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20+ SaaS Product Ideas To Empower Your Business

SaaS is just another name for software as a service, the term describes the business applications which are delivered to various organizations on a subscription basis, which are also affordable for them and it is flexible in its nature which makes it easier for the industries to use them and manage their work.

It is a cloud computing services software model that also enables all the data to be accessed anywhere. The vendor of SaaS software hosts and maintains its server, codes, and databases that make the application fruitful.

The idea behind creating this software is to help managers in all the companies to manage their workload and provide them with a solution that is more effective and easier to use.  They work on a subscription basis, in easier words, companies pay for SaaS software services and get output from them, which helps the companies to manage their work without big hustles.

SaaS software development is an important aspect of the growth of any enterprise, it ensures the effective working process of the company. It is a common delivery model for many business applications. It is also known as ön-demand software” and web-based/web-hosted software.

Why Is SaaS Software Important?

Why Is SaaS Software Important

The importance of SaaS software can never be measured, there is a dedicated software development team that consistently works for the betterment of it, as it plays a crucial role in helping organizations to automate their work and reduce the chances of errors in the company. The top four advantages of having SaaS software are:

1. Economic - Unlike other IT consultation services, SaaS provides notable savings for several reasons, foremost, it eliminates the primary cost of installation and purchasing, and also some ongoing costs like upgrades and maintenance.

Instead of spending big amounts on the installations of hardware, SaaS applications are easy to download, install, and maintain. Furthermore, the clients can pay for the extra services they want to use.

SaaS can be especially advantageous for small or business or new start-ups as it provides access to big expensive software that might have been not affordable by them through conventional purchase. Subscription models eliminate the extreme financial risk of expensive software.

2. Less Time-Consuming - There are various product engineering services that help in the development of the software. Saas helps in saving time and effort in people’s lives as the installation process is as simple as having to download any other app on your device. 

Further, the maintenance responsibilities are shifted from your IT department to the SaaS vendor itself. . This reduces the extra working hours, and keeps the upgrades in check without your worry. SaaS software has a smaller learning format and hence it is easy and quick to adopt across the workforce.

3. Accessibility - SaaS is easily accessible by anyone and everyone as it is really easy to operate, and purchase. The vendors of the software take care of all the required functions in it. 

The chances of confusion are less as it is totally operated by its vendor, hence changing the working process, usage plan, and everything else is an easy task to follow and does not require any special skills.

In addition, online portals allow subscribers to access the software from any location with an internet connection.

4. Compatible - SaaS software is very compatible in context to the upgrade, maintenance process. Unlike conventional software, this platform does not require an enormous amount of money and time. 

With SaaS products, subscribers can easily log on to all the upgraded services, it does not withhold or hamper the work productivity in the company.

What Is The Scope Of SaaS Products In Today’s World?

In the IT consulting firm, the development of the software has always been the first priority. SaaS is currently among one of the best industries to put your investments in. The cost-effectiveness which it will offer to your company makes it reliable in the software and online market. If you take a look over the software as a service industry, in the last three years it has taken over the cloud computing market.

Revenue of SaaS

From a $58.8 billion industry in 2017, the revenue of SaaS has grown to $85.1 billion in 2019, and all the start-up ideas for SaaS products have made it possible. The current growth parameters predict that software as a service will become a $143.7 billion industry by 2022.

There are no companies in the market who are not ready to accept the SaaS products, a greater vision and making the workflow easy for the managers as it is easy to access and also consists of various advantages for the company.

20+ SaaS Product Ideas That Will Help Your Company

SaaS Product Ideas

1. Video Editing And Rendering Software

One of the best SaaS business ideas right now is developing your own video rendering service. From designers to video editors, everyone struggles to render out their files with perfection. The website development company makes sure that your SaaS product is properly managed.

This product allows you and your company to now have videos edited and keep them safe in just no time, all it takes is a subscription and you will have an app that is completely for you. 

There are over 500 Google searches for “online rendering service” in a week. It implies that the start-up founders are searching for more SaaS business ideas to enter the market. The demand for this product is never-ending, as video editing is required by students, in companies, and everywhere.

Filmora, Final Cut Pro, Blender, Lightworks are some examples of Video editing and rendering software.

2. In-Detailed Pricing Plans

Every company and start-up struggles with making and maintaining a price planner, it takes a lot of workforces to maintain a perfect pricing plan. In records, there is never been such major products to help companies with the same

With so many services available to purchase from the internet, finding a pricing information plan is complex, this is why a SaaS product that can elaborate on the pricing of different services is much demanded by customers.

