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Key Healthcare Areas where Smart IT Solutions can Make a Difference

Healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors today. It is also the most data-intensive industry where a vast amount of data is generated & exchanged between healthcare providers, pharmacies, labs and patients. 

Managing, storing, and organizing such a large amount of healthcare information is a major challenge for service providers. Also, ensuring regulatory compliance and delivering quality medical services is critical for healthcare providers. To tackle such challenges, providers are eagerly looking to partner expert healthcare IT solution providers. 

Robust IT solutions delivered by healthcare software development companies enable providers to better record, analyze, and share patient health data, avoid medical errors, and communicate faster with other providers. 

Despite the growing importance of health information technology, many providers are still not aware of the medical areas or healthcare functions where they can integrate smart IT solutions for delivering better health outcomes. 

In this regard, the article will highlight the key healthcare areas where smart IT solutions can be deployed by providers for improving the quality of care.

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Major Healthcare Functions where Smart IT Solutions be deployed by Providers:

Electronic Health/Medical Records Management 

In the healthcare domain, secure, fast and on-time exchange of medical information is vital to improving the quality of patient care, reducing medical errors, and improving healthcare outcomes. Also, protecting the patient’s private health information and improving overall productivity and efficiency of medical staff is also crucial for providers. 

To meet the above demands, healthcare providers surely need robust and reliable electronic health record software solutions for overall enhancement in their healthcare services. As a medical service provider, you should definitely integrate Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Hospital Management System (HMS) software in your service delivery model by partnering with a reliable healthcare IT solution provider

Healthcare Information Exchange  

For improving the quality, safety, cost, and quality of patient care as well as the faster exchange of health care information, health information exchange (HIS) software solution can be used by medical service providers. Both HIS and hospital management system software are pretty handy when it comes to storing patients' data and organizing day-to-day operations at care facilities. 

Integrating health information exchange systems in organizational process flow enable you to get accurate and timely patient medical information for making informed decisions, avoiding medications errors, improving diagnosis, and reducing overall healthcare costs.

You can also request a custom hospital management system from a reputed healthcare software development company, depending upon your medical facility needs. To get started, note down your custom software requirements and lay down a design strategy. Take a simple hospital management system class diagram tutorial to get more clarity over the core elements of such software. 

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Electronic Prescription Services 

The task of medication management, including retrieving a patient's prescription history, prescription benefits, and electronic transfer of the prescription to a particular pharmacy can become hectic and time-consuming for healthcare providers. As a healthcare provider, you want your medical staff, including doctors, nurses, etc. to devote their maximum time in seeing patients or service seekers, so that they can deliver the highest quality medical services. 

To save your medical staff valuable time and ensure secure prescribing, you can employ custom electronic prescribing software or build e-Prescribing (eRX) networks for the secure transmission of e-prescription of controlled substances. 

Telehealth Management

For better delivery of healthcare services, education, and training to medical staff, telehealth solutions can be utilized by healthcare providers. Unlike telemedicine, telehealth solutions cover a variety of health services. Right from training medical staff, engaging and educating patients about health services to providing remote assistance to patients after release from a medical facility, telehealth solutions can be used everywhere. Since telehealth covers a wide array of tools & technologies, multiple number of telehealth solutions are available for physicians and healthcare providers.  

You can partner an expert healthcare IT solution provider to get different types of custom telehealth/telemedicine solutions like: 

  • Store and forward telehealth solution
  • Mobile Telemedicine Apps
  • Telehealth SaaS Platform for remote patient monitoring 
  • Real-time telehealth for live video conferencing

Practice Management 

For streamlining and automating the day-to-day tasks related to medical practice management, you as a healthcare provider can rely on a variety of medical practice management software solutions for organizing patient data, faster billing & claims processing, and effective reporting. Some of the reliable practice management system/software that you can rely on includes: 

Health Information System (HIS): Health information or Clinical Information Systems (CIS) solutions are absolutely best for collecting, storing, transmitting and reporting patient health information as well as making the internal management process more organized at hospitals. 

Practice Management Software (PMS): You can also request for a custom practice management software (PMS) from a reputed healthcare IT solution provider. Such a software helps providers in better patient scheduling, faster claims processing and effective reporting. You can integrate PMS with electronic medical records (EMR) for improving the quality of your delivered healthcare services. 

Revenue Cycle Management 

Effective revenue cycle management is vital for any medical care firm - no matter small or large. As RCM works at the core of financial operations at a healthcare organisation, you cant even make slightest of the mistakes in claims processing and medical billing activities as a healthcare practitioner. It can lead to a huge financial loss for you. 

To avoid any financial loss and make the medical billing process accurate, you, as a healthcare provider, should partner with a reliable third-party healthcare IT provider to get a custom revenue cycle management software. A quality RCM software unifies clinical and business sides of healthcare by coupling administrative data like patient name, insurance provider, etc., with the treatment received by the patient. Some of the popular third-party RCM vendors include McKesson, Cerner, Epic systems, etc. 

Key benefits delivered by an RCM software include automated patient appointment & payments, faster claim processing, paper reimbursements, easy identification of areas for the revenue shortfall, a faster update on patient insurance status, etc. The typical process of revenue cycle management includes the following activities: 

Pharmacy Management

To manage pharmacy tasks better, you can definitely invest in a quality pharmacy management software for improving the quality of your patient care services through automated and efficient pharmacy management. Streamlining the workflow, fetching correct & accurate patient reports and centralized data storage of healthcare information with the highest security is possible through a quality pharmacy management or information system. Some other IT solutions that you can trust for effective management of all your pharmacy tasks include pharmacy automation, pharmacy inventory management system, etc. Examples of top pharmacy management software present in the market include Acme Insight, S2K Enterprise, etc. 

You can also request for a custom pharmacy management software as per your organization needs from an expert healthcare IT service provider. 

Medical Images/Data Secure Storage and Transmission 

You can request for a reliable PACS/DICOM software solution from a top-notch healthcare IT consulting services provider. Both private practices and hospitals can share or transfer medical images, generated through digital  X-ray, CTI and other ultrasound devices as well as other medical documents securely using PACS/DICOM software. DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) is the universal standard followed for PAC image storage and transfer. For the better rendering of 3D images and creating time lapsing videos with time-intensity curves, you can integrate DICOM viewer with other medical image management tools in your medical facility. 

The key benefits of a PACS/DICOM software solution include high efficiency in medical image viewing, remote access, fast integration with other medical automation systems like HIS, and superior radiology workflow management. 

Veterinary Practice Management 

To streamline and improve the overall efficiency of veterinary operations, you can integrate a veterinary practice management software at your medical setting. Opting for a right veterinary practice management tool can really help you in streamlining the administrative workflow at your medical facility. Such software also helps you in scheduling staff tasks and meetings, sending alerts, generating comprehensive health reports and minimizing administrative costs. Other useful IT solutions for veterinary practitioners include PET GPS tracker, veterinary apps, etc. 

Summing Up..!

In a nutshell, leveraging robust and reliable healthcare IT solutions are vital for modern-day healthcare service providers to improve the overall quality of care and deliver better patient outcomes. To automate and streamline the clinical workflows and improve healthcare functioning, medical providers can surely partner an expert healthcare IT solution provider to get different healthcare IT solutions as per their organizational needs.

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