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Mentor-The New Age Guru

On poking the past it is bound to bring out many IDOLS that the populace followed and wished that they could be like them. The present time is witnessing a paradigm shift. There has been more than a slight modification to the definition of the idols. The recent time have changed the way we look at our idols that we use to fancy. Idols are no longer called so, they are better known as MENTORS today.

Who is a mentor?

A Mentor is a person who helps in bringing about beneficial & radical changes in your thoughts also helps in honing your skills and imparts advice that does magnetize wonders too. Basically, they assist the people under their influence in upgrading their overall competencies.

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They endow with conceptual framework and share their perspective that helps counselees to look ay their personal issues through a different kind of prism. Mentors do not give pep talks. They guide one to follow one’s true self and change the script of life whenever it is needed. They are practical men and women who provide a mirror to reflect one’s image and true worth. They are also well versed with knowledge that is over others to give them that extra edge. They earn respect for their understanding, skill and persuasive personality. Their diagnostic and listening skills are of superior quality. Mentors love people and life. Establishing trust is a mentor’s job but protégés must be supportive also. It is a two way process that continues.

Do I need a mentor?

The world’s most successful people that I have ever known have had a mentor at some point in their life, someone who taught them and encouraged them to take risks coupled with new experiences. All these people that I am about to mention owe a lot to their mentors. Richard Ford, Krissy Jackson, Julie Hunt and list can run endless. So, as I say there is no loss in having a mentor, on the contrary Mentor Marks Magic.

Mentoring The Kids

Mentoring the kids is just not easy. Since they are in the baby stage of exploring the world, they tend to visualize it in a very different way. And this way is totally different from ours. As far as my experience goes kids should be routed by making them aware of the possibilities around them. Why I say so is because I have spent my high school and university years working as a mentor in an Emerging Technologies Program. When I had a chance to work with kids, I made use of just one fundamental principle: I never do anything for them that they can do for themselves. I act like a resource for them and help them work to wake up to their passions. I cannot give them passion. Because passion cannot be ignited in anyone’s heart, it is there, deep within into the boundaries unknown. And as a matter of fact, I do not give them any answers. They must unravel that passion all by themselves and discover answers to their queries. So this is how it works for kids.

Why Is A Mentor Must For Any One?

Did you read the question above nicely? If yes, then before I pop out the answer let me ask you something more. How many of you, do know about the Greek mythology? Now why I am asking you this is because the Greek Mythology was supposed to have mentors. But I am damn sure that those who know about Greek stuff would know this. Let’s take out the material for our own purpose. The term mentor was much more germane to anyone’s success than any figure in Greek mythology. Today we refer a mentor as one who tutors another being the knowledge they have acquired over the years.

He is an individual who has expertise in a particular spot and shares this knowledge with someone who is enthusiastic to learn. When you ponder a little about it, the whole theory of mentoring is quite an extraordinary idea. An experienced being training the less experienced. This relationship is unique in nature, because of the sharing and authentic concern involved in it. The realism says that it is the basis of network marketing.

In other words it means, helping others to accomplish their aspirations. The next most important question that arises is why finding a mentor has become so important in the world of business today? Why can’t people just be enterprising and learn on their own? Definitely they can, but a mentor aids in the speed of the learning curve. Not only does it pick up the pace of learning but it also purges the chances of making mistakes. Hence, a mentor forms an indispensable chunk of anyone’s life.

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