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Sharing information has now become easier than ever before. You simply need to search for your query on Google and you will have all the details at your screen. In fact, you can convey your opinions and share your knowledge with others while sitting at home. All thanks to mobile applications like Quora that enables users to post their queries and allows others to come up with the relevant solutions. Of course, these question-answer websites are not new to the internet but with Quora, we have wi [...]

With the increased demand for building secure and faster mobile applications, programmers and project managers are ready to go the extra mile to develop a perfect mobile app.There are a plethora of frameworks in the mobile app development market that provide the developers with exceptional unique features that deliver amazing user experience. These features deliver high performance, and huge library support to developers.React Native is one of the frameworks used for cross-platform mobile app de [...]

The role of technology is getting bigger in the retail and eCommerce segment and it will continue to influence the market in coming days also. From a small little garage start-up in 1999 till today, we have seen a digital transformation in the ecommerce landscape and the situation today is such that it has become an existential threat for brick & mortar retail. For any successful retail business today, empowering the e-commerce logistics arm is very crucial to grow and make better connections w [...]

In today’s tech space, digital transformation is taking place in every major sector - be it IT services, retail & ecommerce, healthcare or education & e-learning. We have seen cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, etc. making a big impact in these areas to streamline and automate routine business tasks. As various industries are using modern IT solutions to improve their operational efficiency  - the education & e-learning sector is no longer b [...]

In today’s digital era, where on-demand mobile apps have revoluzined almost every major sector - from retail to banking - grocery businesses are no longer behind. Majority of the grocery retailers are ready to leverage retail mobility solutions for their business growth. In this effort, grocery delivery apps are standing at the front.The popularity of online grocery shopping can be analyzed from this fact that its market value has doubled from 2016 to 2018. The online grocery industry was wort [...]

Today, mobile applications are the hottest means to get connected to the Internet for modern-day, tech-savvy customers. The ease of usage offered by handheld devices makes them immensely popular among digital customers for connecting to the internet through different mobile apps. While the increasing demand of mobile apps among customers might be good news for you as a mobile app development firm, it can also become a challenge.As the number of apps increases further, it might get difficult for [...]

Healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors today. It is also the most data-intensive industry where a vast amount of data is generated & exchanged between healthcare providers, pharmacies, labs and patients. Managing, storing and organizing such a large amount of healthcare information is a major challenge for service providers. Also, ensuring regulatory compliance and delivering quality medical services is critical for healthcare providers. To tackle such challenges, providers a [...]

Today, cloud-based mobile apps have experienced tremendous growth and became one of the biggest essentials of the IT industry. More and more organizations are opting for cloud-based applications. Cloud technology has changed the complete designing process for developers with the varied features and functionalities. One of the major reasons for making a shift to cloud is it offers users the freedom to launch an app simultaneously on both iOS and Android platforms.IDC predicts that by 2020, publi [...]

As novel coronavirus continues to stretch its foot on the world map, enterprises all over the world are accepting the new reality of remote work. Global enterprises - no matter small or big - are forced to leave their physical office spaces behind due to the legal-enforced quarantines and mandatory lockdowns. This pandemic has also boosted an already prevailing trend in the IT consulting, website and mobile appdevelopment services- the remote work. During 2005 to 2017, the US alone experienced 1 [...]

For the past few years, the app economy has boomed like never before and the use of mobile applications has skyrocketed. Considering the huge profits and popularity that these portals have gained, anyone can be tempted to be a part of this opportunity. Are you also the ones, planning to jump on the bandwagon? Then this is the right time to try your luck. Your idea has stayed too long in your mind and now you should present it to the world. The big question is - How to start? Well, that is why w [...]