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How to Choose the Right Managed Cloud Support Service Provider

Cloud computing is the most popular and trending technologies these days. Growing digitization has made organizations migrate their business towards cloud services, as it provides access to servers, storage, databases, and additional application services. This also saves a lot of money as most cloud computing services are based on the pay-as-you-go model. On the one hand, where few companies are busy with maintaining the necessary infrastructure, cloud computing saves this time and lets you focus on developing the products. The only thing you need to pay here is a monthly or yearly fee to get access. And the other requirements like maintenance and licensing are on the provider’s side. 

Scalability and flexibility are two of the major benefits of using cloud services. It can be upscaled or downscaled anytime as per the requirement by just changing the subscription, unless like on an on-premise solution, entrepreneurs need to adjust the number of employees and office space, which is again time-consuming and expensive. 

Cloud services allow employees to work on their mobile devices on the go. With all these features, if we talk about the security parameter, cloud computing service providers consider security a crucial part of their business models. Strong passwords, data encryption is a party of strong security provided by the cloud. It is just not the choice now to opt for cloud services, it is the demand of going trend, where if an organization hasn't adopted these services, chances are really high that they may lag to the one that is already on this path. 

Who are Managed Cloud Support Service Providers?

Hereafter, you got to know the benefits of cloud computing, to reap these benefits and getting the most out of it is also not an easy task. Choosing the right managed cloud support service provider is equally important, as you need to entrust them with your organization’s critical applications and sensitive data. The right managed cloud support service provider adds value to your business and lets you reap those benefits. They are experts in handling even the most complex cloud infrastructure, and from strategizing to providing smart solutions, managed cloud service providers handle everything on your behalf, so that you can easily focus on the other important aspects of your business.

Around 65% of the CIOs across the globe prefer to partner with an MSP rather than managing everything in-house. Partnering with MSP lets you stay comfortable as it makes things easier on both ends. For organizations partnering with MSP benefits them by monitor the customers' IT environment and proactively handle many routine maintenance tasks. On the other end, customers get more satisfaction as it ensures that systems are performing optimally, and problems are resolved quickly. Thus, increasing efficiency. From strategizing to providing smart solutions, managed cloud service providers handle everything by themselves, and you can take care of the other important aspects of your business. 

Let us take a look at the checklist that you should focus on while choosing the right managed cloud service provider for your business:

Cloud service provider

In-depth Domain Knowledge and Experience

Cloud management is a bit complex, and a person without its knowledge cannot be trusted to manage your cloud computing solution. It can be quite harmful to your business. Hence, the managed service provider, you are looking for, must have the ability to manage and plan the cloud journey. They should be capable enough to manage, support, optimize the cloud services, and should be able to suggest the right cloud infrastructure and the best techniques to support it.

Automated Approach

The capabilities and knowledge of automation, a suite of tools and collaboration models to reduce human intervention, is equally important to look for in the managed cloud service provider. This improves the quality and productivity of your cloud solutions. 

The MSP with a proper pricing plan is always recommended to look for. An estimate of potential cost lets you manage your budget and optimize its basis on the service you will require in that.

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Security Testing and Monitoring

With growing digitization, the risk of cyber-criminals and hackers has also increased. Hence, you must choose a managed service firm that will take care of the security concerns in advance. Ensure that their ideas are aligned with the organization’s risk appetite and legal or regulatory obligations. Check with their standards and certificates like the ISO 27000 series, or have recognized certifications. Regular security testing and monitoring protect the data from viruses and cyber-attacks.

Response Time and Availability

Computer network never stops, and along with that the need for IT consulting services never ends. Timely response and a helping hand always available to support is what a service provider should be contained off. The managed cloud service provider should be quick and needs to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to answer the queries. Any call taken as granted might lead to a business downfall, hence, you need to be careful about this.

Service Level Agreements

SLAs specifically mean the pre-decided time which is provided by the provider to get the task done or to identify and resolve the problem. The SLA needs to be fixed at the starting of the contract. Deciding on SLAs lets you define the parameter around the availability of application so that provider won’t skimp on areas like software updates or orchestration needs. 

Business Continuity Planning

Any business without a business continuity plan and a proper disaster recovery plan may face a loss today or in the future. For any natural or artificial disaster, like, a weather disaster, vandalism, or other outages, the cloud computing service provider should be ready with a plan to protect data and the business. A prior plan helps a business to recover from a disruptive event.

Constant Updates

The managed cloud support service provider should be capable enough to provide and suggest constant updates to the system. Constant updates let the system works smoothly, and the addition of new features with every update enables your organization to stay in trend with the market. The service provider should also be able to update the system remotely and outside business hours. This would help in getting the system updated overnight and thus ready to work on an updated system in the morning.

The Bottom Line

Managed Service provider on your cloud infrastructure lets you focus on business objectives and ensure a security-rich infrastructure. Finding a true partner to look after your technology can help you in growing the business and thus work with you as a companion to grow further in the market. Different managed cloud service providers offer different services in terms of features and pricing. It is on the organization's need and budget, by keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, to decide upon one. Just remember, the right MSP is just not a technology, it can help you add value to your business and has a real and lasting impact on your business.

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