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5 Smart Ways Businesses Can Use Augmented and Virtual Reality

Initially, VR and AR entered the market as an advanced entertainment product. With its unique visual and spatial experience, it soon took the media and entertainment industry by storm and emerged as one of the most popular technologies. However, it has now become more than just a toy, creating unparalleled options for businesses. They are embracing VR and AR to attain their company objectives and carry smooth operations. Many companies now use SDKs like Vuforia and Unity for AR/VR development. Within no time, many of these organizations have got an edge over their competitors due to the implementation of Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions in the business. 

The AR/VR is expected to be a multi-billion-dollar industry by 2021 and the sooner you understand it and apply it in your business, the faster you will gain the profits. No wonder why companies are seeking virtual reality solutions these days for various business applications. If you still haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, then it’s high time to do so.

Wondering what purposes VR can serve in your organization and why you need it? Then the following points will surely help you in this quest. Have a look:

VR development services

Business Meetings 

Businesses often need to convey information quickly and accurately to their partners and associates across the world. Although emails, messages, phone calls, and other modes are available to them, they neither guarantee the accuracy nor timely response. Hence, VR comes to the rescue as an optimized tool that helps business owners in every aspect. VR products like Hyper Room offer a virtual workspace which is ideal for collaborative projects. Partners can discuss any topic, prepare a plan, and work on a design in real-time easily along with reviewing models.

A few years ago, it seemed impossible for colleagues, who live in different continents and countries, to work together. However, virtual reality has made it possible too with cost-effective options. It has also materialized the concept of virtual presentation where one person is appointed as a presenter while others can view the model and move to a specific location. Looking at the benefits that VR provides and how big companies are using it to conduct meetings, we can be certain that it will soon revolutionize the way partners and colleagues collaborate. You can get a customized VR system for your specific business objectives by connecting with an authentic IT consulting firm that can understand your needs and deliver the product accordingly.

Product Showcase

Showcasing is a crucial step to sell any product and sometimes it is not possible to reach each potential buyer and give a demo. Hence, VR has emerged as an effective marketing mode to give users an insight into the product and provide them with real-life experience. It not only represents the product in a powerful way to the audience but also reduces the pressure associated with marketing strategy, logistics, and set of product display.

Inspired by the benefits and features offered by virtual showrooms, companies are switching their traditional marketing with them. This is saving a huge amount of money which they would have invested in the shipping of the products and to build a showroom to sell them in different areas. In fact, many automobile dealers have agreed that this shift has resulted in an almost 70% increase in sales. This is certainly the best opportunity for businesses to eliminate their marketing cost and introduce the product at one common platform as soon as it leaves the production line and is ready to launch in the market. Moreover, if anyone is planning a vacation to an unexplored destination, then VR can help them to preview the place before booking tickets or hotel. Another area that is benefitted from virtual reality is a prototype. Now, companies can prepare a virtual prototype to evaluate the quality and performance of the final product rather than shelling out an enormous amount on producing an actual one.


Many companies seek AR and VR development services to hone the skills of their employees and implement an efficient training program. They use immersive technology to provide them with real-life experience and prepare them to deal with complicated situations. With practical learning, they also get to know the consequences of any mistake and how to stay calm during tough times while ensuring safety and security as prime concerns.

This will help recruits to go through virtual hazardous-waste training before they move to an advanced stage. Also, they can be trained in public speaking in different settings which is more effective than learning by reading. This technology can also be applied to an emergency situation where employees are trained in a virtual malfunction rather than simply relying on theoretical knowledge. From doctors to pilots to marketing, virtual learning can work wonders in various occupations.

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Customer Experiences

The biggest impact of virtual reality can be certainly seen on the customer experience. Companies and their teams often find it difficult to connect with their clients regularly and look after each grievance personally. This even works against their goodwill and companies face huge losses. However, with VR commerce, they can sell their products effectively and interact with people anytime. In fact, customers can visit showrooms digitally, have a word with sales assistants, try products, and place their order without any hassle.

Also, the sales team can enhance its performance which is the key ingredient for business success. The employees and buyers can work more closely and you can have all the details of what your clients are looking for, how you can improve the quality and meet their expectations.

Big Data

Last but not least. Virtual reality has also changed the way companies manage and evaluate their data. They visualize the information and facts using VR to add depth and volume to create a 3D environment to process the data, thus helping in the better decision-making process and creating advanced Big Data solutions.

With more bandwidth than what our senses can usually engage, the data is organized and scrutinized effectively. Thus, whenever a business finds itself overwhelmed with a gamut of information, VR is the perfect source to deal with it. The virtual reality tools are without a doubt more sophisticated than traditional analytical products, making it easier to track the performance of the business and introduce necessary changes. We can surely say that VR will soon replace data science and machine learning methods.


Looking at the current pace of VR and AR, one thing is certain that it will soon reach every business operation and aspect. The applications that it offers will be easily accessible to smaller companies and we will witness a major change in the way people conduct their business.

Soon, there will be a new era of VR business applications. Hence, it is important for company owners like you to get acquainted with its range so that you invest rationally and make most of it. For this, you will need a VR software development partner that can share your vision and turn it into a reality. This is where A3logics steps in with its team of experienced developers who are adept at providing virtual and augmented reality solutions. Connect with us now for any further queries.

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