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5 Software Products to Accelerate Your Business in 2022

If 2020 was the year of uncertainty, 2021 is the year of evolution regardless of whether you thrive in a competitive market or have an ocean.

With most businesses opening in the last quarter of 2020 after the corona virus pandemic, accelerating business growth and business continuity are two unanswered elements. Running a business and growing a business are two different sides of the same coin.

Software Products to Accelerate Your Business


For running a business, you focus on daily tasks, operations, and employees. For growing a business, you take a strategic approach with the help of a dedicated and smart IT consultation services provider to improving the workforce, creating successful marketing plans, and automating operations.

With 30.2 million small businesses running in the U.S. alone, automating operations and using tools to create an impactful first impression makes sense as it helps gain a competitive advantage. The increasing artificial intelligence solutions are making life less messy and give you time to focus on your core business.

5 Tools to Accelerate Your Business

The right software products are instrumental in driving revenue and accelerating growth. The right software product is one that helps you achieve business goals without breaking the bank. We’ve listed the top five must-have software products in your arsenal in 2021.

1. Online presentation tools

A stellar business presentation is far more than a bunch of attractive slides.

When you turn a boring concept into something your audience will talk with their colleagues and share with others – you make a positive first impression. When giving business presentations, you would speak to venture capitalists, potential customers, or senior management, making delivering an impactful presentation a must. It lets you stand out from a dozen other speakers.

According to research, we humans are 22 times more likely to remember a fact when it’s told through a gripping story. Why?

Think back to primary school, learning names of planets in the right order (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto was a pain, but “My very educated grandmother showed us nine planets” made life simpler.

Online presentation tools


For an effective online presentation tool, leveraging mobility as well as solving your real-time presentation delivering problems  is vital for every business scalability, which can be obtained with the right and effective product engineering services.

Benefits of an online presentation tool:

  • Built-in business templates
  • Easy to use
  • Customization of a brand in seconds
  • Help to make beautiful and attractive design
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Translates complex data into a visual treat

Using pre-designed templates like the Piktochart presentation templates will help bring your stories to life and keep your audience invested in your offerings. 

2. UX design tools

As rightly said by Thomas Carlye: “Man is a tool-using animal. Without tools, he is nothing; with tools, he is all.”

UX designers would probably agree with him. Why? UX designers create designs as described by clients, and not all designs are created to match a customer’s requirement, thereby resulting in conflicts.

That’s where a Ui Ux development  tool comes to your rescue.

UX design tools


A UX design tool lets you create prototypes and convey the product’s idea to customers. It helps in creating designs, which a customer craves for. Furthermore, a prototyping tool lets designers paint a broader picture, conduct usability tests, and build design while ensuring consistency.

Benefits of UX design tools

  • Early-stage identification of issues
  • Incorporates changes iteratively
  • Involves the stakeholders
  • Results in stakeholder and customer satisfaction
  • Enhances team collaboration

These tools create a win-win situation as customers get a visual overview of how the design will look. Furthermore, when a designer fails with a mockup, they land on a soft cushion as there is always time to validate, modify, iterate, and improve the design.

3. Compliance Management tools

The word ‘compliance’ is no longer limited just to the financial domain. Thanks to numerous cybercriminals, it has become a part of every business’s life.

In 2019, when more than 137 million Canva user accounts were compromised, it sent shocking waves in the tech sector. When a tech giant like Canva is prone to online threats, your business is no different.

Compliance Management tools


The increasing instances of data-breaches and compromise of customer information have given birth to various compliance laws like the GDPR and CCPA. Today, every business has to comply with these laws. Failure to adhere could not only land you on the opposite side of the law but put your business at risk. You end up paying hefty fines or, worst- face closure. That’s why every business worldwide is investing in hcm solutions and compliance management tools.

Benefits of a compliance management tool

  • Vendor risk monitoring
  • Consent management
  • Alerts in real-time on data-privacy breach
  • Alerts on a change in vendor policy
  • Notifies on vendor lawsuit
  • Alerts on changes to upcoming laws
  • Data subject rights management

Apart from analyzing, monitoring, and managing data privacy, many of these software products offer a comprehensive CCPA vs GDPR guide to understand these laws in depth.

4. Project management tools

Gone are those days when juggling between people, tasks, and goals was an uphill battle for project managers. Managers no longer have to paste and move post-it on whiteboards or knock on an employee’s door reminding him/her about an approaching deadline.

Today, project managers want to streamline their workflow and get the most of their employees’ time.

A project management tool ticks all the above boxes and serves as a one-stop destination to micromanage projects.

Irrespective of your business, you can customize and tweak the project management tool to fit your business requirement.

Benefits of a project management tool

  • Easier collaboration
  • Better scheduling
  • Efficient delegation of tasks
  • Budget management
  • Enhances communication
  • Provides a platform for document sharing
  • Enhances productivity
  • Helps in remote working

Project management is the art, science, and everything else of getting things done, and a software product would ensure your projects are successful.

Without such a tool, businesses will always struggle to meet the three main constraints of a growing business – quality, budget, and scope.

5. Accounting software

Unless you’re a finance wizard, accounting can turn out as your biggest nightmare. But, don’t worry. You’re probably not the only one sailing on this boat.