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What is the secret to success for any business? What is the best strategy that can bring maximum clients to your business? Take your time and think about it. Some of you may say that is quality of service while others would suggest marketing strategy. Let us tell you what we think - it’s your care toward clients. Yes, the way you treat them and make them feel valued is what takes you ahead in your industry. Make them feel special, extraordinary and they would surely come back. Sounds age-old m [...]

Are you planning to start your online business and looking for some unique and profitable e-commerce business ideas? Do not worry, you have landed on just the right article. Today we are going to talk about more than 40 tried and tested unique yet profitable e-commerce business ideas that you can start with, but before that there are a few things which you must know about the e-commerce industry and e-commerce business so that you can earn the maximum ROI from your online business. The world is [...]

You must have heard about object detection before? It is a powerful technique to detect and identify objects on the images. The object detection technology represents an excellent opportunity for enterprise businesses in terms of delivering better experience and services to customers today.The object detection market will grow up to $38.9 billion by 2021. Object detection is a part of Artificial Intelligence-driven Computer Vision (CV) technology that is used in various industries today- from re [...]

“How to maintain a work-life balance in this tough time?” I Googled and there were millions of results for the same. So many websites, talking about the topic. Websites these days have become the face of the brand. If it works well, the brand is good, if it fails to serve well, the brand gets a bad name. Any website that you see functioning looks quite simple with a few elements that can be clicked and you easily get the details. Well, this simple functioning takes a lot of time and effort. [...]

The tiny devices in your hands hold the entire universe in it. From talking about science to reading about mythologies, it is all there. To mark their presence in the digital domain, businesses are coming up with some really impressive and interesting website solutions. They hire website developers for robust, scalable, and secure multi-device supporting solutions. There are many website development languages that can be worked on. One of the most popular languages that developers love to work o [...]

This is a digital era where everything is wrapped up on our mobile phones. If you look at your lifestyle, you will notice that most of your daily tasks are done via mobile applications. From shopping and working out to booking tickets and connecting with friends, there is nothing that these apps cannot do. Considering the rising popularity and demand for these mobile platforms, businesses are coming up with their apps, showcasing advanced features and functionalities. They are familiar with the [...]

Are you looking for the best mobile app ideas in 2020 for your startup business?  You’ve landed on the right spot. To get success in mobile app development, you’ll need good app ideas first. But, many startups or entrepreneurs face difficulties while seeking answers to the following questions: How To Get App Ideas?How To Outline An App Idea?How To Brainstorm App Ideas?  How To Turn App Ideas Into Reality? How To Patent An App Idea? How To Get an App Idea Started? If you’re also faci [...]

In the last couple of years, technologies have invaded our lives and have impacted them drastically. With so much competition going on, businesses are looking for a digital transformation. They want to leave no stones unturned to lure more and more customers and provide everything in a better way. The year 2019 saw a remarkable growth in terms of technological advancements, as businesses are looking to integrate these latest technologies to offer something unique and innovative to their users.&n [...]

With the evolution of the digital era and technology, many institutions and organizations have switched to their training and learning modules especially customized for their students or employees. They have shown keen interest to own a personalized platform that can serve their individual goals with an e-learning portal. Hence, the development of a Learning Management System or LMS, a software that delivers, manages, and keeps a track of results and generates evaluation reports for online cours [...]

Imagine this, when you sit in your car for a ride, the in-built cameras track the identity of your passengers, seats adjust automatically for better comfort, and infotainment system switches to audio or video of your choice, syncs with a mobile device you use and start the download of TV shows through your portable devices. Your car searches the nearest gas or fuel station when a battery or gasoline dies. In-car equipment controls your mobile apps for picking-up or rejecting calls. Also when on [...]