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5 Must-Have Insurance Sale Skills for Benefit Brokers

In the past few years, small and medium size enterprises have become the core of the economy in the USA. These companies take credit for about half of the available jobs, 68% of new job vacancies, and almost 40% of payrolls in the private sector. Considering the market that they cover and the number of employees they hire, the companies offer a great opportunity for benefits brokers and consultants. However, selling insurance to businesses and employees can be quite tricky. Despite the right plans and correct approach, young and inexperienced brokers have to face challenges while pitching the insurance plans to clients. 

Employee insurance is an expensive affair and requires a lot of investment from both employers and workers. Moreover, it is not like other products that can be seen or touched. Employee benefits brokers have to convince the clients by explaining its benefits and features which is a challenging task for insurance agents. Of course, these brokers must acquire a specific skill set to boost their sales and attain success in their careers. They must know how to create seamless employee benefits packages that are tailored to serve individual clients. Furthermore, they have to become partners to their clients and learn about enrollment participation and cater to their preferences. Apart from this, there are other traits that come in handy while selling insurance to employees and we have listed the top ones for you. Go through them and make sure that you hone these skills to achieve your goals and increase your sales. Have a look:


It is important for benefits brokers to have a way with words to develop a personal connection with their clients. As they deal with various groups every day, including employees and business owners, they have to be good with their communication skills. They must know how to convince people to buy their plans and solve their problems. Also, they have to help the sales prospect assess the risks and seek answers from a company underwriter, all of this requires them to interact with people.

However, simply conveying their point of view will not do any good for them. Brokers have to be great listeners as well, considering that they have to collaborate with different groups. Being an employee insurance broker, you should resist the urge to talk and focus more on listening to what your potential clients have to say. Let them ask questions and solve them with precise and accurate answers. Remember, listening is an art and it won’t cost a penny to master that skill.


It is obvious that employees and employers seek a trusted benefits brokerage service and one has to be an expert and proficient to win their trust. However, attaining this is always difficult and demands a lot of effort and hard work on your part. For successful insurance sales, you have to maintain the right balance between content and verbal presentation. Your ability to speak and present can work wonders but it will involve practice and confidence. Make sure that your presentation consists of simple language without any jargon which can create confusion.

Business owners and employees may not be familiar with the technical words used in the insurance market, so prepare your presentation accordingly. Explain every term that they can’t comprehend and clear their doubts immediately. Be clear and direct by narrowing down the significant points in your content, otherwise it might be too much information to consume. While communicating via emails, messages, or online chat, never use slang words. Also, be honest when you don’t know something and assure them that you will connect them with someone who has the answer. 

Good scripting

Do you know what motivates a sports team and makes them perform the best? Yes, it is their sheer determination and hard work but it is also a playbook that gives them insight into the systems and processes to win. No coach at any time would let the players come on the field without learning the playbook and gameplan. The same can be said for employee health insurance brokers who have to prepare a good script and master it before pitching sales to clients. It guides them while they sell insurance plans to businesses and explain the pros and cons of each scheme.

There are many brokers who avoid cold calling and believe that it is hardly of any use. However, most of them are not confident enough to communicate with clients, hence, try to skip this stage. With a good and detailed script to help, you can find your way to success. Describe all the products that you have to offer to clients and how these plans can meet their expectations. When you connect them on a phone call, start with “Is it a good time to talk?” and end with giving them easy choices for the next step rather than forcing them to make a decision then and there.


Selling is a process, you can’t simply rush directly to the last step. There is a step-by-step procedure that you have to follow and skipping any of them might harm your career. It includes understanding their requirements, qualifying a prospect and educating them on the appropriate employee benefits solution. You also have to take into consideration the size of business, as the larger it is, the more complex the sales procedure will be. With more people involved in the decision making and purchasing process, it will take longer to finalize the insurance plan and approve the sale. Therefore, you should be patient and wait for the right time to move forward with the process.

A skilled insurance broker is the one who can evaluate where the prospect has reached in the decision-making process and know how to move along the appropriate path while maintaining a strong relationship with the clients. Respect the fact that customers need their time and space to reach a well-informed conclusion. Assist them rather than pushing through the process and if you have the ability, then you might make a successful sale.

Quick learning

Think of a wide range of insurance plans that you can offer to your clients and to sell these schemes successfully, you must be aware of each of them. You should know the features, conditions, guidelines, pros, and cons of using these plans and know how to explain these points to employees. From accident insurance and sickness plans to critical illness, acquire knowledge of all the benefits programs that you have to offer to businesses.

Moreover, these products evolve with time and one has to comply with regulations. Familiarize yourself with all the aspects and how these plans work to present the perfect product to potential clients. Also, understand how the application and underwriting processes works, how plans are administered and what problems they can solve. Stay updated and adapt to the changes without wasting a minute. Develop eagerness to learn and be ready to try different sales techniques. The simple rule is, until you are not an expert in the products that you deal with, you can never convince others to invest in it.


Success comes with focus and action. You have to stay organized and pay attention to honing your skills to survive in the industry and build a successful career. Never stop learning and develop traits that you lack, soon you will find yourself moving ahead in your career. You also need a reliable partner in this quest that can guide you and add value to your service. Accomplish, an Employee Benefits Administration platform, is that one trusted partner that will support you at every step and help you win clients easily. Connect with us and join the league of top benefits brokers now.

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