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Mean Stack Development vs. Full Stack Development: Understanding the Difference

“How to maintain a work-life balance in this tough time?” I Googled and there were millions of results for the same. So many websites, talking about the topic. 

Websites these days have become the face of the brand. If it works well, the brand is good, if it fails to serve well, the brand gets a bad name. Any website that you see functioning looks quite simple with a few elements that can be clicked and you easily get the details. Well, this simple functioning takes a lot of time and effort. Ask the web developers out there. Any website consists of two elements one the front end part that is visible to you and other the backend that connects all the elements and manages response of the website. 

The experts who can work on both the technical aspects of a website are called “Full Stack Developers.” They work thoroughly and master various programming languages and tools. These tools aid in developing interesting and impressive websites in less time. One such tool that is every website developer’s favorite is the MEAN stack. 

Full Stack: A Brief 

The full-stack developers are hired to work with both the front end and back end of a website. Thus, these developers can work well with projects that involve databases, building user-facing websites, or even work with clients during the planning phase of projects. A full-stack developer needs a set of skills that is very different from other app developers. Here is the basic skill set that full-stack developers need to be an expert in: 

  • Backend Languages like HTML or CSS
  • Specialization in Programming Language Like Ruby, PHP, or Python. 
  • UI/UX, Visual Design 

If you want to hire a dedicated development team that could provide a digital solution for your business, just go for the skill set here. With digitization, the demand for full-stack developers has increased as people want someone efficient enough to work on their front end and backend. This is not only a cost-effective solution but also an easy way to build a strong team. 

MEAN Stack: A Brief 

MEAN Stack is a part of full-stack development. It refers to the development in a particular set of technologies that include MongoDB, Expressjs, AngularJs, NodeJS. If put simply, MEAN stack developers are JS-based application developers. The set of technologies discussed here are an important part of constituting a full-stack application. Here’s what MEAN actually means

  • M stands for MongoDB (No SQL database)
  • E stands for Express (a framework on top of Node)
  • A stands for Angular, a front end framework
  • N stands for Node, a backend framework

The best part about using the MEAN Stack for the development purpose is one it is highly scalable and two it uses only JavaScript. Thus, to be an expert MEAN stack developer one needs to be an expert JavaScript Developer. A MEAN Stack Tutorial will be good enough to get you started with building real-world applications. Let’s discuss the primary functions of the technologies that form MEAN Stack. 

Angular JS: This technology is implemented to accept requests and display the required results to the user. 

Node JS: This technology is simply used to handle client and server requests. 

Express JS: This technology just makes a request to the database and returns a response. 

MongoDB: This simply stores and retrieves data. 

Thus, one can simply say MEAN Stack is full-stack development with a selected set of technology.  

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The Comparison Between Full Stack and MEAN Stack

  • Now that we have discussed what Full Stack and MEAN stack development actually intend at, let’s further compare their utility in the web development arena. 
  • When talking about Full-stack development we talk about various programming languages and tools that are required to build the frontend and backend of a website. MEAN Stack aims at a set of technologies involved in Full stack development. 
  • MEAN Stack developers have a certain range of technology to explore, thus, they can not experiment much with their solutions. Full Stack developers have a range of technology to explore and can come up with solutions that are impressive and laden with features. 
  • Angular JS is a front end framework. It allows developers to use HTML Syntax and express various components easily. It supports two-way data binding and is a great alternative for coming up with responsive web applications without much technicalities involved. 
  • When talking about backend development Full-stack developers get an upper hand as they are experts in various programming languages. The MEAN stack developers are restricted to Node Js for the backend development and thus, cannot experiment a lot here. 
  • Full-stack developers are open to various frameworks and tools that aid in developing websites that are impressive, interesting, and innovative. With a lot of alternatives to explore and implement in the work, it does offer a range of solutions. MEAN Stack is restricted to a few technologies and tools and thus, no matter how easy it is to create a website this way, one thing that is difficult here is matching the standards of the website in full-stack. 

Now, you know the clear difference between full-stack and MEAN stack development. When you are looking forward to hiring web developers, it is important that you specify them the technology and framework you want to implement. It is majorly decided by the functioning of the website and its purpose. 

Wrapping It Up 

Now that you have decided to rule the digital domain with your website, reach the best website development company USA and shake off all your stress. With the expertise and experience in different domains and programming languages, our experts can help you turn your vision to reality. We have a team of experts who are well versed in various programming languages like python, ruby, Java, C++, etc. 

We can come up with optimized websites that would make sure the response time is really less and your customers do not abandon the website without making purchases. Partner with us and get the solutions that would help you earn great profits and goodwill. 

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  • Bhavesh Parekh

    A great piece that sheds much-needed light on merging technology and its impact on the business as there are many new details you posted here. Sometimes it is not so easy to build "Full Stack Development" without custom knowledge; here you need proper development skills and experience. However, the details you mention here would be very much helpful for the beginner. Here is yet another top-notch solution provider “X-Byte Enterprise Solutions” who render feasible and credible solutions to global clients. Know more here: https://www.xbytesolutions.com/blog/full-stack-development

  • Whiteplainsconsulting

    Thanks for sharing this blog. This is well composed details of each component . Both Mean Stack development and Full Stack development processes have their share of pros and cons.

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