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Quality Testing: A Prerequisite to Launch a Business Software

Imagine that you order a home decor item online and make a payment of $1000 online. The moment you are done with the buying process, you receive a message saying that $2500 has been debited from your account. How would you feel? Frustrated, betrayed, and angered because the software that you trusted failed and couldn’t meet your expectation and you faced nothing but issues using it. 

This is what your customers would also feel when your software or application let them down and they prefer changing the platform. 

When you launch any software in the market, be sure of two things - what purpose it serves and its quality to ensure only a seamless product. Of course, you are done with the former phase in the planning stage. The latter phase is done at the development cycle where a team of testers reviews the software continuously till the end. It is called software testing or quality assurance which is aimed at improving the efficiency, usability, accuracy, functionality, and performance of the program. 

Software testing is an integral part of any development project that affects the profitability and popularity of an application or software. Considering that it plays a crucial role in meeting the demands of your clients and fixing any errors, it has become essential for businesses to hire QA experts and use advanced testing tools like Jenkins, Appium, Selenium, etc. Many business owners assume that they have to shell out heavily for software application testing. However, the truth is that it curbs development costs and helps in building brand image by checking all the loopholes in the program. According to statistics, software errors have caused over $70 billion alone in the US and numbers will only rise in the future. Hence, it's important you use quality testing tools to check your software/app code, integrity, and functionality. 

Writing test cases or automated test scripts in testing tools like Selenium, Jenkins, and more is usually done by your hired QA team to check app/software bugs or functional errors. You can also easily get familiarized with various testing concepts and its process by undertaking a Selenium Webdriver tutorial, as well as learn how to write test scripts. 

We hardly need to emphasize the importance of quality testing. However, here are a few points to make you understand why it is such a vital part of the software development process.

Have a look:

Better User Experience

User experience is the first aspect that people notice in any software or app. It is the key factor that businesses need to consider before putting any product in the market. Regardless of the type of industry you are serving, it is important to offer an application that makes tasks easier for users. It has to be simple, reliable, understandable along with easy-to-use features. But who assures this? It is testers. They assess all the factors and components of software from users’ perspective and assure its quality through a stringent testing process.

Using their years of experience, they assure that the app or software is designed in a way that is intuitive and logical. They not only eliminate bugs and enhance performance but also improves user experience. This eventually generates higher profits and leads to greater sales and popularity. If you are also planning to launch your business software, then make sure that you connect with an authentic quality testing service with a professional team that guarantees a smooth user experience. 

Bug-Free Software

You can read and hear about many cases when malware attacks or bugs in software compelled companies to stop their application or software for a temporary period. This not only hampers business operations but also disrupts the reputation of the organization. The enterprise may also face heavy loss and have to struggle again to reach the top position. So, why not be attentive from the beginning of the application development and avoid any such hindrances? This is where quality testing comes into the picture.

It is the perfect way to ensure that the product you are offering to your potential clients is free from any error, bug or technical glitch. Moreover, it also attracts customers toward your brand and helps you spread a positive word about it. This, in turn, contributes to the credibility and reputation of the business which boosts profits and results in the growth of the business which is your ultimate goal. Continuous testing removes any weaker element of coding and maintains the security of the software. Of course, people will be willing to pay more for a bug-free app, thus, building a strong brand image which will be beneficial for your company in the long-term.

Efficient Development Process

Software development is a lengthy process that demands months and any error in the product only adds to this long procedure. However, with continuous testing, companies can curb the development time and cost which is certainly one of the priorities. They are including software testing within their software development life cycle (SDLC). Here, testers and developers work together in a team to build an application or software.

As soon as developers are done with one component or stage, it is transferred to the quality assurance team to review it through various tests. Once it goes through all the steps, the team then moves ahead with the further process. However, in case any error is detected, efforts are made to eliminate it instantly so that the further development process is not disturbed.

Reduced Maintenance Cost

The earlier you detect a bug, the more cost-effective it is to fix it. On the other hand, once the software is developed and goes into production, the cost involved fixing any error is comparatively higher. The studies have concluded that repairing the defects at an early stage can save you a lot of money and curtail the development cost. As stated by the US National Institute of Standards & Technology, early testing is the key to making the product cost-effective.

Furthermore, with the right steps of quality assurance, businesses witness significant growth. It also eliminates replacing, retesting and reselling of software with errors which reduce the cost. Also, when customers get a defective product that fails to meet their expectations, it results in bad review and damaged reputation along with affecting future products negatively. However, early testing is important for a flawless and effective solution and saves maintenance and legal expenses. 

Happy Customers

Customer is a king. He/she is the centre of your business and you simply can’t take their satisfaction for granted. You need to put in your best efforts to build a base of happy clients who can vouch for your product and stay loyal to your brand. But how to achieve this? Well, high-quality software and product quality control can certainly help you reach this goal.Selling the product is not the end of your service but this is where the real task starts.

You have to keep a tab on your clients, whether they are enjoying the app or software, does it fulfil their requirements, does it convey your business objectives clearly and serve the ultimate purpose. Remember, any error or flaw and users can ask for a refund which is definitely not what you want. So, when you hire a software development company, make sure that you are investing in a reliable and authentic service and will get the best return. They must control the quality from the start and deliver you the product that is valuable for your enterprise. This will also assure word-of-mouth publicity for your software and retain the clients for the long term. 

Higher Profit Margin

Retail & ecommerce, shipping & logistics and others - no matter which industry you belong to  or what software you offer to your customers, they already have numerous options in the same category that comprises similar features and functionalities. Therefore, you need to come up with a strategy that can make your product stand out from your peers and promote it with minimal cost. The most preferred and highly recommended way is a rigorous testing and quality assurance. This will surely earn your trust and respect from your clients and will gain you new ones as well. Moreover, it will help you keep pace with the competition.

All this will cut down your advertising cost and boost profit which is what you are working for. As you are offering software that does not require constant maintenance and fixing, your earning will soar high. On the contrary, compromising on the quality means spending more than planned. Also, when you remove bugs prior to launch, it eliminates unnecessary expenses and unsatisfied clients. The cost of customer support and service is also reduced because of automated software testing solutions. 


Many believe that software testing is the final step of the software development process. However, the truth is that the role of testers begins at an early stage. It is followed right from the conceptualization to the final delivery of the product and even after the launch to check any bug or error. It checks that the result meets the expectations of clients and serves the purpose conveniently. But, sadly, businesses and companies haven’t realized its importance yet. 

It’s high time that you, as a business owner, must know that quality testing can work wonders to your brand and contribute to its value. It enhances the efficiency of the software while keeping the end-users in mind. If you still have any doubts or query regarding it, then do not hesitate to connect with us and get all the answers that you seek. We will be at your service with the best solutions for your company and provide you with the top-notch application. 

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