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UI/ UX Tricks for Designing the App Your Customers Love

As the world has limited itself to a few inch screens, a lot of businesses now leverage their revenue on their mobile applications. This has only leveled up the competition among the mobile app development companies in this industry. Most businesses that are looking forward to getting their apps developed or revamped want to hire mobile app developers who are well versed in technology, UI and UX tricks, and retention. Each of these elements is important to convince your customers to interact with the business in the long run and keep generating revenues. 

Without much delay, let’s first see here what tricks to the best UI/UX developers around the world use for a high revenue-generating app. 

Connect Emotionally with the Audience 

For an app to make an impact in front of the audience it is important that it connects with them emotionally. Many app developers often find it difficult to come up with a design that is emotionally available. 

Well, here’s the trick. Instead of trying something universal focus on the target audience and then decide on a layout. This trick has helped our UX developers come up with some great solutions over the decade. 

Conceal the Ideas Well

The first thing to delivering a mobile application is concealing the idea of the client. It is important that your solution is perfect for all the platforms iOS and Android. Also, be updated with the latest technology that may help you deliver great solutions that are up to date and laden with the latest functionality. 

Solve the Problem 

A mobile application aims at solving the problem. It is important that your app resolves the users’ problem in one go. It includes identifying the challenge and coming up with an interesting solution. If you think your hybrid app developer can not get things in place, then it is time to find a new one. 

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Play with Push Notifications

Push notifications have always been an advantage for any app. It is important that you take care of the audience’s involvement and always guide them with what is next. Push notifications are a traditional way of interacting with the audience but have proved its worth even in the digital era. 

Just for information, it gets far more clicks than email marketing. Sounds Cool? Yeah, it is!

Tool for Every Problem

One reason that any user installs a particular app is that they are a one-stop solution to their problems. For your UX to be pitch-perfect, it is important that you realize how well things work and how to include even the minute details related to a certain problem. 

If you are selling some apparel online, let the user have the ease of seeing various colors available and sizes available in one window. This would bring an end to all their queries related to that particular apparel. 

Great First Impression 

Most users uninstall an app if their first interaction with the app isn’t well. It is important that your app is designed specifically for the target audience and serves the purpose well. An easily navigable app is the perfect solution for anyone. The app that makes a great first impression gains popularity among the audience too.  

Innovative Touch Gestures 

Fact Check: A normal user opens around 26 apps a month.

If the app that your UI developer comes up with doesn’t have any innovative or impressive feature the first time may turn to the last time the user used your app. The UX and UI designers need to come up with ideas that need to be customized for users yet very basic. If the user cannot perform basic functionalities easily they would definitely not recommend the app to others and uninstalling is always an easy alternative. 

Extended Support

“I have an issue with my order, where to complain?” or “How to track my query?” If the users can’t find answers to these two questions in the app, that app is actually of no use to them. A good brand always makes it easier for users to interact with them. If one cannot get the query resolved, then your bot is of no use and you wasted your money paying to that app developer. 

Sorry! But that’s the fact. 

Pro Tip: When you decide to hire mobile app developers be sure what you want and how that would help your users. This would be a good investment. 

Adaptive Technology 

Well, surely the app would not only be used on various platforms, but also on various devices and screen sizes. If it fails to fit anyone then your app is a fail. It is important when interacting with your UI/UX designers you clearly talk to them about the sizes of the screen and other details so that there is no loophole. You need to get an app that is not just interesting but is easily accessible over various mediums. 

Predictive Analysis 

Well, this part is not exactly about the UI/UX alone. It involves a lot of development parts too. Still, it is important that your app can predict what your customers generally look for and suggests similar choices. Not just this, according to the suitable time a few push notifications can help generate more profit. 

So, when you reach a UI/UX developer check for their previous work. See if they have followed the pattern and are the solutions user-friendly. If yes, then there you go! 

Wrapping It Up!

With so many things running in the back of your head at once, finding the best UI/UX developer becomes difficult. Well, keep calm. We would soon come up with a guide that would help you decide how to hire a reliable UI/UX designer who can help you make the most of your business.

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