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Key Areas in Logistics and Shipping Where you Need a reliable IT Solution/Service Provider

With the rapid technological advancements in today’s digital space, logistics and transportation companies are obligated to refine their supply chain, transportation and warehousing operations. Providing modern business solutions along with the usage of latest tools & technologies has become a mandate for logistics & shipping operators to elevate customer experience and provide more value to their business partners. 

As the logistics industry is at the heart of the global supply chain operations, staying updated with the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT, etc. and providing cutting-edge business solutions at cost-effective prices to customers has become a critical aspect of their business. 

Also, there is an increasing pressure on logistics and shipping companies to deliver goods fast to customers and find alternative or “smart‘ transport routes to achieve the same. Maintaining compliance and sustainability is also a major challenge for shipping logistics software development companies in today’s business space. 

Simplify your Logistics and Shipping Operations with Reliable IT Software Solutions

To tackle all such challenges, companies are focusing on fast deploying reliable and robust Transport, Logistics & shipping IT Solutions to automate their core business operations or processes. Companies engaged in supply chain and transportation operations are also aiming to partner with quality shipping & logistics IT solution provider to leverage cutting-edge IT services for optimizing their business operations. 

Logistics works in two directions – forward and reverse. Forward logistics operations deal with order receiving, processing, checking and preparing an inventory, packing and picking an item, dispatching it, and selecting the best transportation route to deliver the product to a customer as quickly as possible. On the other side, reverse direction deals with operations related to managing incorrect or damaged shipments, repairing items, and reusing or recycling.

To manage both these processes efficiently, you can deploy robust IT solutions like logistics management system (LMS) – a combination of software tools that simplifies and optimizes the entire logistics and transportation process, right from order placement to delivering it to a customer’s door.

Robust IT Solutions like LMS enables shipping & logistics companies to ditch conventional approaches like paperwork and spreadsheets to simplify transportation management. IT solutions for shipping & logistics came in various forms like warehouse management systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and supply chain management suites.

In logistics and shipping operations, there are also other areas where IT solutions can be used by companies for process automation and making informed decisions.

Key Functions of Logistics and Shipping Domain where Reliable IT solutions can be Integrated Easily: 

Order Processing & Management

In shipping & logistics domain, the task of receiving and processing orders include activities like checking inventory for the requested order, managing customer service, payment acceptance and documentation management between suppliers, manufacturers, warehousing and transportation companies. 

To manage orders effectively and avoid any errors, the entire process can be automated through an Order management software (OMS) by transportation and shipping companies.

You, as a transportation business owner, can contact a top-quality shipping and logistics management software development company to receive a customized, full-functional order management software. Such software is capable of receiving and monitoring orders from all your sales channels as well as help you to get detailed information about all orders like routes, location, inventory, warehouse connectivity and integration details.

Inventory tracking & control

To control and document the total amount of product available for sale, proper inventory management is crucial in supply chain operations for logistics and shipping companies. Tracking the rapid changes in inventory related to order receiving, processing, and return requires accurate product information management as any small human error can lead to a huge financial loss for logistics operators. 

To avoid this, shipping, transportation & logistics vendors can rely on a quality inventory management software (IMS), instead of time-consuming classic spreadsheets for inventory operations. IMS software helps shipping & logistics service providers in centralizing all inventory data at one place securely and automate inventory management tasks. 

Warehouse management

The process of warehouse management includes maintaining, controlling, and automating warehouse operations. A number of activities are involved in warehouse operations like receiving items, managing items, managing warehouse staff, ensuring safe working conditions, etc. 

Performing all such activities in the logistics domain can be time-consuming and hectic for logistics vendors. To avoid such hassle, logistics & shipping companies can use enterprise-grade, custom warehouse management software (WMS). 

A WMS can easily streamline the workflow at the warehouse, right from managing goods from arrival at the warehouse through storage until order dispatch. Typically a warehouse management software can perform a number of tasks like warehouse design, picking, packing, and labour management to optimise or improve warehouse activities. 

Transportation Planning & management

Once the order is assembled and packed, the last thing that is crucial for transportation companies is optimizing its shipment by choosing a proper shipping method, connecting to a carrier network and defining its custom fee for global fulfilment. 

Logistics and transportation companies are also challenged to maximize the ROI for their transportation spend, improve fleet management and accelerate decision making through real-time transportation insights. 

