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What Makes Laravel the Best PHP Framework?

We are living in a digital world, where you get everything online via the internet. From entertainment and ticket booking to shopping and business, everything is on your phone now. All this is possible because of millions of applications and websites that are developed every day. However, amongst a plethora of platforms that are launched, only a few gain immense popularity and are able to attract users. Why? Because customers look for striking features, smooth navigation and design. For this, developers use various PHP frameworks, such as Symfony, Laravel, CakePHP, Yii 2, Slim, etc. Out of all these, the one that stands out and is preferred by most professionals is Laravel, a framework that has retained its top position for years for its effective and easy web development.

Website owners and developers recommend it because it has clean, simple, and reusable coding with robust features and high flexibility. Regardless to say why people are inclined toward Laravel development companies. The question is what is the reason behind such popularity and wide use. How this one framework provides developers with all essential elements that they need for web application development? Without further ado, let’s have insight into it and get familiar with all the special features that make it a leading PHP framework today. Here we go:

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Object-Oriented Libraries

The first factor that makes Laravel stand out from other PHP frameworks is its object-oriented libraries which you cannot find in any other available options. These pre-installed libraries are authentication ones that allow developers to create responsive and powerful web applications easily. The library showcases many advanced features, including encryption, Bcrypt hashing, checking active users, CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery), password resetting, monitoring active users, etc.

Artisan Console

The next in the list is the command-line interface of Laravel known as Artisan. It is a built-in tool that makes it convenient for developers or programmers to handle tedious and repetitive tasks which otherwise most developers avoid performing manually. It does so by taking care of various processes, such as managing database migrations, publishing package assets, seeding, and generating boilerplate code for new controllers, and more.

With this feature, developers no longer have to create proper code skeletons and they can simply extend the capabilities and functionalities of Artisan with new custom commands. It automates many tasks and can be used within the app. One major reason that it is called an elegant feature of Laravel framework is that the developer just needs to pass command and it manages the further process.

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MVC Support

Now, let’s talk about another advantage of Laravel PHP framework which is that it supports MVC (Model View Controller) architecture that ensures complete transparency between business logic and presentation in development. With MVC, you get an improved performance of the application and boosts its speed with better documentation and multiple built-in functionalities. The beautiful expressive syntax makes Laravel object-oriented. With such exclusive features and benefits to offer, no wonder why Laravel has become such a popular framework amongst developers and programmers.

The Eloquent ORM

Eloquent is Laravel Object Relationship Mapping (ORM) that makes fetching data from the database easy. Now, one can create a relationship between tables and extract the required information from them. Moreover, it also enables developers to join various tables along with offering helper functions, making interaction with the database possible.

As Eloquent Laravel supports databases like MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL and SQL Server, one hardly needs to bother about compatibility issues with them. The switch from one database to another is also easy which provides scalability to the application. To understand this, here is an example. When a developer starts an app or web application development process that has a small user base initially, he decides to use MySQL. However, with a growing user base of the app, he can move to SQL server which is as easy as changing specific configuration details.

Blade Template

Here we will talk about the Blade templating which is intuitive and helpful in working with HTML/PHP spaghetti so smoothly that many experts and developers consider it as one of the most powerful features of Laravel Framework. This in-built template engine is smooth and robust and allows users to create amazing layouts without any hassle. There is no limit to using PHP code and users can select or use the format according to their requirements. You can write multi-language applications and define sections, extend views and do whatnot. It is quick as it caches the compiled perspectives and also it includes partials to help you overcome the problem of redundancy of multiple documents.

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Authentication & Authorization

Laravel comes with simple, creative, and out-of-the-box configuration, implemented for Authorization and Authentication system. A tutorial about Laravel authentication guards will help you implement such a system easily as a developer. We all know that all modern-day web applications need user authentication, so with this, you need not do anything to set it up with the Laravel framework. It will create all the important components, such as the user model, register & login controller, and corresponding.

Extended these elements to add more functionality as per business objectives and logic is easier. With everything configured perfectly, the Laravel framework assures a simple way to organize logic and control access to several resources. There is also a socialite package that allows the app to authenticate users who are accessing several social networks, be it Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter.

Automatic Package System

This is an interesting feature of Laravel 5.5 - an Automated Package Discovery that detects the packages that users want to install. It deals with multiple support software or libraries that web applications can process automatically. Now, developers don’t have to set up aliases or install any new packages and they can disable the feature whenever they want. This eventually enhances the speed of app development process. With the use of a dependency manager, Laravel manages all the information required to handle packages. Some of the best Laravel packages are Laravel Debug Bar, Laravel IDE helper, Image to name a few.  


We are sure that these above-mentioned points are enough to justify why Laravel is the most popular PHP framework. Yes, it is not perfect and has its cons and pros like any other programming framework but that doesn’t take away from the wide range of benefits that it offers. It is due to its exclusive and incredible features that it gained such fame in a short span of time and is still a favorite of many developers. And of course, we cannot ignore the extensive community that supports it at every step and comes up with all the solutions.

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