This kind of product will help in reducing the chance of errors and will make sure that the plan made is right and effective for the company to workforce maintain the image of the organization.

Some amazing examples of in-detailed pricing plans are eSUB, real builder, builder trend, and others.

3. App Testing Solution

Today, IT developers or testing team is not readily available, and in such a crisis, the app which can automate the self app testing is in demand. These kinds of apps will help other companies to realize the source and not to worry about the process anymore.

The scope of this product goes a long way as the testing process is never stopped in the IT industry, and the developers over time have reduced. This app manages the basic testing of other software, and reduces the chance of bugs and errors, following a smooth working.

Examples of such software include RFT, IBM rational robot, Load runner, and others.

4. Telehealthcare

Telemedicine enables healthcare professionals to consult with patients online. It’s already a large market—and one that’s predicted to get even larger, making it an ideal space for startups to move into. 

Telehealthcare software brings added convenience and accessibility to both patients and doctors. Examples of SaaS tools in this field include remote patient monitoring and mobile health.

5. E-invoicing

Invoicing is, according to Zion market research, a software solution that looks set to dominate the accounts payable market. Companies want software that can help them in preparing invoices without the involvement of any other source or person, and this software allows them to do so.

This startup idea aims to improve the management of invoices by accelerating invoice approval and helping to cut down on fraud. Invoice automation improves accuracy, requires fewer resources, and boosts supplier relationships. 

Examples of such software are, ClearTax, Hitech billing software, GST hero, and others.

6. Property Management Platform

Some people areis old and cannot manage their properties anymore, in that case, the use of such an app comes in handy where an outsider company will install such an app and will take care of the property.

This kind of software keeps everything about a property managed, whether it be the rent, sales, lease, or its records over time. 

7. Scheduling Software/ Billing Software

This software helps an individual and organization across all the industries that operate more efficiently by enabling them to manage and track their employment time, create, and manage their schedules, assign shifts to the worker or jobs and track everything in real-time.

Maintaining uniformity in the workplace is important for employees to understand the value of time and management. While scheduling software prepares a timely plan for the employees, billing software helps in creating bills for the company and reduces their workload. It is trusted by lakhs of customers and is expected to grow more in the coming times.

Examples of such software are Stripe, Braintree, Zoho Invoice, and others.

8. Storage Software

In times such as today, where everyone has so much to store and keep it forever, but also the risk of losing all the data threatens the people. In such cases, storage software helps in saving and storing the data, and information that is important to you. 

Storage software’s storage capacity depends on the GB decided, and it expands with subscription, and likewise, the customers can store as much data as they want. This type of software can store photos, videos, data, documents, and many more. 

Examples of such software are Dropbox, Red hat ceph storage, and others.

9. Sales Tracking

Companies often face the issue of tracking their sales and other transactions. To track all sales and metrics activities in real-time and not miss any opportunity to guide your team with the best steps to be taken for the growth and success of the company.

It usually provides a set process of the workflow so that the sales department knows where each prospect stands, at a given time and what step should be taken next for the best decision for its growth and business.

Some examples of such software are Insightly, close CRM, Pipedrive, and others. 

10. Social Media Post/ Graphic Management Tools

The idea of creating software that will help in managing the posts of social media is not that old as it may seem. To avoid confusion and hustle, managers of various companies who deal with posting on social media prefer purchasing software that can automatically post at the given time.

This software will keep the social media in check by managing its content in time, otherwise, it gets complicated at times. Other than social media posts, there is software that handles graphic management which helps in making invitations, business cards, and various other tasks, which involve graphic designs.

This software is easy to use and does not require any special skills, they help in maintaining a work order which needs to be followed in any workplace. Timing the posts for social media, design content, add graphics, all these services fall under the same software.

Some examples of software that designs graphics or schedules the posts are Canva, Jira, SocialPilot, and others.

11. Appointment Management Software

This type of solution helps in managing the appointments for the service providers. The management of various appointments in big industries, where the managers do not have much time to maintain uniformity in the appointment process is a complicated task to do.

To keep the records, manage new, old, and current appointments, an extra workforce, and skills are required, and to manage all these single-handedly, this software helps the industries. 

The tools within an appointment management solution include internet booking, mobile app booking, and others. Some software that helps in doing so are Doodle, Acuity Scheduling, and more.

12. Auto Parking

Finding a parking spot in a busy city is always a tough task, and parking management software is used by various other companies to optimize all the parking space, manage the influx of cars, and also ensure the safety of cars and people. 

