in real-time. This will help your staff prevent any injuries and death. Real-time emergency alerts streamline incident response and help you build a strong market reputation. 

Multipath Communication 

It’s not ideal to use a single path for emergency communication - like manual call or website announcement. There are very less chances of your achieving the higher success rate. Research studies claim that multiple path communication is an ideal option for business during emergencies. 80% of businesses rely on multiple sources to deliver information to customers and clients during a crisis. 

But, remember while using multiple communication channels like social media, email or call - keep the messaging clear and consistent where. This will eliminate the chances of any ambiguity among your staff and stakeholders. 

Customizable and Scalable as Your Business Grow 

With technology advancements, emergency management systems have evolved and become much better today. Most of the businesses today offer a customizable emergency platform with third-party integrations. You can easily pick and customize the emergency management tool as per your organization needs. Be it maintaining quality, streamlining processes or ensuring compliance during emergencies - you can do it all with a custom emergency management tool. 

See what our clients say on the importance of customizability in emergency response software: 

“With the help of the free A3logics custom emergency management software, we were able to maintain some level of business continuity while responding to our employees’ needs”

Faster Collaboration & Streamlined Workflows 

Bi-directional data sharing and common workflows leaders improve collaboration among business teams during emergencies. This also results in better incident response and recovery. Take the example of COVID-19, companies with solid emergency response systems and business continuity plans are likely to achieve business results in future.

All of them are maintaining a consistent brand voice and are showcasing empathy towards employees and customers on all mediums - emails, SMS, social media, etc. Emergency management systems with built-in workflows can help you in better data sharing & collaboration, task management and tracking multiple cases and activities across teams.

Remote & Mobile Working Support

With emergency response and management software solutions - you can manage your remote team’s easily thanks to mobile accessibility and support Coordinating, communicating and sharing critical information to your remote staff in times of crisis becomes easier with such emergency response apps.  

Simplified and Intuitive Dashboard 

Modern emergency management solutions come with a simple and intuitive dashboard where you can manage your team and business operations with ease. The dashboards are also configurable and can be customized for various screen sizes or devices. You can get a complete overview of your emergency tasks, team member roles and critical data. Be it logging events, sending alerts or signing up emergency teams - manage it all from the dashboard itself. 

You can also perform other activities from the dashboard of emergency response software like

  • Management of Resources
  • Visualize and manage the status of your equipment 
  • Track inventory levels
  • Human capital coordination

Fortify Your Business with Reliable Emergency Management Software Solutions

A crisis like COVID-19 requires solid emergency planning and response to navigate through it successfully. We, at A3logics, can help you manage the rapidly evolving challenges presented by the present pandemic. We provide battle-tested emergency response and management solutions to all kinds of businesses worldwide. 

Our custom software solutions help companies effectively manage crises and restore their business activities. We can support you at every step of the emergency management lifecycle- from preparation to recovery - so your business can go back to normal.

Drop us a line and we’ll help you take control of your routine emergency situations.

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