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How Can Product Testing Optimize Retail & Ecommerce Business?

Browsing through thousands of products on your mobile app and finally choosing one or two products to buy online is quite common and convenient these days. Thanks to e-commerce, now we can shop for our favorite product anytime, anywhere, while traveling or enjoying a cup of joe in the living room. However, online shopping is just one of the many facets of e-commerce. There are multiple stages involved to conduct online business and take it to a global audience. Be it B2B or B2C, e-commerce business has revolutionized the market, driving major changes along with paving the way for new trends. It is an industry with annual sales worth $29 trillion. The numbers will only soar high in the coming years with e-commerce apps continuing to grow bigger and empowering various sectors, such as auctions, retail, finance, wholesale, technology, and more. 

The influence of online stores and businesses is also reflected in different areas, such as inventory management, fund transfer, supply chain management, digital marketing, etc. As the demand for innovative and unique online stores will grow, the need for software product testing services will also rise to ensure a seamless mobile shopping experience for users. A team of quality analysts and testers work meticulously on each app or website to find bugs and fix them instantly. They assess and evaluate every IT product according to set standards to avoid any security or performance issue. They consider different factors, such as pages, specifications, design, features, modules, functionalities of the app to find any vulnerabilities. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss the importance of quality testing for your e-commerce business but before that let’s look at the aspects that are scrutinized to deliver a flawless product. Here we go:

HomePage or Login Page

HomePage or Login Page: To make sure that as users land on your website or app, their first impression is excellent. This also ensures that they can access their account using valid credentials and new users can register themselves without much hassle.

Compatibility: Checking that the app or website is accessible through leading devices and operating systems is a key consideration of e-commerce testing. Professionals evaluate that the portal is functioning smoothly across all browsers and there is no problem with the content and loading speed. The aim is also to monitor that all possible tasks can be accomplished using smartphones, from browsing and navigating through the app to making a secure online payment. 

Usability: If the app or website is not user-friendly and easy to use, then it can fail to attract the target audience. Therefore, the usability of the online store is analyzed using advanced methodologies.

Search and Filter Mechanism: Potential buyers don’t have enough time to go through thousands of options to buy one product. They need a quick search technique where products can be filtered based on their searched keywords or browsing history. Thus, personalization and filter mechanisms are tested by a team of experts.

Payment Gateway System: To check that there is no loophole is the online payment system and user information is protected efficiently, payment gateway is scrutinized. The testers check the payment process, checkout mechanism, timely sending of order confirmation message, billing accuracy, invoice generation, etc., along with privacy and confidentiality. 

Security: As users have to fill in personal details and account information, it is important for the product engineering company to see that all the details are safeguarded. To secure financial transactions and other information of clients, the safety aspect is of topmost priority. 

All these factors are tested so that e-commerce businesses can reap the following benefits:

Improved Conversion Rates

Improved Conversion Rates

Do you know the most affected aspect of an app due to bugs? It's the checkout and payment stages of an e-commerce app. Yes., it is also the factor that impacts conversion rate as well because any flaw in this step, and users can lose their trust in the app. Also, this is a more error-prone area than others considering the complexities it involves during the development process. Even the best retail and e-commerce solution is in vain if users can’t reach this final stage or some bugs prevent their progress of shopping. Hence, quality testing is conducted to check the functionality and usability of the app and analyze the entire journey of a customer. Through realistic testing conditions and real-time feedback, improvements are done on the website or app which further leads to major improvements in conversion rates. 


Professional testing can help you save development costs to a great extent. It ensures that you get a seamless e-commerce app within the stipulated budget and also you can also avoid further long-term expenses on maintenance and support. How? Firstly, you are assured of top-notch quality for your online store which reduces any amount to be spent on critical fixes and enhancements. Secondly, with software testing and assurance solutions, your app is tested before deployment and launch. Hence, developers can detect the flaws or errors in advance and remove them on time. Thirdly, as the quality of your online platform is improved, the number of unsatisfied customers will also reduce significantly and so will be your cost on customer support services. Automating goes a long way, delivering you quality, performance, and saving a huge amount of additional expenses.

Increased Retention Rate

Suppose, you order food or book online but the app gets stuck while processing and you can’t select the quality or version. Every time you try to complete the order, there is the same issue. What will you do? Of course, you will skip to another portal and order from that, won’t you? Gradually, customers from the store with technical glitch will switch to a better one which is smooth and flawless. They will hardly visit the same app again. Therefore, it is essential that your mobile app development company runs various tests on the e-commerce platform before launching it or delivering it to you. You need to keep your clients happy and satisfied to make them stay on your online shopping store and increase the retention rate. Testing takes care of it by making sure that the entire process from log in to checkout and billing is disruption-free. We need not say that this will also add to your brand reputation and promotion.

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Security & Efficiency

Your ultimate goal is to enhance the security and efficiency of your e-commerce platform. Right? And this is not possible until you are assured that every feature is tested by experts who have carefully monitored it. This is even more important for e-commerce portals where users save their personal details and account information to make online payments. They are prone to vulnerability and infringements, hence quality testing services. The team working on your product examines it in every possible way to keep user details confidential, such as PIN, card number, contact details, and more. Also, they ensure that it works efficiently on all browsers, devices, and operating systems, providing user-friendly experience on all platforms. The team also analyzes UI/UX design to assess that visitors can navigate through the app easily. The portal is attractive with unique and responsive designs. When customers have an excellent experience using your app, you will undoubtedly witness an increase in sales and revenue. 

Increased Releases

When you seek quality assurance services along with website development solutions for your e-commerce store, your in-house IT team can focus on other core tasks and activities. They can leave this task to proficients who have all resources and tools to run tests and can divert attention to optimizing your eCommerce portal’s functionalities and features. Yes, the online store is the key to your business but you cannot spend all your energy and efforts to maintain its quality. Thus, an experienced quality analyst team is hired to take care of this aspect and your team can handle other key areas that are directly linked to business and services. For example, keeping track of sales, consumer complaints, updating regular content and products, etc. Moreover, they have sufficient time to increase the release of products every year which will also add to overall revenue. In fact, according to research, releases can scale up by almost 150% with experienced testers on board.  


The retail and eCommerce industry is evolving and the trend is here to stay. If you want to establish a successful brand, then choosing the right testing methods and techniques is important before the final launch and deployment. The meticulous testing methods can not only reduce errors but can contribute to your business growth and success. For this, you need a trusted partner that can assist you at every step of e-commerce app development. This is where A3logics steps into the picture. We have a brilliant team of developers and testers who leave no stone unturned to deliver you products that are second to none. With utmost dedication and passion for their work, they assure that your website or application is seamless and meets all your specifications. So, wait no more to discuss your project and connect with us via email or phone call. 

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