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Why Choose Kotlin For Android App Development?

Back in 2017 when Google declared Kotlin as a “first-class” language for Android app development, nobody thought that it would get as popular as it is today. More than 50% of the android developers today use Kotlin for building Android applications. It has also emerged as the fastest growing language on Git hub platform. 

So, what makes Kotlin special? Well, the primary reason includes its interoperability with Java, which makes it a popular choice among developers. Having said that, Kotlin, as a programming language is also much safer, lighter, concise, and less error-prone than Java. Handling null pointer exceptions (NPE), multi-platform development, and maintaining lesser code are all possible in Kotlin, unlike Java. 

On the technical side, it is ideal to use Kotlin if you are planning to start a new mobile app development  project. Why? The reason is simple -- with Kotlin -- your app developers need to write less code along with the facility to use several new features of Android Jetpack APIs that will be first available with Kotlin.

Google is also working in tandem with Jet brains and Kotlin Foundation to make Kotlin a preferred language for building android apps. It also invests heavily in tooling, training, docs and making Kotlin app development services mainstream globally. 

“Kotlin First” Approach: The Way Forward for Android App Development 

During the 2019 Google I/O developer conference, the company made it clear to position Kotlin as the favored programming language for Android application development, moving forward.

Google mentioned Android app development in the future will be Kotlin-first with new Jetpacks APIs and features. Jetpack is a set of APIs designed to accelerate Android development.

Many new Jetpack APIs and features will be unveiled first on Kotlin. Among them, Jetpack Compose will be the first new library for Kotlin App Development. Hence, if you are planning to build an Android or iOS app, switch to Kotlin. You will have less code to type, test, and maintain. 

Why Choose Kotlin for Android App Development?