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Salesforce Lightning: Giving Users a Connected Experience

Salesforce is the leading customer relationship management (CRM) software solution across the globe. The reason why salesforce is a popular CRM provider is they continue to improvise their products to offer the latest functionality to their users. It has a wide-range of products that supports small as well as large enterprises to boost their sales figures.

Today, top global leaders are leveraging this salesforce lightning platform to increase their ROI to achieve better average annual benefit. However, you need to hire a professional salesforce developer who can perform all the coding involved in it.

The launch of the Salesforce Lightning Experience in 2015 has been a transformative move for the entire CRM industry. The salesforce introduced an entirely new component-based framework termed as ‘Lightning’ that comes with a pack of intuitive features and tools. This platform simplifies the development process of any application for any device. It is a much more advanced version that not only offers interactive user interface but defines a new way to sell.

The extensive number of businesses from retail & ecommerce, food & restaurant and other sectors have shown tremendous interest in implementing the Lightning Experience. The popularity of Salesforce lightning can be seen across the globe and the reason is very obvious. These recent updates in the technology is bringing abundant growth opportunities for business.

Thus, implementing the Lightning Experience streamlines business operations. With this, your sales team can focus on the right leads while the marketing team can run campaigns to target the right customers.

It helps organisations follow customer-centric approach, and provide real-time insights to make better business decisions that certainly leads to increased productivity.

So, here are a few things that you need to know about Lightning and what it can do for your business.

Things that you need to know about Lightning

1. Connects Salesforce Products to a Powerful Platform

In today’s super-connected world, with availability of varied development environments, siloed information, and disconnected apps that may be highly annoying and unsatisfactory at users-end. Thus, with the Salesforce Lightning UI, salesforce products are connected with a single powerful platform that will lead to a more connected experience. Thus, clients can deliver consistent user experience across the business. 

2. Accelerates Development Processes

Organisation must deliver quick software solutions to survive and grow in the world of cutting-edge competition. Hence, you need a software that speed up business operations and offers faster app development and roll-out the product at the correct time. Lightning is a one-stop solution that can accelerate your entire processes and help you build applications faster and gives connected experience to the end-user. Instead of heavy-code, the Salesforce lightning is designed with drag and drop functionality that shortens app development time

3. Fully-Optimized Mobile Experience

The best part of the Lightning is that its user interface is fully mobile optimized. The basic idea was to enable mobile users to run their business processes from anywhere, anytime. They can even use it in offline mode and sync when connected. All information from sales details to analytics to filed service, everything can be easily accessed. 

4. Real-time Insights for Better Decisions

Analytics is something that is very important for data-driven decision making. The Management executives at all levels utilize data to make high impact decisions. Hence, right information is need of the hour to streamline entire operational activities. With Salesforce Lightning Experience, users can get access to real-time data and analytics to make critical business decisions in order to run operational activities more efficiently. With embedded analytics and notifications, your process teams can get real-time insights as it is already available in the tool. Hence, the team can use it on a daily basis without switching to different programs.

5. Customized Home Pages

Lightning has been specifically designed to get customized as per your business processes. You can customize your CRM to make it more effective and successful as per your business needs. The feature was added with a view to empower the sales and services organizations to use a solution that is tailored to meet specific business requirements to achieve core business objectives.

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To Sum up

Salesforce CRM is a leading tool helping sales performers and making businesses successful. With that in mind, it is rolling out the most innovative products and features. Even the most experienced professionals need the right tools and technology to perform the business processes perfectly. Lightning is one such Salesforce innovation that brings together varied groups of users on a single platform. Businesses using Lightning Experience are 25% more productive and successful than those using the classic version and the very reason for it is salesforce has introduced several innovative features that are available only in Lightning Experience. You can avail all the new features by simply switching to the lightning platform.

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