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Top 7 Real Estate Software for Skyrocketed Business Growth

Today, the majority of the real estate business owners are looking to get past their competition by promoting their products or services right at the customer’s desk. And, the best way to cater to the diverse customer needs for realtors is by investing in custom real estate software solutions.

By spending money in best-in-class real estate software, you can improve communication, reduce friction and automate your daily real estate tasks. Managing the entire deal cycle - from initial property request to closing the deal cycle also gets faster when you opt-in for real estate management software today. 94% of the customers use websites as a primary information source before buying a property. Out of them, 73% of buyers found their new home via a proper website or app in 2019. 

Seeing such demand, most real estate software development companies today are building custom real estate software and mobile apps.

Let’s explore the top IT software solutions that can increase your real estate business profit and sales significantly:

Best Software Solutions for Real Estate Businesses

Real Estate Property Management Software 

Managing your entire property portfolio gets easier when you opt for high-quality real estate management software. You know there are hundreds of tasks associated with selling or buying property, a custom real-estate management software can help you optimize these processes and become more productive. Alternatively, you can partner a real-estate software company to get customized services like: 

Property Management Software

Custom real estate mobile software: With mobile apps, you can manage property listing, marketing and management on-the-go with just a few clicks. A cloud-based app lets you critical property data and provides real-time notifications to keep you updated. 

Real estate sales and workflow software: Property sales, listing, marketing, document exchange and security of data - all such tasks are really time-consuming and hectic as a realtor or broker. You can manage them with ease by investing in custom sales and workflow software. 

Real estate CRM software: Maintaining clients relationships are vital as agents property managers in the real-estate domain. Managing sales data, leads, contacts and running market campaigns gets easier when you opt-in for a ready-to-use or custom CRM solution. 

Real Estate ERP Software: Be it lead generation,inventory management, accounting or managing people- an ERP solution manages all with ease for your real estate business. 

Real Estate MLS Software   

Often, prospective customers want to access the MLS from your website. But, realtors fail to fetch listing data due to clinky or old fashioned MLS websites. Avoid that by using MLS software that lets you connect and access data from top listing sites like Trulia easily. 

MLS tools can be pretty handy for checking local listings, contacting brokers or entering property deals. You can also partner real estate MLS software development company to get other services like: 

MLS Integration: You can get MLS API integration solutions that let you integrate with third-party listing platforms like Matrix for ease. 

MLS mobile app: It’s a handy option for brokers and buyers to stay up to date about any pricing change in listed properties through app notifications. Alerts for new listings, open house timings and property location are also there. 

MLS listing software: Buyers agents or listing agents can use these tools for checking listing details. Custom MLS solutions also offer user-control field rights, layout control, Google mapping, and data export options. 

MLS Responsive web design: As a realtor, you can request for custom MLS web service to get response designs, automated featured listing and other options. 

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Real Estate RETS Software   

Real Estate Transaction Standard compliance is mandatory while fetching listing data to your site. Failure to stay compliant with RETS during MLS data upload or download can cause legal troubles for you. RETS software can ease your compliant troubles. It enables you to transfer listing data accurately and with ease. You can partner with a reliable commercial real estate software company to get services like: 

RETS Integration: You can fetch and customize listing data ease with these tools. Companies use DMQL, RETS qwerty language, etc. for customization tasks. 

RETS Real Estate Automation: Automated bulk data download, IDX access and keeping your property listing updated is easy with such tools. 

RETS Integration with MLS: Communicating with multiple listing systems or service providers is easy with RETS software. Also, you can integrate MLS with your mobile app, website or marketing campaigns swiftly.  

Real Estate Valuation Software 

Estimating real estate value for multiple properties is challenging and tedious often. Chances of error and time-sinking are more with manual calculation. You can automate analysis and property valuation tasks with real estate valuation software. 

Capital analytics, property projection and valuation are available with a one-click option in valuation tools. You can also save yourself from spending large amounts of money on valuation professionals. It’s always better to invest in real estate tools like: 

Real estate data analytics software: Get details like monthly cash flow and assimilation, market reports, investment analysis and more with such tools. You can build customized software with integration support for third-party tools like CoreLogic, HouseCanary and more. 

Predictive analytics software: These tools offer detailed projections and property estimation reports via a simple and intuitive dashboard.

Commercial analytics software: As a realtor or broker, you can get in-depth insights into properties, ownership and mortgages documents available in the commercial market with such tools.  

Real Estate IDX Integration Solutions  

As a real estate business, you have to maintain listings data in CRM, email campaigns, website, mobile app and other places. Making sure such data displays according to the industry-specific standards, rules or data formats can be challenging and time-depriving. You can take advance of a modern real estate IDX integration system to avoid the tussle. Partner with an expert custom real estate software solution provider to get IDX integration services like:

IDX website Integration services: Maitan IDX optimized website for better search engine visibility and discovery with such services. Your website can hold top rankings on Google and stay responsive to any screen or device. 

IDX Design services: You can get a sleek and attractive website design with integration options to Wordpress and other CMS with such services. 

IDX listing & search services:  Get access to services like map search, sold listing history, mortgage calculators and more with IDX services provider experts.  

Real Estate AR/VR Software 

AR VR solutions have taken every industry by storm, and it’s no different for real estate. You must know that AR/VR apps and software solutions improve customer experience drastically. 72% of customers today prefer seeing product differences in terms of colour or style via AR/VR. In real estate, AR/VR allows property buyers to get virtual tours of their desired homes before they make a purchase. Partner an AR/VR solution provider in retail to get services like:

AR/VR advertising: Promote properties among customers in an interactive manner by offering virtual home tours, AR/VR apps and more. Also, use animated call-to-action tags and geotags to locate the property on sale for delivering more value to clients. 

Object Detection: Build AR VR mobile apps that let customers track important details about properties on sale by directly pointing their smartphone towards them. 

Real Estate Software That Meets Your Business Needs 

If you want to grow your real estate business and increase customer engagement, there’s no better way than building a custom real estate software. It automates routine tasks and streamlines the sales cycle for your property business. 

Are you planning to bring innovation in your real estate business with software? If yes, Contact us at A3logics. We are a leading real-estate software development company with tons of experience, great technology, and real support. 

Let us help you realize your vision with innovative custom software solutions that work for your business. 

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