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The Future Of IoT-An Era Of Ubiquitous Network

“It is expected that by the year 2020, the number of Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices will rise to around 20.8 billion, a significant rise of over 225% when compared to today’s demographics.” 

The IoT where “billions of things talk to each other” is transforming the everyday physical objects surrounding us into an intelligent information ecosystem to enrich our lives. From refrigerators to houses to logistics, IoT is bringing-in all the daily utility devices that fosters digital transformation in today's interconnected world. 

To this, embedded sensors have been playing a vital role. These are considered as the backbone of the Internet of Things and are the main source of collecting huge volumes of data created every moment by continuously indexing the world and sending the information to the cloud for analysis and power certain applications.

This is actually what's powering the IoT majorly resulting in connected housing, connected cars, connected logistics, and connected ‘everything.’

Why Is IoT Important to Consumers and Businesses?

IoT along with Big Data Services and Artificial Intelligence helps businesses by improving their decision-making capability through increased IoT intelligence. In the case of businesses, IoBT (Internet of Business Things) enables companies to get hold of an enhanced process optimization and collection/reporting efficiencies on the data collected from the business environment. Businesses are increasingly using sensors with their people, processes, places, and products so that more insights on data can be collected and the same can be analyzed effectively to increase transparency. 

Thus, IoT plays a major part in coming up with solutions that are not only technologically advanced but are helping businesses run at a pace the world is running.  A lot of businesses have moved to technology to ensure they are not lagging behind. Here are a few points that have transformed the way businesses run with IoT.

Here are a few things that make IoT a Must-Go Place for Businesses

Incorporates Huge Market Potential

 Incorporates Huge Market Potential

There has been an astounding impact of IoT on our daily lives making it simple by naturally merging into areas like transportation, retail, healthcare, industrial control, resource management and utility management. Due to such vast involvement in every sector, this market is attracting huge investments from the government as well as from private sectors. Also, because of the enormous market potential and demands initiated by trillions of connected devices, IoT is providing a means to expand businesses and increase revenue significantly.

Advance Customer Services

Don’t you want to know when is your customer ready to shop? If you know this, you can surely take your sales to a new height. Well, yes you can know when your customers shop majorly and then let your ads hit them at the right time. Sounds Cool? Thanks to IoT, you can track when is the most obvious time when the buyer would shop. Also, it is easier to track the searches and understand the choices of your buyers.

Thus, a good business is, being at the right place, at the right time, with the right pitch.

Increased Productivity

If you think, things would fall in place as and when you want, the productivity would always increase. With the Internet of Things being a part of your business environment, you can track the performance of the teams and individuals and thus, work on the productivity aspect of the work.

Move to Salesforce IoT cloud with our services and see your business organized better and the team coming up stronger. Salesforce IoT cloud would help you maintain a CRM that would get you the best results and help your employees be updated with their progress.

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Control Investments on Operations

When you move to the IoT environment, the cost of operations for the business would also reduce. A lot of things would streamline easily and you would need less of IT expenses. With many of your devices being covered in the environment, it would be of no good to look forward to adding devices in your business set-up.

Lesser the number of devices involved, lesser the investments, and more savings. When you run a business, we understand every penny you save, is what you earn.

Rise in Revenues

When your business aligns with IoT environment, it streamlines a lot of things that are otherwise not possible. Does IoT seem a big term that cannot help your business? We bust this myth in the next few sentences.  The technical team associated with us, suggest the major application of IoT that many businesses miss is, enterprise mobility solutions. Thus, as the businesses move to several devices, they expand their reach and thus are available to all the customers around the globe.  

IoT Is a Game Changer for the Business of All Sizes

Yes, the way IoT is seeping down at the ground levels of the business environment, the work for IT consulting services is increasing.  This seems to be of great help and also, budget-friendly option. Definitely, IoT integration may require a sum of investment, but the cost of maintenance and the features covered would save tons.

A Move Towards Becoming the Ubiquitous Network 

IoT is fast breaking its traditional boundaries and extending the communication to a whole new level. Devices, which were previously considered as unconnected, now can be networked through intelligent communication modules. With the addition of a new device into the communication network every now and then, the ubiquitous network of IoT is fast gaining shape and is expected to grow at a rapid pace. This means the whole world is moving into an era of ‘everywhere internet’ through intelligent information sharing and collaboration.

So, what are you waiting for best IT consultation service provider and see how far you can take your business.  With the business that you are involved in, a balance between the technological resources and human resources would help you earn great profits!

Don’t waste a lot of time, reach to us and get your business moved to the IoT environment today! 

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