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Unmatched Benefits of AWS: Why Businesses Must Adopt AWS Cloud!

Cloud computing has made things so easy for businesses. Store all your data under a roof and explore it in any corner of the world. You are busy enjoying your vacation, and have something urgent to deal with? The data is on the cloud. Just reach to it, and get things done in a few clicks. 

A lot of big names have jumped into web services providing interesting cloud solutions. The major biggies in the story are, Microsoft, and Salesforce and the new entry in the list is Amazon. 

It has been more than a decade since Amazon Web Services entered the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Cloud Computing market and is still the LEADER. Over this decade, business paradigms have shifted from just looking out for an IT consulting service provider that offers a cost-effective infrastructure to the one that comes with business agility and advanced offerings.

As cloud computing has become the fundamental component for IT architectures, AWS ensures data protection and offers tremendous value to the client business. Even Gartner placed AWS in the “Leaders” quadrant in its 2016 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service and referred AWS as “having both the furthest completeness of vision and the highest ability to execute.”

Seeing such benefits of AWS, many businesses from retail & ecommerce, real estate & housing and other sectors are ready to leverage AWS for secure data storage and transfer today.

Here Are a Few Advantages of Moving to AWS Cloud

Few Advantages of Moving to AWS Cloud

Cost-Effective Solution 

The one concern that always revolves around every business is controlling costs and adopting cost-effective solutions. Thus, when it comes to investing in cloud computing, you need a solution that allows you to pay as you go. On the AWS cloud, you can pay only for how much you consume. Our team suggests working on the AWS environment as it would charge you only for the services that you avail of. With cost-effective policies, it ensures that you pay only for what you use. 

Secure Data Transfer

Cybersecurity may seem an issue when you move your business to the cloud. As soon as your business enters the digital domain it is important that the information related to your business and clients is safe and secure.  AWS development ensures you solutions are secure and protected. With elements like the AWS web application firewall and AWS shield, you can stay averse from all kinds of web exploits and DDoS attacks respectively. This helps you avoid common exploits related to web app availability, 24/7 support, and excessive resource utilization. 


Infrastructure capacity needs are dynamic and they keep on changing as you move forward with your business. Thus, one cannot make an accurate prediction as to what capacity they actually require. AWS Cloud comes as that option that can be scaled up and down as per the changing infrastructure needs. Our AWS development team stays updated with the latest advancements and ensures that each advancement is integrated with your cloud solution to meet your business needs.   

Enhanced Speed & Performance

In the AWS ecosystem, IT resources can be made available in just a few minutes instead of weeks. This enhanced the time to market for any product being developed by the software development teams thereby reducing time and costs significantly. Being backed with such massive infrastructure, it becomes furthermore convenient to access compute and storage resources as and when required. With the convenience of working at your ease, you can definitely add to the productivity of the business. 

Easy to Work On

AWS platform is one of the easiest cloud computing platforms that are available in the market today. With the ease of operating and functionalities, AWS is not only popular with big businesses that have a lot to deal with over the internet, but also with small scale industries that need to run the business for a smaller audience. 

Amazon has kept its cloud as easy as its shopping platform is. Most things are all about a click!

Flexible Services 

If you are looking for a platform that is available in various languages, understands your business needs and feels like it was developed specifically for you, then AWS is the answer. The platform offers the best customization alternatives and can meet your business needs in a snap of fingers. So, if you are technically sound in any of the computing languages then there is a probability you just saved a little as you can integrate your business with the platform easily. If you cannot manage this, take software solutions for DOT NET applications

Lowered Maintenance Costs

While running a business, you must concentrate on formulating strategies that drive your business growth and not on chalking down your infrastructure needs. This is the best benefit of adopting cloud computing services that allow businesses to leave all the administrative hassles racking, stacking, etc. aside and focus on business. With the comprehensive AWS cloud solutions, you can deploy business applications in multiple locations across the globe thereby providing users as much better experience. When you look forward to expanding your business, you definitely choose to opt for solutions that are budget-friendly and earn you great clientele. 

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Now that you know why AWS is an important choice for your industry, proceed further to avail the cloud solutions. Let Jeff Bezos be a part of your business environment too and help you accelerate your business to the best speed.

To Conclude

AWS Cloud adoption can bring a great difference to any business with its unmatched benefits and easy-to-use facility. Thus, businesses must lookout for the right AWS Cloud partner that can help them migrate to the AWS Cloud and get a completely different and elated cloud experience. We at A3logics ensure to bring forward the most interesting cloud solutions that would impress your customers and ensure cybersecurity that too at the most affordable rates. 

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