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Leverage Big Data and Analytics to Tackle Zika Virus and Other Deadly Diseases

Needless to say, its Big Data everywhere. The buzzword is in limelight for quite some time now and is giving out unbelievable opportunities to the business companies and organizations that are striving to find solutions and ways to simplify complicated problems.

Big Data holds immense potential to do wonders for the world. Let’s take India’s example, India is undertaking a project that will help create detailed, accurate, and verifiable national records of all its 1.25 billion citizens that will further facilitate improved services on food, water, health and other needs of the people.

Potential of Big Data Analytics in Fighting Diseases

To see the role of big data analytics in the field of healthcare let’s explore a few points that are often an important aspect of analyzing the impact and the root of any disease. 

Occurrence Points: Any disease that is fatal or brings the entire population around the world or the country under the threat needs to be examined through the roots. With big data analytics in the picture, one can easily determine the area where disease originates and the time of diagnosis. 

This helps the practitioners identify the region and weather conditions that support the growth of particular kinds of microorganisms causing the disease.

Environmental Covariates: With everything available online, it is quite easy for the experts to follow the weather patterns of a place and analyze what conditions suit the growth of the disease-causing creatures. Manually keeping a track of the conditions would be difficult, but maintaining an online record could help you more.

Predictive Measures: Once we understand the reasons for the growth of the microorganisms, one can definitely predict the next area that can be influenced by the disease. Areas with similar weather conditions and similar eating and living habits are the ones to be influenced first. 

This can help the medical practitioners and department in the area be prepared against the disease and keep them safe all the while. 

This was a brief how big data analysis can benefit the healthcare segment. The benefits are not confined to health care units, but big data analytics plays a key role in enterprise development too. 

The same data can not only benefit and improve these billions of lives but can also be used for combating various health threats that the world is currently facing.

Zika Virus and Big Data Analysis: A Case Study to Support the Idea 

Zika Virus and Big Data Analysis

Not long ago in 2014, the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa dramatically raised alarms on the growing global burden of deadly diseases and concerns about the preparedness of the public health systems. We did not completely overcome the impact of Ebola that now again in 2016, we are subjected to yet another medical threat with Zika virus. World Health Organization (WHO) has already declared it an international public health emergency that may affect 4 million people as it spreads across the America.

Ease of Corrective Measures

To fight against Zika, Big Data and analytics can be the major role players as they were in dealing with endemics such Ebola, flu, and dengue fever. Although, the statistical modeling and massive data sets are being used across the healthcare industry to respond to the emergency, experts believe that still there is a lack of support infrastructure that is needed to push the corrective measures ahead and start the work at ground level.

Preventing Outbreak in Different Areas

The multiple types of research conducted with the help of the Big data have significantly accelerated the development of certain vaccines for flu. Results from various studies carried across the world have helped better analyze the impact of the various components that enable the growth of different viruses. Apart from the microbiologists, even the epidemiologists use the technology to detect the spread of such outbreaks.

Being Prepared in Advance

Limiting the research and data to a certain geographic location may mislead the results and the measures devised to deal with the situation. Thus, as per the EHS industry insiders, more and more data sources must be analyzed for such predictive analysis and vaccine-makers, CDC, health agencies and all related entities must be well-connected even before an outbreak completely takes place.

Coming Up with Better Solutions

With Zika virus spreading so fast, it is really essential to control the problem with a broader perspective. Thus, to put in use analytics-derived insights in this file, there’s a need for ideal platforms that can analyze multiple data sources and create analysis reports. This well-filtered, detailed and real-time information will help vaccine and drug developers to make more powerful vaccines and drugs to combat the disease. The information can also be used to spread more awareness among the public against the issue.

Summarizing the Complete Story

Winding up the story above, Big Data has already done wonders while dealing with certain complicated global issues and holds broader potential to continue doing so. From a technological perspective, the big data technology can be smartly leveraged to gain insights to develop the remedial vaccines for Zika virus by isolating and identifying every single aspect of the virus’ characteristics. Moreover, the use of technology must be encouraged among the people as well as among the health care systems and groups to spread more awareness against the threats, consequences and possible solutions. 

The Key Takeaway

Big data analytics have expanded its hold beyond just the businesses that are aimed at developing software or fight in the digital domain to get a position. It has seeped into all the domains one can think of.  So, if you want any assistance in the field of big data handling, just reach to the best consultants who can make things easier for you. The internet is definitely flooding with websites that claim to provide the best IT solutions, but you need to be very wise when choosing your IT consulting firm

Welcome to Reality...Big Data Is More Than Just Technology...It Is a Life-Saving Tool!

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