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The rise of AI-based chatbot solutions in the business world has completely changed the way they make customer interactions. Today, 80% of the companies want to integrate some form of chabot development services in their business by 2020. The ecommerce industry is no different: chatbots in the ecommerce sector are enabling retailers to deliver better shopping experiences and streamline customer interactions.According to some top retail and ecommerce software development companies, most retailer [...]

Although VR and AR had their roots in games and entertainment, it soon spread its wings to other top industries like education & elearning, retail, sports and more. Initially, many people knew about virtual reality because of its use in popular games like Pokemon Go and Snapchat filters. However, other industries and sectors -from  adopted this technology to find innovative solutions to reach more users and attain success. They explored the full potential of Augmented and Virtual Reality to imp [...]

Once business plans to launch its mobile applications in the market, the first thing that pops in the mind is cross-platform app development. Of course, why shouldn’t that be? After all, brands want to reach maximum users and coming up with an app that is compatible with multiple operating systems is the ideal way to ensure this. This implies that by building a single application, a business also have to ensure which platform to target first - Android vs iOS. Unlike platform-specific apps, wh [...]

In the recent past, Software as a Service or SaaS has emerged as the popular service delivery model for launching a new product or application for global enterprises. Majority of the companies having a unique product or service idea are preferring SaaS development services due to the number of advantages it offers. With SaaS applications, you get advantages like easy maintenance, faster distribution, robust security, multiple licensing options and so on. Therefore, SaaS is a great solution for [...]

Today, integration of chatbot services in your business website or mobile app is a win-win situation for businesses from retail & ecommerce, banking & finance or any other domain. Wondering why? There are two primary benefits - first, chatbot integration boosts company revenue up to 25% and client satisfaction to 35%. Secondly, building a chatbot provides an incredible UX experience to customers while they navigate through your website or app to buy goods and services. But, often companies look [...]

Through our vast experience in Salesforce consulting services, the experts at A3logics answer the most popular questions searched by people over the internet related to Salesforce without in-depth technical details. This QnA guide will tell you about the benefits of Salesforce CRM, industries it serves and why it is preferred by global businesses for sales, marketing and customer service operations. Salesforce Basics What is Salesforce?Salesforce is a cloud-based Customer Relationship [...]

With the technical advancements moving to all the domains, the general expectations of the customers and the businesses are evolving too. The industry that is evidently impacted by evolution is the “eCommerce” industry. The influence of technology has revolutionized customer expectations, shipping times, and where (and how) a sale is made. The eCommerce development solution providers suggest the way technology is expanding shopping online would be an interesting experience.  Well, in any b [...]

Amidst the current pandemic of coronavirus, majority of the businesses have been forced to implement remote working for their staff. In the current crisis, ensuring the welfare of employees, keeping them productive, staying engaged with them and establishing open communication lines have become challenging for most of the businesses. We, at A3logics in the middle of this all-consuming global crisis, are working wholeheartedly to ensure the safety and well-being of both our employees and custome [...]

As per the NAR report, the global real estate software market is expected to grow at a rapid pace - around 8% CAGR over the next two years. The primary reason behind market growth includes the increased demand for tech solutions among real-estate professionals to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of consumers. Majority of the people today are no longer interested in checking out newspaper ads to find or sell a property as they want to explore homes virtually before buying them online th [...]

It is never easy to build or hire a dedicated development team as its members work remotely and most of the time you don’t know them before they start working for you, It's a challenge most clients face when partnering with an offshore IT software development company to avail dedicated software services. Yes, the dedicated development model is a very popular approach in the IT world for companies to build an excellent piece of software when they lack expertise. However, most companies don’t [...]