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Microsoft Aiming to Build an Intelligent Cloud Platform for Users

Since its launch in 2010, Microsoft Azure has witnessed a triple-digit growth. The services are diversely built on different cloud types –private, public or hybrid, while some are available under different cloud umbrellas.

Having generated around $1.2 billion over the last fiscal year, the company continues to add new features and functionalities to the Azure platform. Here’s why professional IT consultants are going gaga over the services provided.  

Offers Infrastructure as a Service

With the businesses  expanding their horizon, it is quite important that some of the indispensable infrastructures are given as a service to them. Many biggies now offer their infrastructures as a service that makes it easier for enterprises to implement these infrastructures and save a good amount too. 

Gives a Secure Platform

The major issue when taking your business to a cloud platform is security. There could be a possibility that your data is lost during transmission. But with Microsoft Azure you can be rest assured there is no data loss or infringement.  A lot of businesses in retail & ecommerce, transportation, etc. have showered their trust and are in complete praise of the technology.

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Is Easily Scalable and Ductile 

Technology has been evolving over the years, and it is important that the solutions that you have integrated with your business are scalable. You need to make it a point that as time passes, you can update the software to match your business needs. Azure is highly scalable and thus has enough scope of upgradation in the future. 

Has Unmatched Hybrid Capabilities

It is really important that the technology that you are working on can blend with other technologies and capabilities. Azure is quite flexible when it comes to working in accordance with other technologies and set-ups. 

Integrates with Other Microsoft Tools 

Integrates with Other Microsoft Tools

Microsoft office is the flag bearer of day to day conversations for any business. This cloud solution by Microsoft integrates all the features and thus can prove to be an affordable infrastructure solution for your work. 

It seems super cool, isn’t it?It is not just this, read here for more Azure features

Possess Analytics and Intelligence Capabilities

Since the product is by Microsoft, it needs to have something very interesting in the store. And yes, the company has not let its name down. With analytics and intelligence capabilities a part of the package, you are actually getting support for your business. So, let the cloud solution extend its hands to you and take you in a win-win situation. 

Offers Easy Learning Curve 

One thing that any technology brings with itself is the learning curve. Azure is quite easy to understand and thus, provides you with an exponential learning curve. Thus, see the productivity and the potential of your organization rise with Microsoft Azure at your service. 

These are just a few features that make Azure a popular choice among enterprises. Let’s see now what does the technology has in store in the coming days.  

As Microsoft plans to expand in the fragmented cloud analytics arcade, it has unveiled new features Azure Data Lake Store and a cloud-based analytics tool. This will help better manage cloud-based data.

Here’s a look at how this can help:

Azure Data Lake Store and Analytics

The cloud-based services was introduced to run queries on big data that is stored in the public cloud. It uses the new query language built by Microsoft. The new U-SQL language is drawn from SQL query language and elements of C# language. The data cloud is capable of managing voluminous data and can perform comprehensive processing and analytics across languages and platforms. A most important feature of Azure Data Lake is its scalability that can be achieved for Hadoop, Apache, HBase, Spark and Storm clusters.

Azure Data Analytics Store is the new named tool for storing big data, whereas Azure Data Lake Analytics is introduced with a view to building the “intelligent cloud platform”. It can even integrate with legacy systems for identity management and extension security of existing data applications.

How Microsoft is Closing the Gap:

According to a recent Gartner report, Azure is a market leader in the public cloud and ranks second in the Magic Quadrant. But, the cloud does not lag behind in any aspect, right from an affordable pricing model to the introduction of new features at a faster pace, it is doing all to close the gap and the results are being reflected in the same direction. Also, with over 1.5 million databases running over it, altogether Azure performs 777 trillion storage transactions per day.

Wrapping Up the Story!

Therefore, Azure is all set to lead the cloud market with more added benefits for users. Apart from the brand popularity, having great customer relations, proven expertise in global customer service and engineering, Azure services including cloud, PaaS and IaaS are being looked up to by many. Thus, there are multiple reasons for customers to adopt the Azure cloud or the comprehensive Microsoft solutions to effectively run their IT processes.

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