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5 Features You Must Look For in an EHR/EMR

Now that your healthcare organization has finally decided to have a transition from a manual paper-based system to automated electronic software, there are a few things that must be considered. Yes, the transformation is not as simple as it sounds, and the process will demand some in-depth analysis and review from your part. Especially when you are short of time and energy, you would want to make sure that you get everything right in your EHR/EMR software.

For those who are confused about why we are using EHR and EMR together, here is a brief insight. Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) are two computer software used for keeping digital records of patients and their health information. They enable healthcare providers to track patients, their medical records, and clinical workflow through an automated system. While EMR is used for the digital version of patients’ health, EMR, on the other hand, records details from multiple doctors in a more holistic approach. 

Before you implement one or both of them in your medical organization, you must understand the features that are vital to run them smoothly and keep up with the changes introduced in the healthcare industry. While seeking healthcare software solutions, along with focusing on design, reporting capabilities, and costs, you must not ignore the ultimate goal of the software. Therefore, to make sure that you understand the ins and outs of EHR/EMR software and apps, we have listed five features that you must expect while implementing these healthcare systems. Take a look:

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Patient Portal

Patient Portals are now ubiquitous among healthcare software as they help both doctors and patients in various ways. Although it is one of the most significant EHR software features, the truth is that not all portals are created equal. Many lack basic functions and tools that patients need to handle the system. The portal must allow users to update information electronically, request a particular piece of data once for multiple forms, let healthcare experts and patients connect virtually, and remind them about upcoming appointments. Also, patients must have access to lab results, treatment plans, charts, vaccination records, forms for downloads, educational material, balances, medications, and more. A secured portal must provide information to authorized patients only, secure message and e-mail exchanges, and create a highly interactive experience for doctors and patients. 

Electronic Prescriptions

Honestly, EMR software development solutions for your healthcare organization can solve the problem of bad handwriting of doctors with electronic prescriptions. The feature not only transmits and prints electronically in a blink of an eye but also gives immediate notification of potential drug allergies. Apart from this, your patients can have medications on time, and you can save a lot of time for your staff as they don’t have to deal with a handwritten one anymore, which are more prone to errors and mistakes. Of course, you cannot ignore the other benefits that your team will seek, including a positive shift from paper records to smart and efficient computer-based software that ensures a smoother workflow. They can utilize the saved time in other core tasks and pressing demands rather than getting stuck with repetitive work. And yes, you will witness enhanced communication across different teams.

Advanced Security

One of the major concerns for doctors and hospitals is safeguarding critical information about their patients at all costs. Generally, personal data of patients are accessible to many staff members in the organization and any hampering or infringement can take a toll on your reputation. Loss of privacy and risk to financial security will be devastating for you as well as patients, especially if accessed by criminals. Hence, advanced security must be your top EHR software requirement. As old-fashioned paperwork filling your cabinets will be replaced by a computer system, you can restrict the number of people who can access the information and devices. The software is empowered with role-based authentication, so only authorized members can get into the system. You can also secure the system using a password and any unauthorized attempts will be tracked instantly, and a notification will be sent to you.  


By integrating your EHR or EMR software with labs, you make information sharing with other healthcare providers easier and faster. You can provide them a better picture of patients’ health along with sharing a list of doctors involved in their healthcare. You can seamlessly monitor the results & samples, service delivery, analysis, and degree of certainty by connecting the software with labs. Of course, success depends on how much your practice is dependent on the lab. Considering that the interoperability eliminates paperwork and reduces costs while allowing patients and you to see results from anywhere, many renowned healthcare organizations and experts are pushing the idea of these systems. 


Last but not least. Your objective to implement an electronic system is to ensure automation and add convenience. However, let’s get honest; you also need to get paid. So, our healthcare solutions service makes payment process painless, hassle-free, fast, and integrated. We will design software that gets data from charts and sends bills within a few seconds. Along with accepting payments, it also integrates easily with various payment gateways. A smart program will autofill bill with services from charts, and you can view invoices and charts together. With so many benefits to avail, we are sure you don’t want to miss this feature in your healthcare software.


These are the top 5 features that we would recommend to you but this is not an exhaustive list. There are much other functionality that you can add. Remember that the best EHR or EMR system is the one that adds value to patients’ care, along with ensuring safety and enhanced communication. Also, it must be an asset to your organization and help you make better clinical decisions. Our professional product engineers know what it takes to create software that meets all these requirements. They will be at your assistance round-the-clock, helping you with the best suggestions and strategies, so connect with us now and offer improved healthcare services to your patients.  

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