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Key Media & Entertainment Functions Where Employing IT Solutions Can Boost Your Business Growth

As digital technologies underpin most of the core processes in the media and entertainment industry, it is imperative for M&E enterprises to come out from their traditional setups and join the digital revolution by employing smart IT solutions in their core business operations.

Smart IT solutions delivered by an expert media and software development company helps M&E businesses in the effective content creation, management and delivery. M&E businesses today also face challenges like maintaining content quality, monetizing content, content replication, cross-channel distribution, marketing techniques, customer retention, security, revenue models, etc. Meeting the growing demands of tech-savvy customers is also a concern for media houses today.

Employing smart IT solutions are must for media and entertainment companies to cope with all the above challenges. Despite this, there are many small and medium M&E businesses, which are still unable to figure out the areas where they can deploy enterprise software solutions to meet the growing customer demand.

So, let’s explore the key media and entertainment functions where employing smart IT solutions can be a game-changer for M&E enterprises:

Multimedia Streaming 

As video accounts for 57% of internet traffic and many people still prefer listening online or radio, broadcasting is a powerful way for M&E companies to engage with the audience. 

You, as an M&E business owner, can partner a custom streaming software development company to build your next live streaming solution. Such software will help you expand your business reach and customer base. Some of the popular IT solutions that you can use for multimedia streaming are: 

Live streaming software: It comes with powerful features like multi-camera operations, web streams, virtual sets, etc. to help you perform live streaming tasks better. Some of the popular live streaming software includes OBS, Rapt, Xsplit, etc. You can also request custom live streaming software from a media and entertainment software development company as per your need.

Entertainment software: Entertain software is best for professional production houses to create quality content. Entertainment software helps production companies perform crucial tasks like script breakdowns, production report generation, stripboards, etc. with ease. 

Media Player Application: As an entertainment and media house, you can also use mobile and web-based custom media players for playing different video files. You can also request custom features for better control over the media player software. 

Music Production 

Partnering enterprise software developers is a great option to build your next custom music software, as per your business requirements. There are multiple areas in music production where you can integrate custom music production software. Such areas include live music streaming, editing, recording, mixing, etc. You can use digital audio workstation software, music apps, etc. for music production and streaming purposes. Popular examples include Abelton Live, FL Studio, Apple Logic Pro X, etc.

music production software

Desktop Publishing

In today’s tech-driven business world, modern digital publishers should surely refine their traditional business models by incorporating desktop publishing software or applications for branding and marketing activities. For designing and editing different types of digital documents, publishing companies can utilize desktop publishing software. Some media & entertainment software solution providers also provide custom desktop publishing software with specialized features.

Through desktop publishing, software companies can create powerful logos, brochures, newsletters, posters, signs, other types of visual elements and build multi-vendor marketplace for marketing and communication purposes. There are a lot of other things you can do with desktop publishing software.

desktop publishing software


In the media and entertainment field, photography is one such area where people consider creativity, imagination and attention to detail vital to get success, But, to stay ahead of the competition in today’s tech space, professional photographers should possess strong knowledge of different photography software and hardware. As digital photography is standard today, companies can use a variety of custom photography software solutions like:

Photostudio Management System: You, as a professional photographer, can also request for tailor-made photo studio management software from a top-grade media and entertainment IT solution provider company. Performing tasks like billing & payments, appointment scheduling, customer CRM is easy with such software.

Photo Editing Software: Such editing tools are great for M&E companies for automating tasks like image editing, enhancement, data compression, cropping, etc. Custom photo editing software is also good for those photographers who need specific editing functions.

Photography Apps: Both small and large M&E companies are looking for custom photography apps for various photo editing tasks in today’s digital landscape. Such apps come with specialized features which make editing and photography tasks easier.

Video Production

The emerging IT solutions or technologies today are transitioning the video production industry from traditional hardware-driven one to software-driven. Custom video production software that comes integrated with software-focused devices are making it easier for production companies to record videos at a lower cost with less number of human resources. Video production software is assisting production companies at every key stage - right from pre-production to editing. 

Some of the most popular IT software for video production includes:

  • Film & Video Production Management System 
  • Video Editing Software 
  • Media Player Development Software 
  • Video Streaming Software 
  • Video Codec Programming Software

Digital Asset Management 

The evolution of digital content and its growing importance in both online and offline space has forced the media & entertainment companies to modernize their content management and communication process. The resulting process is called digital asset management - a process that secures the right of rich media content like text, images, video, and other multimedia and interactive components for M&E companies.

digital asset management

As a production or entertainment company, you can directly contact M&E software solution providers for cloud-based DAM software to create, manage, organize, produce, distribute, and potentially monetize digital assets. Such a system can also integrate with other M&E tools, offering extreme convenience to digital content providers.

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Digital Rights Management

Digital rights management essentially refers to the process of protecting the copyrights of digital media. This is done by digital content creators to prevent unauthorized access or redistribution of their content as well as to restrict users from copying the content they purchase. 

As a digital content provider, you can also safeguard your digital data from online piracy and copying by integrating a digital rights management software or system in your organizational symmetry. Digital rights software encrypts digital media or files and limits user access to a particular media or digital content. 

Key Benefits of digital rights management (DMS) software

  • Retain ownership of digital content
  • Educate users about copyright and intellectual property
  • Keep confidential data private and secure
  • Protect income streams 
  • Better licensing agreements

Content Distribution & Management

Content distribution is the most important part of content strategy for media and entertainment houses. No matter how great content one creates, it is a waste if the audience doesn’t know it exists over the web. To share, publish, or promote your content effectively over multiple marketing channels, you can use a reliable content distribution software or request for a custom one from a popular content management software solution provider. It also helps you promote your brand and deliver your message directly to customers.

Key Features to check out in Content Management and Distribution System:

  • Easy Administration 
  • Powerful publishing tools 
  • SEO Integration 
  • Social Media Support Feature 
  • Simple Workflow 
  • Multi-platform capabilities 
  • Online marketing tools 
  • 24/7 Support

Summing Up 

The above list summarizes the growing importance of IT solutions in transforming the media and entertainment industry. Modern entertainment technology solutions help M&E companies in reducing costs, creating quality content, engaging users better and much more. If you are also someone, who is looking to maximize the value of your digital content through smarter IT solutions, partner A3logics - the IT consulting and Software Development Company

We offer powerful, custom media and entertainment solutions to leading digital brands in the areas related to digital advertising, digital publishing, video production, streaming, social media, and so on. From production to distribution of media content- we cover it all!

Contact us to know more about media and entertainment solutions. 


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