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Features And Pricing of Schoology LMS

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    LMS today is one of the most important parts of every industry. However, it has a major role to play in terms of education. With COVID-19, many schools and academic institutes suffered a huge setback because of the lockdown. They had to remain shut as they were not prepared for any such situation. But, technology helped them beat the situation seamlessly.

    One such technology that played the biggest role in getting schools and institutes back on their feet was the learning content management system. With the help of the respective technology, schools were able to resume their classes without any hassle. The students and teachers were able to connect remotely to pursue their courses online and have them completed without any disruption or gap.

    It just added life back to the academic institutions after the COVID-19 hit them hard. We are here to discuss one such LMS that literally took a step ahead and helped the academic industry get all the features they need to seamlessly deliver their courses and eventually gain the best results out of it.

    We are talking about Schoology LMS. Before moving towards Schoology, let’s first understand more about LMS and how then proceed ahead towards this segment.

    LMS: A Brief Synopsis

    A learning management system or LMS is a tool or a system taken into consideration to deliver seamless training and learning solutions. If you have your operations boosted with LMS integration, not only can it help you deliver your training services seamlessly but also assist you in terms of making everyone get the same completed effectively.

    Going the traditional way, not many trainees were able to complete the courses because of a lack of interest. It became very difficult for the trainers to understand whether the trainees were taking part in the courses wholeheartedly or not. Not only this, it involved huge expenses as well in terms of training resources, trainers, study materials, and more. It was time-consuming as well because the trainees needed to attend the session as per the specified time limit.

    Considering all these aspects, LMS was brought into a context that literally removed all the hurdles and expenses. Not only this, it made the training process interesting, result-oriented, and fun. It allowed the trainers to keep track of the progress made by trainees. Most importantly, it helped in the process of content creation as well. With the help LMS customization solution, one can not only develop courses but also share without any difficulty.

    This shows how efficient the overall process of training became. But, it required the assistance of professionals who could understand your business model and approach to help you have your LMS developed accordingly. As you are clear with what LMS is, now let’s understand what Schoology LMS brings into play and help academic institutes in different ways.

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    Schoology: Overview

    When it comes to Schoology LMS, it is one of the most prominent learning platforms developed for K-12 students and their training needs. It has become one of the most popular platforms in the business, known for providing services to more than 1500 customers worldwide. Not only this, more than 60,000 schools are using the respective platform for their learning and training needs.

    All these facts show how Schoology has become one of the biggest contributors to the success of academic institutes around the world. There are more than 20 million users who are associated with the respective tool and eventually grab the best results out of it. This has made several schools and institutes invest in custom LMS development services so that they can have a similar sort of platform for their training needs.

    Using Schoology LMS, one can not only create courses but also develop and update content, design lessons, provide customized instructions, take tests and assessments, and do a lot more. The best part is that this LMS can be used in all types of devices, including PCs, tablets, mobile, and different operating systems as well.

    This LMS comes with different editions varying in features and functionalities. You can consider opting for the enterprise edition as it can help you with better features and functionalities that can help you provide robust training services. The best functionalities that come along with this LMS are abilities to organize assessments, and communications, provide management control, have third-party app integration, advanced analytics and reporting, and many more.

    These are the aspects that make Schoology LMS one of the most popular learning platforms in the business. You can always take the assistance of reliable eLearning software development service providers and get all the assistance you need to have your LMS developed, just like Schoology. But, before moving ahead with the development process, it is important that you understand the features that make it the best name in the business.

    Schoology: Key Features

    Now let’s take a look at the features that make Schoology LMS the best in the academic domain:

    Intuitive User Interface

    The first and the most prominent feature that comes along with Schoology LMS is that it comes with every easy-to-understand and use interface. The navigation system is very smooth, and one can understand it without having to be technically sound. It helps students to move from one subject or course to another without any hassle.

    Web Conferencing

    Another major attribute that comes along with this LMS is web conferencing, which means one will be able to organize virtual conferencing using the respective system. This promotes distance education and makes it easier for the teachers to organize conferences and meetings.

    Easy Collaboration

    With the assistance of respective LMS solutions, communication channels can also be created. This means that students can take part in groups and work as a team for different assignments. This certainly helps them build skills like teamwork, communication, and collaboration. It can help them prepare well for professional life.


    Another major attribute that you get with Schoology LMS is that you can work on detailed analytics and data without any hassle. With the help of the respective tool, you can not only create content but also check which course is proving to be more effective and also create customized solutions that can bring in better results. It helps you avail fair comparison data to prepare a proper strategy for different students and bring the best out of them.


    Another major feature that comes along with Schoology LMS is feedback. With the help of the respective feedback, learners are benefited from instant feedback on their performance in the tests and the exams. This can help them understand their strengths and weaknesses and perform well in the next assessments.

    Complete Management of the Courses

    One of the biggest attributes that you avail with School LMS is course management. This means not only you can create courses but also manage the same seamlessly. You can easily create assignments, tests, quizzes, assessments, and a lot more with the help of the respective attribute.  

    Track Students

    As per enterprise software development experts, Schoology LMS is also famous for its ability to keep track of all the students and check how far they have made progress in different domains. As per the monitoring reports, the trainers can strategize for every student and bring the best out of them.

    Mobile Application

    Schoology LMS is also known for its mobile application solution. This means that the students can use the respective platform on their mobile phones as well. So, they can pursue their courses while on the move and enhance the chances of getting the same completed successfully a lot more.


    Schoology LMS comes integrated with 200 applications. This means students get to take part in different aspects like external sites, information systems, games, and various other tools that make the entire process of training a lot more seamless. The integrations are very hassle-free, and more importantly, it never makes the software run with problems.

    These are the features that make Schoology LMS one of the best tools used around the world. This has made businesses around the world invest heavily in IT professional services providers to get their LMS developed, keeping every bit of it in mind. The experts understand your approach and needs and accordingly help you have your LMS developed, keeping every bit of it in mind.

    As now you are clear with the features, now let’s understand how much you have to invest in getting the software Schoology to get the best results as specified above.

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    Schoology LMS: Pricing

    The pricing of LMS might vary for different reasons, including features to be added, the number of users, license fee, and most importantly, location as well. But, when it comes to setup fees, it includes the charges that are required to install the respective tool. If you are investing in a common SAAS LMS, then it can cost you between $4,000-and $7,000. But, if you are investing in a self-hosted LMS, then it can cost you around $25,000.

    But, the pricing can vary, as stated above. You just need to find a reliable name in the business who can assist you with effective development services and help you get your LMS developed, just like Schoology.

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    Wrapping Up

    Hopefully, you are clear with how efficient Schoology LMS is and how you can get the best out of it through different features. You can also consider connecting with the best IT professional service providers in the business to avail all the assistance you need in terms of LMS development, just like Schoology. If you are looking for a reliable company that can help you with your needs of Schoology like LMS, then connect with the experts at A3Logics now! You get all the bases covered to perfection as per your custom needs.

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