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Microsoft IT Trends Accelerating A Digital World

Technology is evolving at an enormous pace. SMAC (Social media, mobility, data analytics, cloud computing) and recently the Internet of Things have become the chief driving forces behind the swift evolution of digital businesses.

Becoming a digital business is a huge transformation, but technology has made this process comparatively easier so that businesses can drive profits and make their distinctive mark in the industry. Even industry leaders have begun to embrace this digital transformation and have initialized re-imagining their businesses to match pace with the ongoing digital era.

To help organizations address the most influential technology trends of today, Microsoft is continuously re-imagining and re-engineering its services. With its outstanding and tech-savvy solutions, Microsoft is taking the center-stage when it comes to partnering with a platform that beats all others in terms of user-friendliness and security.

Let’s have a look at the Top Microsoft Azure trends that can help your enterprise stay ahead of the curve

Top Microsoft Azure Trends

1. Shifting to a Digital World

With its internal set goal to run 80% of the applications on the cloud, which was later modified to adopt entirely, Microsoft has been successful in providing flexibility and adaptability throughout the organization. At present, Microsoft manages a diverse and mobile workforce of over 180,000 people at 513 locations in 113 countries. This has been made possible with the effective use of cloud technology that improved agility, reduced risks and helps in making more predictable outcomes.

2. Improved Customer Service

Improving customer experiences is extremely essential for the overall growth of any business. Microsoft’s transformation to a digitally connected world poses as a big opportunity to become more reachable to its customers. This is being catered through the use of big data and one of their initiatives – a social media outreach program named Customer Insights Center, which typically covers 18 brands and 64 social channels. All the customer queries, thoughts, and feedback are actively listened to improve their existing products, programs, and services.

3. Mobile-First & Cloud-First Environment

When an organization becomes responsive, it helps to join into a functional web for sharing ideas among them. For instance, Office 365 experienced a drastic increase in its usage with over 60% of Fortune 500 companies using it on a daily basis. Microsoft Azure is a common platform with around 57% of the companies already aboard.

4. Leveraging the IoT trend

IoT has become an integral part of the business system. With Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, your business will get better access to data from various public sources. So, it has become easy now to track trends and predict behavior. The proactive data analysis helps identify sales trends and build a better understanding of your highest margin customers. Microsoft Azure has all the tools, data analytics, devices and data security capabilities that help organizations achieve their goals. Thus, the implication of IoT technology build intelligent business enterprises and drive operational efficiencies to give better customer experiences.

5. AI-powered Experience

Artificial intelligence is creating a whole new world of possibilities for every sector from business to healthcare. With top companies adopting AI technology, how Microsoft can lag behind in implementing this much-hyped trend. Be it about tracking products in the supply chains or inspecting critical equipment, the benefits of real-time AI cannot be denied. Azure Data bricks, Azure Machine Learning, and ONNX help organizations build machine learning models and enable easy deployment across the cloud platform. Thus, making the organization more responsive and creative to deliver faster results.

6. Enhanced Security

You might be wondering what’s the big deal in keeping a secure IT ecosystem. But, this is one of the major concerns in the world of cloud service providers. The Microsoft Azure is powered with compliance and encryption features, making it a prominent choice for several global leaders. In order to prevent cyber-attacks and unauthorized access to data, Microsoft invests more than a billion dollars every year to maintain a secure infrastructure. Azure Virtual Network Gateway, MS Azure keys, Azure Multi-Factor Authentication service, and many more Microsoft Azure security features protect your sensitive data against malware.

7. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Have you ever thought you would be able to see if the new furniture would fit well in your space or not even before investing in it? Yes, you can do this with AR and VR technology that is capable of creating high-quality visuals. Microsoft is the first to recognize the AR capabilities and educate the market about its potential features. Microsoft's HoloLens has been a front-runner in the AR space. With Microsoft cloud-based cross-platform, experience a blend of mixed reality to get best-in-class hardware and innovative solutions for your business.

Estimates of Growth Trends

According to a recent survey, “Analysts estimate that Azure would rake in $26.4 billion in revenue and occupy 16.6% of Microsoft’s total revenue in 2021 which is potentially higher than the revenue of Windows.”

To Sum up

Today’s IT megatrends are the driving forces behind the reason why businesses and IT leaders are using such technologies to outpace the change and the competition. To help those organizations cut through the hype by understanding present trends and the changes several industries are going through, Microsoft proves to be a perfect partner.

With its ever-evolving products and services, the adoption of Azure is increasing at a rapid pace. So, with Microsoft Azure, you can ensure that you will always stay ahead of your competitors.

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