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The Journey- Celebrating 12 Years

A fantastic party was organized at A3logics where everyone was in a party mood and engaged with a different energy. 

Completing 12 years is not just achieving a new milestone; this has been made possible with the hard work, loyalty and perseverance demonstrated by the members of team A3. 

So here is the account how A3 family celebrated the event in style:

The event kicked off with a heart-touching singing performance by our li’l angels from Upper Primary School, Tiba Seopur Village, the school that we support as a part of our CSR activities.

Click Here: To Watch Full Performance 

It was all about keeping up the spirit of being a part of A3 and creating that aura and so we started with a video that perfectly reflected the culture at A3logics.

The video created a buzz as it recounted all the events and activities that were held over the past year.

The fantastic evening turned out to be more cheerful as our otherwise serious looking employees came out with some dazzling performances. A3 band just rocked it with the melodious mesh up while our dancers took everyone on their feet with their mesmerizing dance moves and grooves!

To mark the occasion, our CEO, Akhilesh Sharma acknowledged the efforts made by our team members and appreciated them for the hard work, loyalty and their dedication. The members who played key roles in our continuing business success were also rewarded for their extraordinary contribution.