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IT Staffing Trends That Can Change the Game For Employers

Hiring temporary resources for particular projects or assignments has become a common trend among US companies. Almost all industry domains like shipping & logistics, food & restaurant, banking, etc. are having enough set of temporary workforce. Thus, with the high demand for temporary staff especially in IT, there is a record-breaking number of temporary jobs available giving rise to newer trends in IT staffing.

In the past decade, the cutting-edge technologies have become the major disruptions of every recruitment industry.

To make you ready for the most recent staffing challenges, we have rounded up some staffing trends that you can harness to get the best outcome. Check-out the top IT staffing trends that are transforming the recruitment process:

Candidate-driven Market

The extensive demand for skilled IT professionals has given the candidates an edge over employers with the choice to select from the greater number of offers available.

Thus, it makes the hiring process a lot more difficult for employers. At the same time, the IT sector is not at all slowing down on this, making the competition tougher for employers. In a candidate-driven market, there are a lot more jobs for skilled employees. This has led to increased competition for employers because with increased talent competition, it has become easy for employees to leave their current job to get a new one with greater benefit packages, higher salary and more opportunity to grow.

What you can do?

Hiring Managers, Employers, and HR departments should emphasis on providing a better candidate experience while hiring. Following a customer-centric approach can help companies get the premium candidate.  Recruiters can also use AI technology to streamline the complete process. Like using chatbots can help you get quick access to candidates. Hence, it becomes easy to deal with a large pool of talents in a very short time.

Multi-Talented Is the New Skill

Though the specialists are still in demand, the new requirement is for the generalists or the professionals who can handle more than one aspect. Companies look for full-stack developers who can easily manage the front end as well as back end development and guide the teams and ensure that the project moves forward towards successful completion.

What you can do?

Finding a qualified candidate has always been a staffing challenge. In order to hire potential candidates and attract top talents, employers must build an excellent brand image and reflect the friendly and flexible company’s culture. Besides this, following the right marketing strategy as a recruitment tool, creating a job post that stands out, and a shorter time to hire can attract talented candidates to join your workforce.

Compensation Is Not the Criterion

Earlier, it was pre-decided! The employer that offers a higher salary will get the talent. But, now the scenario has changed and things are working in a different manner. Candidates look for added benefits as well! What benefits, facilities and growth opportunities do the employer has to offer in the package. If you consider money as the only bait for attracting talent, then you are on the wrong track.

What you can do?

Today, employees no longer work just to get a high pay check; but they look for friendly and flexible work culture, job benefits, and growth opportunities that make job appealing for any candidate. So, build a place that gives a fulfilling experience to every candidate.

You Need to Go Hi-tech

Being in the IT business and still using the obsolete or out-dated technology is not just accepted! Today, developers and other IT pros are achieving excellence in working on advanced technologies and platforms. So, in order to become a preferred choice, employers should embrace the work culture with a modern approach and one that adapts technological advancement to stay ahead.

Technological advancement to stay ahead

What you can do?

Though it can be daunting for any business owner to keep pace with the rapidly evolving technology, it is the only thing that keeps you ahead of your competitors. Embracing the latest technologies like IoT, AI, Big Data and Data analytics can elevate your brand recognition and help you become a specialist in your industry. This will definitely attract potential candidates.

Social Media and Enterprise Transparency

With everything online, your social media pages, company review sites and your corporate website, candidates know it all! You cannot fool the potential employees by saying anything about your brand and services, that is vague. Your past and present employees are very much aware of your work culture and carry a certain image of your brand. Hence, before using social media, be consciously aware of what is being said and written on it.

What you can do?

Today, social media has become a powerful tool to enhance your brand value. “Allegis Group" Services reported that 84 percent of job applicants seek a company with higher market value and an excellent reputation. So, create engaging social media strategy and attract ideal candidates for your organization.

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To conclude

Despite rapid industrial growth, a number of organizations are still facing skill shortages, and a bevy of ever-expanding technologies to be adopted. The changing IT staffing trends are probably about to bring challenges for employers as it is getting more difficult to attract skilled professionals and retain them. Even in temporary or contract staffing, it becomes challenging to make individuals view the wider benefits of associating with a firm. Thus, an IT staffing solutions provider can help companies find the best fit for them as well as provide the right career path for individuals who are looking for better opportunities.

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