Auto parking management system helps other companies to control access to parking locations, manage multiple fees and process the payment. The space, time, and process of parking are handled by the system. 

This system is a mechanical device that multiplies the parking capacity inside a parking lot. Some software for the same are Capterra, NEX Valet, SpotHero, and various others.

13. OKR Tracking Software

Known as objectives and key results, this software is a dedicated tool for setting, communicating, tracking, and measuring goals and results in your businesses. In the OKR software, the management of the company can easily set and monitor goals for the team.

It takes a lot of effort and management to do so, but with the OKR, it has become as easy as any other task. This software consists of a diverse set of templates, complete guidance on the formulation of the OKRs, and simple onboarding. 

One of the OKR software is  Profit.co, Betterworks, Yaguara, and others among these.

14. Video Conferencing Software

In the time of the pandemic, nothing has helped companies worldwide more than video conferencing software. Students in the school, employees in a company, managers of big industries use this software for interaction and communication within their fields.

When you cannot meet a person or company face-to-face, this kind of software comes in handy for effective communication within the companies. Video conferencing helps in maximizing the involvement, keeping more records, being more creative with the content, and also saves time and resources. 

Some of the examples of video conferencing software are, Zuddi, Cvent event management technology, Microsoft Teams, and others. 

15. Marketing Automation Tool

This software is used to automate the marketing activities, manages its process, and multifunctional campaigns, across various channels, automatically. It is not an easy task to manage everything in the company, hence, this tool is used to fulfill the responsibilities.

It helps in finding and targeting the target customers for better and effective workflow in the company. Tools are used for almost all the kinds of activities in an industry, to automate it and for better functioning of it.

Various marketing automation tools are present in the market, such as HubSpot, Mobile monkey, Basecamp, Ever Hour, and others. 

16. Auto Learning Software

Learning has no age, starting from students, adults, employees of any company also need to learn about certain things at some point, and the auto-learning software makes it easy and possible for everyone to learn.

Software like this aims at the bigger picture of learning, along with it, the software also tries to include as many options as possible, such as interacting with the teacher or leader, includes more content to grab the attention of the people on the software and makes it easier for them to learn. 

Some examples of eLearning software development that support the learning process as a SaaS product are, Grovo, TalentLMS, Docebo, and others like these.

17. Gadget Tracking Software

In the busy schedules of life, nobody pays attention to their gadgets, they often go missing, and to recover and track them, this software will help you. You will link all your devices to the app, and the rest, the app will do. 

It uses GPS location to track back your device, in case of theft, or misplaced, it takes a very simple process to activate the process and find the gadget back. 

Some software that follows the same process is GadgetTrack, Greek gadget, and others. 

18. CRM SaaS Software

CRM is one of the SaaS ideas that are most profitable in today’s time. The online market is ever-expanding, and maintaining the needs of the customer is becoming challenging. By automating the process, results will become better.

CRM is a product developed from such a SaaS idea and has monthly revenue of $41 million. They are currently investing $50 million to improve their efficiency, and hence, it clearly shows how important it is to have the CRM Saas Software.

Some other software performing the same tasks are Zoho, and more.

19. Marketing Automation SaaS Software

To put it simply, SaaS marketing automation enables you to generate leads, nurture the leads to be trial or demo ready, help you convert trials more effectively, measure lead-flow and metrics, and execute the customer journey.

It helps in making the work of every industry easy and differentiates between the important work and easy work and automates them accordingly. Some of its examples are, 

20. Customer Support Software

Customer support software is a range of customer services to assist customers in making cost-effective and correct use of a product. It includes assistance in planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading, and disposal of a product.

The software consists of various categories which are filled by a customer to seek support from the management on many issues. A company chooses SaaS customer support software for the best and fastest interaction with its customers. 

By the year 2020 customer service will become more important than product prices, it is believed that customers who get positive experiences with a company have a 74% chance of maintaining the subscription with them. 

Some examples suggesting customer support are Document360, ConnectWise Control, and others.

In a nutshell

SaaS products are the software created to outsource the services of a company, it works on a subscription basis, you pay and use it. Start-up companies who cannot afford expensive software to manage their work, use SaaS to get it done.

The scope of SaaS products says that they are the most demanded ones in times, and will grow in the future. It saves time, cost, effort, and is more accurate than others, hence, is an important part of the workspace.

Various product ideas help companies to grow and empower new startups. SaaS is preferred by almost every company and is used across the globe. 

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