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IntroductionImproving web experience on mobile devices has always been a tough task for programmers. But these coders always come up with innovative ideas and software solutions to offer amazing user experience across several verticals.In today’s time, it is not only about meeting the specified requirements, but exceeding the limits and going beyond market demands to remain ahead in the game.Progressive Web Apps (PWA) have brought a huge digital transformation in the software development indus [...]

Mobile technology is the biggest revolution that the world has witnessed. It has turned our lives upside down, for good and bad but primarily for the former. Now, our routines are more organized, sorted, easy and smooth, thanks to some brilliant applications that our whole world has wrapped up on our smartphones. These online platforms are helping users to hone their skills, learn new activities and indulge in something productive. Rather than distracting young minds from their studies, these mo [...]

Finally, you have decided to build an app and try your hands in the mobile app market. Well, it is a great decision. So, from where are you going to start? Yes, we know that you have a great idea and you can’t wait to shoot it out and share with the world. But we are talking about a wider scenario here. Have you thought about the platform that you will launch it on first? Well, the thought of introducing the app on the two most popular operating systems may seem exciting. Honestly, it will put [...]

The digital revolution has not only touched every aspect of our lives, but has also tremendously impacted the business world. It has driven the businesses of all sizes and domains with innovation, speed, and scalability. And, the hospitality industry is not an exception.Gone are the days of paper menus. With the advent of the mobile apps, customers have turned smarter. Nowadays, they prefer to order the meal from their favorite restaurant from the comfort of their homes. Buiding Mobile apps such [...]

We are moving toward a world where everything is dependent on technology. From keeping our data secure to extract information about anyone around the world, you can do it instantly and all thanks to technology. It has blessed us with many wonders and cloud computing is certainly at the top.Every business and sector is switching to a cloud platform like Salesforce to keep their data safe and protected and financial institutions are no exception to it. However, unlike other industries, it is doing [...]

Have you ever shopped online? Oh, sorry, wrong question. How often do you shop online? How many e-commerce apps are installed on your smartphone? We are sure that the numbers are high for both the answers as online shopping has become an integral part of our lives. From groceries to furniture to every basic necessity, just a few clicks on the phone and you have it delivered at your doorstep easily. This e-commerce industry is the biggest opportunity for startups and business owners. If you are a [...]

The emerging technological advancement has revolutionized the entire IT industry. This has led to proliferation of software  and app development companies claiming to deliver the best solutions for your business. Indeed, starting a new business venture in itself is a huge undertaking but hiring the right IT partner is more critical when you have hundreds and thousands of options. It requires a great deal of research work because a wrong partnership results in total wastage of time, and money. [...]

PHP is a widely used open-source, server-side scripting language for building dynamic web pages. Rasmus Lerdorf takes the credit of developing this server-side scripting language in 1995, which is absolutely free to use. Since then, PHP has become the most popular choice of developers for building websites or web applications. It powers nearly 70% of the websites running over the internet. Partnering a certified PHP development company today, you can build a web application faster at affordable [...]

In the state of this global crisis, the world has gone down on its knees to save every bit of what it can save. Every country is trying to save its people, its resources and its economy. The businesses from retail & e-commerce, food & restaurant and other sectors are suffering a lot because of the COVID -19   shutdown. They cannot function to their full capacity. The harsh reality isNo Business Is Running at Its Full CapacityYes, a lot of departments can deliver their full potential while work [...]

Node.js has now become a go-to technology for many established businesses - from retail & ecommerce, banking & finance to transportation - worldwide. From applications like online games and social media portals to messengers and real-time tracking platforms, it has successfully provided fast and scalable solutions to each of them. The credit for its popularity goes to its speed, concurrency and intensive data exchange along with various other advantages that it offers. For those who are not acq [...]