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Fantasy Football Application Development Cost and Key Features

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    The world of mobile app development has got a new lease of life with fantasy sports applications. We all are obsessed with different sports, and there is no doubt in stating that football is one of our favorite sports of all time.

    Playing fantasy football games is the favorite pastime of millions around the world. As per the reports provided by Statista survey, 85% of the gamers like to play fantasy sports games via application, and around 8% consider going the website way.

    These facts are enough to prove how worthy it can be now to invest in fantasy sports app development services. It is yet a very new industry to explore and avail the results you have been hoping for.

    As football is the most followed sport worldwide, we are here to help you with exciting features the application must have and how much it can cost you in the process of fantasy football app development. Let’s get started.

    Evolution of Fantasy Football Sports Application

    The world of mobile app development has witnessed a surge of demands and all thanks to fantasy sports applications. Millions and millions of people love sports and enjoy the game wholeheartedly. Not only do they love to play the game of football but have a gala time watching the same as well.

    This love for the game of football has caught the attention of several businesses. They are now using this by making the people not only invest their time enjoying the game but also money as well. This amazing approach has now created a billion dollars industry in the name of fantasy football games. Businesses are looking for enterprise software development companies like never before to enter this field of service.

    Check out some interesting facts related to the industry:

    • The global market of the fantasy sports industry is expected to get richer by 43,370 million USD by 2026.
    • 81% of males and 19% of females take part in the fantasy sports league
    • 58 percent of the Fantasy sports market share belongs to America. Hence, it is the largest market for this industry. The next biggest market is in Europe, with a share of 14 percent.
    • 13.2 percent of compound annual growth is expected between the years 2021 and 2026.
    • More than 47% of gamers earn 75K USD monthly playing this fantasy game.
    • The age group of halves of the participants varies between 18 and 34

    These facts reflect how this industry is the hot cake among businesses around, and it has made several businesses look for how to hire fantasy sports app developers?

    Businesses are looking for a reliable fantasy sports app development company that can bring their vision to life. But just getting an application developed is not going to help a business make money out of it. One needs to ensure that the application has the best features to keep the users engaged.

    Over a period, this application has evolved, and now not only one can play the fantasy game but also live stream the match consequently. There are several more exciting features added to this product that has made the users go crazy about this application.

    We are here to dig deep and let you know about the best features to integrate through fantasy football app development services and how much it can cost you in the process.

    How Can Businesses Grow With Fantasy App Development?

    Whatever be the investment, the first thing a business needs to figure out is how it can help in revenue generation. It is similar in terms of fantasy app development as well. Before connecting with a fantasy sports app development company USA experts, it is important that you plan out the approach to use the respective application for revenue generation.

    We have a few suggestions for you. Check it out:

    Joining Charges

    With millions and millions of football lovers worldwide, having an entrée fee can certainly prove to be a masterstroke. There are different ways this idea can be executed. You can either ask for a fee to use the application or make users compensate for every league they take part in. Following this approach can businesses generate revenue big time in a short time span.


    Another effective approach that can help you generate revenue through a fantasy football application is advertising. You can show ads of different companies on your fantasy sports application in return for a small fee. This can help you get many advertisements for your application that can certainly help in the process of revenue generation.

    Premium Version

    This is an extended version of the above-mentioned approach. If the user doesn’t want any advertisement in their application, then they can consider shifting to a premium version. The premium version might ask the users to pay an additional fee that can certainly assist in the process of revenue generation.


    This approach is acknowledged as one of the most common methods to generate revenue. Here the users need to pay for the extra features in the application to gain more benefits.

    So, these are a few of the ways that can help the business grow after making an investment in fantasy football application development. Now let’s move ahead and understand the important features that make the application popular worldwide.

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    This article can help you understand how you can hire fantasy sports app developers to have your application built as per your specific needs.

    Popular Fantasy Football App Features 

    Below mentioned are the features that you must get integrated whether you invest in a Fantasy football app or fantasy cricket app development services. Check it out:


    Another important attribute that is a must-have in your fantasy sports application is chatbots. With the assistance of this attribute, to connect with the users. If they have any queries or questions to ask, then this feature can help them in doing the same. It can also help businesses to gain information from the users that can help them in the long run.

    Artificial Intelligence

    For this type of application, you ignore AI-based algorithms as a feature. With the configuration of this feature, playing this game would feel a lot more real and more exciting. Not only this, as this attribute is more ML-based, the application will get to read the behavioral pattern of the users.

    Payment Procedure

    Online payment has been used for a long time, but still, people hesitate to use the respective feature. But, if you can integrate a payment procedure that is secure and more than sound through your IT professional services, then it can help you gain the trust of the users to be a part of your fantasy football sports application.

    Bonus In-Built Features


    With the assistance of this attribute, the users can join your application and be a part of different football leagues running in the application.

    Digital Scoreboard

    Having this feature in your fantasy league application can help your users remain updated with the live score of the match.


    This feature saves all the details related to the user that can be checked and edited as and when needed. You can check with your wallet and reward points through this feature itself.


    This attribute of the application helps users to check all the leagues currently they can be a part of to win.

    Team Building

    In this feature, the user can take part in a league and build their team at their convenience.

    So, these are a few of the features that you must look to add while investing in fantasy sports development services.

    Fantasy Football Application Development: How Much It Can Cost You?

    When it comes to the cost of mobile app development service for fantasy football applications, it completely depends on different aspects of the process. Your charges are going to be decided by assessing the factors mentioned below. Take a look:

    • Mobile app development platform to be used for the purpose of development
    • Features to be integrated into the respective application
    • UI/UX development approach to be followed for the respective application
    • Number of fantasy sports app developers to be recruited
    • Hours to be invested in the entire process of fantasy sports app development process
    • The team needed for testing and design the application
    • Integration of the 3rd party API

    These are a few of the aspects that are considered while calculating the overall cost of the entire development process before connecting with the experts for IT consultation services. If you are looking for a reliable fantasy sports app development company to assist you with the same, then it pinches you around 70 to 250 USD per hour. It can be different from one location to another. On average, the entire project can cost you up to 50,000 USD with the inclusion of all the attributes as discussed above.  

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    This write-up can help you get a complete understanding of the features and fantasy sports development costs.

    Last Words

    Hopefully, you are clear about the cost & features of fantasy football sports applications. We all know how people around the world are crazy about the game of football. Investing in fantasy football can always prove to be advantageous if you follow the right approach and hire the developers to assist you in the process. 

    Make sure to invest more in the maintenance of the application as well so that you can provide a seamless experience to your users. If you are looking for a reliable company to assist you with football or cricket fantasy apps then connect with A3Logics now!

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