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7 Reasons Why Hybrid Mobile Apps are Overtaking Native

With the introduction and growing popularity of smartphones, mobile app development is a big business these days. Now, more and more companies are relying on mobile app marketing and using it as a vital tool to boost their e-commerce business. Earlier, entrepreneurs preferred getting native apps developed for their business, but now, with change in time and technology, they are looking for such a process for mobile app development that comes with high performing speed and cost efficiency. Talking about speed and efficiency, hybrid apps are the perfect alternative for native app development.

Hybrid Applications: Introduction

Hybrid apps are created with web technologies having elements of both web and native apps. And this is the reason why they are called HYBRID APPS. The application is written using languages like JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS and then wrapped within a native one. The hybrid applications take less time to develop. They are very fast, and easier to maintain. Also, these apps reduce the development cost and time as a single code version can be deployed across all mobile platforms.

To give you a better and clear understanding of what hybrid apps are, let s have a look at some of the main features of hybrid apps:

  • Just like cross-platform apps they are written using same codebase.
  • Hybrid apps are compatible with almost all operating systems like Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, IE, and others.
  • They are much more cost-effective as compared to native apps
  • There are many diverse plugins available for the development of hybrid apps, which makes them highly efficient.

Now that you know about the hybrid apps, let us have a look at the top 9 advantages of building hybrid apps as compared to pure native mobile or web apps, and how they can benefit your business:

hybrid mobile apps

Reduced Development Cost

In the highly competitive digital world, maintaining cost efficiency and reduced time to market are the two essentials that help businesses acquire their market niche.

Hybrid mobile app development framework is very cost-effective. It comes with multiple development frameworks including Xamarin and PhoneGap and a comprehensive set of libraries that enables developers to get the work done quickly. This approach saves a significant amount of time and money.

Enhanced User Experience

An attractive design and reliable user experience are the two core elements that drive users towards your BRAND. An app should be highly responsive across various devices to give amazing user experience.

With Hybrid app development, you don’t need to worry about load time. It is lightweight, hence performs speedily even with HD graphics. Therefore, Hybrid app development is a preferred choice for those who want maximum user engagement and user retention from both, iOS and Android device users.

Supports Offline Data 

One way to make your apps more responsive is to cache the data. Building apps that support offline data and information in places of spotty internet connection can improve your user experience and trust in your app.

Hybrid apps can save data by storing the device’s API that can be accessed in case of low connectivity. It keeps users connected to the apps and helps them access a few of its features. Since the majority of users want to have unlimited access to application data, a hybrid app can help you with that.

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High-speed Performance

Hybrid apps are quite faster. And this is one reason why hybrid apps are overtaking Native apps. It runs quickly on the device screen even during heavy traffic. Twitter, a popular social media handle is an excellent example of hybrid app development. It effectively handles overwhelming amounts of traffic every moment. Hence, when talking in terms of speed and performance, hybrid apps are quite faster than other mobile web apps.

Easy to Maintain 

Hybrid apps prove highly scalable for business as these get updated so quickly and don’t face issues related to frequent version updates. Unlike a web application, a hybrid app has a wider reach and is designed to use all the features on hand in the mobile device. However, native apps can also use all the device functionalities, maintaining it is tough for developers and users. 

Effortlessness Integrations

There is a lack of inter-app interaction in native apps because they run only on the same OS. Hybrid applications support hassle-free integration by establishing synchronization with other well-suited apps. The hybrid application works seamlessly with the device’s native apps covering camera, messaging, and GPS to assure a better user experience. 

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Multi-platform Support

Leading hybrid app development companies can build interactive hybrid apps that work flawlessly across leading mobile platforms. However, the performance of these apps depends on the framework used to build these apps. Hence, you must choose a widely recognized platform to harness its complete benefits.

Key Takeaways!!!

Before you make up your mind to develop a hybrid app, you must consider a number of factors before launching a digital product that offers amazing user experience and anticipated business results. Firstly, know your target consumer. Decide your budget. How well your team is experienced with technology? How will the users access your application? Whether it be available on App Stores or not? Answering these questions can help you pick the right solution for your next project.

To put it in a nutshell, hybrid applications are an ideal choice for any business. They are easy to integrate on several other platforms and don't face issues related to version updates.

Successful organizations including Twitter, Uber, and Instagram have already harnessed the benefits of hybrid mobile app development. 

If you are looking to harness the benefits of this technology with a hybrid app, we can quickly connect with you to discuss your requirements today itself. Want to develop an extensive hybrid app? Contact us to get free consultation on your app development project.

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