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Top 6 Shipping & Logistics Software That Businesses Can Capitalize On

The use of advanced technology solutions driven by Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing and ML is growing tenfold in the logistics sector every passing day. As a shipping & logistics business, it’s crucial for you to stay ahead of the curve by leveraging advanced logistics software solutions. It helps you automate supply chain operations, minimize human errors, reduce costs and ensure timely delivery of goods and services.

By deploying a custom logistics management software, you can simplify the entire transportation cycle - right from order placement to delivery - for your business. Analyzing your supply chain processes and knowing the different types of shipping & logistics management software is vital. It helps you examine which software is most suitable for your business. 

So, let’s have a look at some of the most popular custom software for shipping and logistics industry that can you utilize to grow your business: 

Best Shipping & Logistics Management Software Solutions For Rapid Business Growth

Logistics Management Software 

A logistics management system comprises a suite of applications or software that helps you manage and optimize the entire logistics process to ensure timely delivery of goods at customers end. Cloud-based solutions for logistics management are becoming popular today due to their security and convenience aspect. If you don’t work with a 3PL company, opting for custom LMS solutions that suit your business needs is the best option. 

You can work with a logistics software development services provider to get solutions like: 

Logistics Management Software

Order processing & fulfilment software: This software lets you manage inventory and order processing tasks like receiving & processing orders, managing orders, etc. Order management solutions come in many variations with support for CRM, EDI and reverse logistics. 

Warehouse management software: You can automate typical warehouse activities like receiving items, managing warehouse staff, maintaining safe conditions, etc. with custom warehouse management software. Also, for real-time tracking and visibility shipment, you can request cloud-based apps from your logistics solution provider. Integrating WMS with your ERP is also easy today. 

Fleet Management Software: To manage complex fleet management tasks like tracking, scheduling, driver management, etc., you can use a fleet management solution running over the cloud network. 

Parcel Shipping Software: You can also choose a custom multi-carrier shipping software to select or switch carriers from a single system while sending shipments to domestic or international locations. Such solutions integrate with 3PLs systems easily. 

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Inventory Management Software

Tracking rapid changes in inventory position like orders required, items left, return request, etc. is possible via an advanced inventory management software. SaaS-based solutions offer real-time inventory tracking and visibility via any device like mobile, laptop, or wearable to you. Here are some of the popular inventory management solutions that can you request from your development partner: 

Inventory aggregation and sync software: It lets you sync your inventory across multiple channels, which eliminates redundancies or double-data entry mistakes. With EDI integration, data errors are also null while you get a centralized repository managing inventory items. 

Warehouse inventory software:  Such solutions are pretty handy for tasks like stock adjustment, warehouse management, inventory status check, and more. You can also add/delete supplier or customer data on-the-go with zero errors in such systems. 

Cloud-based Inventory management software: As a logistics or 3PL owner, if you want to keep a bird’s eye on your inventory, then cloud-solutions are best. Cloud-base inventory tools provide in-depth insights about items left, sold, demand trends, etc. which you can access on any mobile, laptop or wearable device. If you want to build the software from scratch, start from a quality inventory management software tutorial for the best results. 

Wayfinder Software & Indoor location tracking software: Large fulfillment centers can use such software in their robotics devices to scan and validate orders via RFID, barcodes, or QR codes. 

Freight Management Software

Also known as transport management software, these systems are a pretty useful tool to optimize your supply chain operations and increase logistics efficiency. Handling daily tasks of transportation fleets becomes a breeze when you choose such tools. Retail & e-commerce operators, 3Pls and wholesalers can use this software for cross-docking, last-mile logistics, shipment scheduling, transportation accounting and more. This has increased the demand for retail and ecommerce software solutions Different types of software available under the freight management category include: 

Freight brokerage shipping & logistics software: Brokers looking to manage their client’s freight can use such tools to invoicing, delivery, scheduling and various other tasks. 

Freight Forwarding Software: You can perform the freight document forwarding tasks with such tools. Important shipment docs are sent to the receiver via this software. It comes with custom templates, notifications, dedicated dashboard and other utilities.

Asset Tracking Software 

Also known as shipment tracking software, it allows to track the real-time location of your goods with detailed delivery information. You can perform activities like finding a specific voyage, tracking containment movement, checking & comparing freight rates and more. If you have specific business needs, you can always opt for a custom solution designed by shipping & logistics software solution providers.

GPS-based asset tracking software: Such software offers powerful mapping, navigation, geo-fencing and location tracking capabilities for all your freights. Vehicle tracking solutions can help you improve productivity, cut costs and ensure timely delivery.

RFID tracking software: On-premise and cloud-based RFID solutions can help you fast track asset search and get real-time updates on asset location. 

Barcode asset tracking software: You can use such software to track vital details about inventory products or assets. You can choose from multiple options like mobile phone scanning apps. embedded barcode scanner software, etc. as per your needs. 

Enterprise Shipping Software

Large enterprises often have complex transportation needs. Any data error, shipment delay or warehouse mismanagement can result in a huge financial loss. So, it’s vital you choose advanced logistics management solutions that come with EDI,  ERP integration, vehicle tracking and other powerful capabilities. You can request the following transportation solutions from your development partner:

EDI management software: An EDI services provider can assist you exchange data in a secure and compliant manner while following necessary standards like HIPPA and more. Retail, healthcare and banking services often need to transmit data in a standardized format. For such needs, you can request custom, industry-specific  EDI software from your EDI partner. 

Supply chain management software: As you know, the supply chain is the most essential part of any logistics business. To get better control over your supply chain activities, it’s better to invest in custom software. It helps you in inventory planning, forecasting, cutting production costs and more. 

Manufacturing Resource Planning Software

For better production planning, investing in MRP software is a good idea today. You can perform strategic inventory level adjustments, improve vendor communication and faster raw material processing with such tools. Handling tasks like raw material purchasing, tracking, forecast reporting based on AI, mechanical equipment maintenance, etc. can also be done smoothly. 

Cloud-based MRP software: SaaS-base solutions are best for multi-site logistics control, and also allow bill of materials (BOM) processing for raw materials. You can accomplish data entry tasks for sales, work-in-progress goods, finished goods, purchases and more with such software. 

Custom Logistics Solutions Tailored for Your Business Needs 

To optimize and simplify your logistics and supply chain operations, using a custom solution is a must today. It lets you manage all logistics processes effectively while fulfilling the demands of your delivery partners. For building a custom solution, partnering a software vendor who holds expertise in logistics management software development is crucial.

Pioneers like A3logics in this field can help you get the right solution that suits your business requirements.

A3logics holds a decade of experience in building custom enterprise software solutions. We have a unique formula of proven technology, experience and support to meet your unique needs. We cater to businesses of all kinds - from e-commerce operators to freight brokers - in the logistics arena. 

Drop us a line to know more about our custom logistics solutions & services.

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