The main software suite that can address freight transportation challenges for shipping and logistics companies is transportation management software (TMS). 

You can easily request a tailor-made TMS solution from logistics and shipping management software solution provider to perform the delivery management and scheduling tasks like transport planning, execution, real-time analytics, cross-docking, last-mile logistics, order tracking, transportation accounting and so on. 

Fleet management

In the shipping and logistics domain, a number of complex fleet management tasks are performed by businesses like fleet maintenance, tracking, scheduling, registration, driver management, etc. 

A top-grade fleet management software running on cloud or working as a standalone web or mobile app can simplify the life of transport companies by offering real-time vehicle management.

You can partner a reliable fleet management software development company who deliver comprehensive fleet management solutions to lower your transport business operational costs, improve fleet efficiency and maximize employee satisfaction working for you for transportation of goods.

Dealer Management 

For large shipping and logistics enterprises, maintaining a day-to-day record of all dealer communication and warehouse activities is a challenging task. Such enterprises deal with a large number of dealers, vendors, manufacturers, carriers, distributors and suppliers. 

Hence, dealership management software (DMS) can be a perfect solution for all your dealer management tasks. It takes care of all crucial dealer handling tasks, including finance, sales, inventory, vehicle pricing, creating credit reports, parts ordering, administration, warranty claims, etc.

Through a comprehensive dealer management system in your network, you can get rid of extensive paperwork and boost work efficiency, handle appointments smoothly, and enable smooth communication will all your business partners. 

Supply Chain Management

To get better control overall supply chain processes and lower the cost of effective inventory control, you, as a logistics and transport company owner, can utilize a “ready-made” supply chain management software or can rely on custom supply chain management software development services.

Customer-made supply chain software is absolutely best in terms of minimizing manufacturing costs, optimizing leads times, avoiding product overstock and streamlining traditional logistics, supply chain, and warehouse management processes for your transportation business. 

Location Tracking 

Under the shipping and logistics arena, tracking the location of the fleet, carrying goods for your business is also important to get real-time insights about your transportation assets, reducing product delivery times and improving the overall customer service. 

Using GPS vehicle tracking software can be a great idea for your transportation business to tackle the above challenges. Both readymade and custom GPS tracking software solutions enable you to easily track down the location of your vehicle, fleet, and drivers working for your business. Integration of a vehicle tracking solution can provide business benefits like enhanced productivity, reduced operational costs, simplified workforce management and real-time fleet tracking. 

Sales and Distribution Planning 

Sales and distribution planning is also an important part of the logistics and transportation operations carried out by companies. Accurately forecasting the product demand, outlining a detailed distribution strategy, and optimizing inventory level for product sale can be challenging for businesses if they lack expertise.

Sales and Distribution management software solution is perfectly best for your transportation and logistics business if you based the above problems. Such software gives you the power to automate and streamline complete sales and distribution functions.

It can be integrated seamlessly with inventory, marketing, production and finance activities of your transport business, giving you total control and visibility across the order-to-cash processes. Also, you get the opportunity to identify cross-sell/ up-sell opportunities, accelerate cash collections, sell and deliver services effectively and build a customer-centric business strategy.

Reverse Logistics 

Managing returns from the customer back to the original manufacturer is a challenging process logically. So, it’s worth considering a reverse logistics system (RLS) for your logistics business as it will assist you in streamlining repair, return, and product reallocation tasks. 

Reverse logistics software or system can perform a number of useful tasks like information tracking, return status, quality assurance tracking and so on.

Digitize Your Shipping & Logistics Business by partnering a Reliable IT Solution provider

As discussed, logistics and shipping companies face a number of challenges like increasing fuel, asset, and labour costs, high Import-export duties, delivering modern business solution or services that suit customer needs and so on. 

To overcome these challenges, A3logics offers intelligent shipping & logistics services and technology solutions to companies. We deliver digital transformation for the Logistics and shipping industry through our deep expertise and technical capabilities in Digital, Logistics, and Supply Chain.

We provide cost-effective, powerful Transport, Shipping and Logistics IT Services as per your business needs. We understand the nuances of the shipping and logistics industry clearly and offer smart IT solutions/services that improve business profitability and increase customer satisfaction for our clients. 

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