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Leadership in IT consulting and software development companies plays an important role in motivating employees as well as guiding them towards the attainment of organizational goals. The real test of leadership does not occur when the business is smooth sailing; rather, it happens during unprecedented situations or crisis like COVID-19, which the world is facing right now. The way a leader behaves during such a crisis, or actions which he takes to lead the business through a crisis, determines [...]

And in the time of crisis, the economies around the world have crumbled down to their all-time low. Not only this, but many of the countries have also locked down themselves until further information. In hard times, most organizations seek support from their employees who are readily working from home.  A study by Global Workplace Analytics reflects how the productivity of the employees has increased by several folds. It shows even before the outbreak of novel coronavirus, the stats of employe [...]

With the rapid technological advancements in today’s digital space, logistics and transportation companies are obligated to refine their supply chain, transportation and warehousing operations. Providing modern business solutions along with the usage of latest tools & technologies has become a mandate for logistics & shipping operators to elevate customer experience and provide more value to their business partners. As the logistics industry is at the heart of the global supply chain operatio [...]

Among many services available for data exchange, EDI stands on top when it comes to efficient and secure transferring of business files for companies today. EDI services are working as an innovative and convenient option for modern day businesses to exchange critical business files in a specific format with business partners across the globe. What is EDI and How Does it Work?In simplest terms, Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) refers to the electronic exchange of business documents (e.g. purchase [...]

This is the era that is more inclined toward innovation, trends, and ideas that can promise significant changes. Now, every major business - retail & ecommerce, travel & leisure, etc. is looking to build smart mobile applications to grow their business, reach more users and improve their customer base. With increasing Android adoption across industries, it has become important to keep up with the latest trends. This not only enables them to stay ahead of the game but also knock out competitors w [...]

Finding the right app development platform for a business is tricky and a complicated process. Of course, a website or app is a critical part of any business but the decision also makes all the difference to the quality and functionality of the application. So, it is important that the business owner invests in a profitable option that can give the highest return. Are you also planning to seek a custom solution for your brand? Then go for the option with the precise language, extensions, CMS an [...]

In this blooming era of e-Commerce platforms, every major ecommerce player is looking to build a reliable and appealing online shopfront for its customers. A variety of ecommerce frameworks or applications like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc. are used by companies today to build outstanding ecommerce web solutions. Among these popular ecommerce frameworks, Magento is the popular choice of many for building ecommerce websites. Availing Magento development services ensures high performance, sc [...]

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, companies' demand for outsourced product engineering services is growing at a skyrocketed pace as they help them transform their innovative product ideas into reality - right from product conceptualization, design, innovation, development to manufacturing. Product Engineering (PE) solution providers are emerging as an absolute champion today in terms of accelerating product development, increasing pace of innovation, and improving customer satisfactio [...]

With the coronavirus outbreak stretching across the global borders and causing widespread anxiety, disruption and economic breakdown, many global enterprises are bamboozled about how to run their business more efficiently in such chaos. Many of the business owners of global companies from banking & finance, retail & ecommerce and other sectors nare in haywire now as they clearly lack guidelines about how to prepare their organization against this global pandemic event. Global enterprises -- fro [...]

Salesforce is without a doubt, the best cloud-based CRM platform that is used for maintaining superior customer relationships by most global enterprises today. As a cloud-based CRM, Salesforce encompasses a broad range of products or services in its portfolio. No matter your organizational scale, size or service area, once you adopt Salesforce CRM, you need to partner a reliable Salesforce development company to further support your sales, marketing and customer service activities. Salesforce [...]