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How to Develop A Learning Management System Like Coursera

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    Are you thinking about investing in the platform just like Coursera? It is important that you understand what it has to offer and how you can get a step ahead of them. We all know how online education is growing rapidly worldwide. It is going to stay the same in the time to come as well. 

    In fact, as per some reports, it has been stated that the eLearning market is going to cross 374 billion in the year 2026 after being 144 billion in 2019. This shows how significantly the market is moving forward with a CAGR growth rate of 14.6%. 

    This has made businesses around the world invest heavily in the domain of LMS solutions. Coursera is one of the biggest LMS platforms today, and there are many who are thinking of having a platform similar to it. The primary reason behind this growth is the effective results it has been able to bring.

    If you are thinking about having a platform like Coursera, then you have certainly landed on the right page. We are here to help you with the best approach that you can take to develop a learning management system just like Coursera. But first, let's understand what LMS is and then move ahead with the topic. 

    Learning Management System: A Brief Synopsis

    When it comes to a learning management system, it is basically a platform that is taken into consideration for the purpose of conducting training in different industries. LMS can be considered for the education industry, real estate industry, health care industry, and all the other corporate worlds. 

    With the LMS integration, businesses have benefited significantly from effective training. They have witnessed results that they were aiming for with the help of the training. But, it is not limited to that. With the help of the respective system, you can also create courses, distribute courses without any kind of hassle, track progress, and prepare detailed reports without any hassle. 

    This shows how LMS is playing a huge role in helping businesses progress without having to invest a lot. All you need is the assistance right vendor who can understand their business needs, approach, and model to get the LMS developed accordingly. They understand the features that fit the best for your business and help you with the services accordingly., 

    We are here to discuss how one can get an LMS developed just like Coursera. Now we are clear with what LMS is, so let's understand why Coursera?!

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    Why Develop LMS Like Coursera?

    Coursera, as we said earlier, is an online platform known for providing self-paced learning solutions on different subjects and certifications. Today, businesses around the world are thinking about investing heavily in learning platforms just like Coursera to provide training and learning solutions around the world. 

    Companies are investing in custom LMS development services like Coursera so that they can connect with the training service providers, including universities, schools, and tutors, with the learners around the world. With the help of the respective system, institutions get to connect with the learners remotely for their learning and training needs. It helps them monitor their progress and performance and also makes it easier to get them engaged in the courses. 

    As per the latest reports, it has been stated that online learning can get the study time to reduce by 30 to 60% when compared to the traditional approach. In fact, more than 95% of the learners are going to recommend online learning platforms to other people. This shows how much this approach is preferred when it comes to learning or studying.

    It eventually became the way to go after the COVID-19 outbreak. With schools and universities being shut down, the only way to make teachers and students feel connected was with the help of a learning management system. This not only helped them keep their classes going but sustained their losses big time. 

    This is why businesses today are always looking for a learning management system like Coursera that helps them keep running their training services and also within the lightest budget. If you are thinking about how to get the same done, then it's time to jump to the next segment. 

    How To Design LMS Like Coursera?

    So, if you have decided to invest in a learning management system like Coursera, it is important that you first understand how to take ahead of the designing process. Below mentioned are the requirements that you have to comply with while investing in LMS customization like Coursera. Take a look:

    Easy To Go UX

    The first and the most important aspect that you need to consider while designing your LMS is UX. It needs to be seamless and very hassle-free in terms of usage. So, when you are developing a learning platform, you need to make sure that the interface is intuitive that can get the learners engaged all the way through. If you do not have the learning platform designed interactively, then it is certainly a complete waste of money as it is not going to keep the learners hooked to the course. 


    The next important attribute that you need to focus on is responsiveness while investing the eLearning software development like Coursera. It must be compatible with all the devices and browsers so that students around the world can use it without any hassle. If your platform is not configured with the attribute of responsiveness, then it can get difficult for the learners to connect with the platform.  


    The next attribute that you need to keep in mind for the purpose of learning management systems has to be branding. This means that you can have your platform designed as per your branding needs. You can have the same design with your brand logo and colors as it can make an impact and help your learners feel confident while learning from you. It can help them connect with your brand and assist in promotion as well. 

    These are the designing attributes that you need to keep in mind while investing in the domain of enterprise learning management system, just like Coursera. All you have to do is to take the assistance of a reliable and proficient service provider in the business. They understand the kind of system you are looking for and then proceed ahead with the designing process. 

    But, after the designing part is done, you need to check the functionality features that are going to make your platform successful. If you think what are the features that you must target, then take a look at the next segment. 

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    Features To Have While Developing Learning Marketplace like Coursera

    Now let's take a look at the features that you must keep in mind while developing a learning marketplace like Coursera.

    Authorization And User Registration 

    Developing a platform like Coursera requires attributes like proper user registration and authorization. You must make this process easy so that the users can sign up with your platform without any hassle and start their experience. The users must be able to register with the platform with the use of IDs like Facebook, Google, or others. This is why it is important that you focus more on this feature, as the easier it is for a user to join in, the more they would be interested in getting ahead with the courses through your platform. 


    The next attribute that you must focus on in your LMS consulting services for the Coursera platform is the user profile. This feature completely depends on the company objectives behind the user's profiles. It can allow them to create users for different purposes. One can be a learner, another can be a content creator, and one can be a trainer and administrator as well. So, it completely depends on the business requirements when it comes to creating users for the respective platform. The profile must have all the details of the user, and it is stored in a confidential location so that it is not accessed by anyone else.  


    Another aspect that you must focus on while getting your LMS developed has a search option. With the help of the respective attribute, the users can easily get access to the courses they are looking forward to pursuing. It allows them to check out the different courses the respective platform has, and as per their filtered needs, they easily select one and get started with the same. You can fill the search feature with the filter attribute that can help them look for the courses as per their specification in terms of duration, difficulty level, and rating. 

    Course Details

    The next feature that you must have in your LMS platform like Coursera is proper course details. The course page can help the users know about what comes with the respective package. So, you can have the course package with all the information like program description, costing, language available, schedule, qualifications of instructors, duration, and more. It helps the users to understand the course precisely and helps in their decision-making process. You can also add a review section so that the users can get an idea of what other students feel about the respective course. 

    Course Creation

    If you would like to gain a competitive advantage in the industry, then you must have your SAAS LMS developed in such a way that the teachers can create and update courses without any hassle. With the help of this, the courses can be updated as per the latest market demands and needs. This can help them gain a competitive advantage over the others and help the users learn as per the latest requirements. 

    Multi-language support

    If you are investing in an LMS platform, then you must not miss out on the attribute of multi-language support. This can help the users to pure the courses at their convenience. Not only this, it helps your platform to gain a huge set of followers around the world. It can help you connect with an even bigger audience that can certainly play a huge role in boosting revenue and profits. 

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    Wrap Up

    This shows how you can develop a learning platform like a learning management system. But, it is important that you take the assistance of a reliable enterprise software development platform that can help you have your LMS platform developed with the best features and attributes like Coursera. If you are looking for the same, then you can consider connecting with experts at A3Logics and avail all the assistance you are looking forward to having as per your custom needs. Connect now!

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