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Did you hear of what I said just a second ago. Yes, I am asking you all, have you? “Living for the moment”. Many say we do even when they actually don’t do. Do you have a habit of swinging between the past and the future? Or rather you like indulging in the past and in the future thoughts rather than the present? What does all this lead to? Why do people engage themselves in such a weird activity that practically takes you away from reality?

This practice deprives us of the happiness, aliveness and fulfillment, that is conferred upon by us in the present moment. Avoiding the present moment is like a disease in our culture and we are trained to forgo the present for the future. This pulls us to a commonsensical conclusion that is, this attitude not only leads to evasion of enjoyment in the now, but also results in the dodging of your pleasure forever. It is one of the most common human traits to look up to a made-up future, dreaming of a life which is far superior than the one we are living at the moment. Alternatively we project an anxious future in which the mind summons up the most awful probable picture.

By all this I don’t mean to withdraw you from the habit of planning for your future, but on the same hand I don’t want you to overdo the future baggage that is yet to show up. Even after predicting a latent challenge in some future moment, whether it is seconds, minutes, hours or days away, the truth buried is that it usually does not have anything wrong with the particular moment. So, why not live fully in the moment because as we submit to it, we find the refinement and vigor to bring about a change. The most important thing that we forget is that we are not constituted by our thoughts or our sentiments, but the consciousness that witnesses those thoughts and emotions. If we constantly keep living in our thoughts, we are bound to become slaves to them.

Conflicting and refutation are pointless. Rather it is better to hold close what is. A phrase often heard in the self improvement circles “Whatever we resist persists.” The Law of Attraction is indisputable. We magnetize it into our lives more of whatever the mind dwells on. This is true both for constructive and off-putting influences.

Because of all these commotion of thoughts, one can visualize the worth of a daily meditation habit, repeatedly setting aside at least forty minutes for the practice. However, what is more important than this, is finding out the secret of discovering the many moments of being present during the daytime. Try and come back to the present moment. Doesn’t matter even if it only lasts for a second or two it would be awesome. Focus on the regularity of returning to the present rather than the span of time you stayed in the moment.

One thing that I am really sure off is that, that this concise beginning to live in the present moment would turn out to be more helpful and if someone actually follows up on it then you are no doubt a WINNER now and always.

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