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Effective LMS Development For Small Businesses Cost & Features

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    We all know how owning a small business is one of the most challenging situations to be in. We are constantly thinking about the flow of finances and how it can be managed well without compromising the quality of service.

    Fewer expenses and better productivity very rarely shake hands, but here we are with a great solution that can make small businesses deliver excellent work but also curb costs big time. Being an owner of a small business, you are always thinking about how you can move towards the path of growth but without having to break the bank in getting the resources.

    The first step to do so is by investing in custom LMS development services. LMS or Learning management system can prove to be one of the best decisions to help your company grow, and that too at no extra costs. If you are thinking about how you have indeed arrived at the right page!

    Let's first understand what LMS is and its a market situation and then proceed ahead to know how small businesses can benefit significantly through its features.

    What is an LMS?

    When it comes to a learning management system, it is a platform that allows businesses of all sectors to conduct training online with the assistance of exciting attributes. You can have your LMS developed as per your business model. It can help you create and distribute different training programs, track and monitor trainees' progress, make the entire process engaging, and more.

    From a small business point of view, you don't have to pay for any extra resources for training purposes, you don't have to spend on training space as it can be conducted online and remotely as well. With learning management software development, you can have the platform ready as per your specific attribute needs like real-time tracking, video sessions, easily accessible training materials, and more.

    You can also invest in a boxed LMS that comes with a set of features. But, with customized solutions, you can have the LMS explicitly designed for your business model that can prove to be even more efficient in terms of training. You only have to pay for the features you are using following this approach.

    Now when you are clear about what an LMS is and how it helps businesses, let's assess some of the interesting facts and figures related to this technology that shows how it can give your business the edge in the coming time.

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    Facts And Figures You Must Know About LMS

    We all know how LMS is already making a massive impact around the world. After COVID-19, more and more businesses around the globe are investing in LMS solutions heavily. It allows them to connect with their employees with ease and also makes it easy to provide all kinds of training.

    After COVID-19, a few of the other reasons that have given the market of LMS a push are the rising WFH approach, use of BYOD facilities, high rise in AI usage, increase in ML or machine learning attributes, and more. But, LMS has lived up to the expectations as well. It has allowed businesses to get ahead and eventually reap success more than they can think of. Talking about small companies, it has helped them save considerable time in terms of expenses, pushed productivity, and improved overall efficiency as well.

    Below mentioned are a few of the stats that define how LMS is going to stand in the coming time and help businesses in different sectors. Take a look:

    • As per the latest study, it has been observed that the worldwide learning management system market is going to cross $25 billion by the year 2025.
    • Not only this, during the period of 2021 and 2025, North America is going to hold the most significant market share of the respective industry.
    • It has been estimated that the global market of Learning management is going to grow by $13 billion from 2020 to 2025.
    • As the latest reports provided by Valuates, in the year 2026, the market share of the respective industry is going to cross $9296 million.

    These facts suggest that LMS has a strong future ahead and is undoubtedly going to be part of every single industry in the time to come. This is why it is essential for business owners to invest in LMS development services as it gives their small business the much deserving push to compete and eventually get ahead in the market.

    As businesses are now following remote work models, the market might see a sharp rise in learning management system development services. It makes it easier for the managers to take care of all the operations from any part of the world. As per the latest reports, LMS integrations has helped businesses in different ways, and a few of them are:

    • It allowed them to compete in every situation by getting their employees ready as per the latest demands.
    • It also plays a big role in getting the attrition rate down.
    • It made it easier to assess a talent that can help a business in the long run.
    • Going through a change also got easier with the assistance of LMS integrations.

    And a lot more

    These benefits reflect why these facts numbers can get even better. LMS is the future, and most importantly, it has to be your present to get ahead in the future. Let's understand the reasons why it is important for a small business to connect with LMS development company right away.:

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    Reasons Why LMS Just Cannot Be Ignored

    Suppose there is a multinational company with more than 200,000 employees and all of them placed in different countries. How can they stay together in situations like COVID-19 lockdown? This is when LMS takes its course. It allows the management to keep recruiting and training the employees as per the business needs without making them come to the office. The trainers can create courses, and trainees can pursue them without any hassle through the pandemic.

    So, if you are a small business with less than 300 employees with all eyes on the funds and finances, Saas LMS can hold the worth of Gold. How to take a look at the pointers below:

    • The primary reason is that it allows you to keep all the course materials in one place in the cloud. This means the employees can get complete access to the same as and when they want. There is no extra expense of training materials that need to be shared with employees separately.
    • Next, it also makes it easy for small businesses to get their training approach streamlined. It helps the employees to get their training completed at their convenience. They can access the platform while being on the move and get their training completed successfully.
    • It helps them cut the management expenses as well. While the training is conducted traditionally, it might involve training space expenses, travel costs, printing costs, and more. But, with the investment in eLearning software development services, you get a platform that cuts down all these expenses.
    • LMS helps you track your employees effectively. Traditionally, it is certainly going to be difficult for the trainers to check how much effort their trainees are putting in. But, with the respective system, the trainers get to know about every progress. It allows them to know who needs more effort to get the task completed successfully.

    These reasons show how LMS is going to help small businesses in every aspect. But, it is only possible because of the attributes it brings with itself. Now let's check out the features that make LMS a worthwhile investment:

    Key LMS Features For Small Businesses

    Now let's assess the features that come along with LMS that can help your business with the above-mentioned benefits. Check it out:

    Easy To Manage: The biggest attribute that comes along with LMS is that it is very easy to understand. One doesn't have to be technically sound to use it. This tool can be used to create, design, and update courses with ease as and when required.

    Reporting: Using this tool, the trainers can assess who is putting in the effort to complete their training successfully and who's not. It allows them to create a detailed report for the same and prepare the best strategy to make all complete their training successfully.

    Customized Solution: This tool allows the trainers to create customized training solutions for every single trainee. This can certainly help the trainees to get their courses covered without any hassle.  

    Gamification: It is one of the most popular attributes integrated into LMS solutions. It helps the trainees to take part in this training session with a lot more interest in terms of competition. The leader board makes them work well and get to the top of the table.  

    Excellent Security: Security is another attribute that can make businesses hire a mobile app development company for their eLearning platform. All the business policies and training data remain safe and sound. Not only this, but the employee data also remains secure and confidential all through the process.  

    The businesses can get their LMS developed as per their custom working model with a lot more features and attributes. The primary purpose of all these attributes is to help the business conduct their training successfully and gain significantly in terms of revenue generation and productivity as well. Now let's check how much it can cost us to get an LMS developed and reap all the benefits.

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    Costing Of LMS Development

    The development cost of LMS can vary from one business to another. It completely depends on the features, users, and various other attributes that are integrated. Not only this, but the pricing also depends upon the location of development and the company you are choosing for the respective purpose.

    In general, if you hire an IT consultation service provider for the purpose of LMS, it might cost you between $37000 to $53000. If you hire LMS developers on an hourly basis, then it can cost you $100 to $350 per hour. All you have to do is to reach out to a proficient name in the business where you can get all the assistance of developing LMS as per your business model and budget.

    Last Words

    Hopefully, you are clear about how effective it can prove to be for small businesses to get their business model integrated with LMS. It helps them become productive and curb expenses big time as well. All they need is the support of reputed IT professional services providers. If you are looking for one, then connecting with A3Logics can certainly be the best choice. Call now!

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