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Can you count the grains of sand covering the face of this earth? This seems impossible. You cannot calculate the exact numbers, right.Well, to your amazement, Google did the Job. It has given a rough estimate of sand grains covering all the beaches and desserts on the planet. The number is seven quintillions, five hundred quadrillion grains of sand.But even more interesting is the amount of Data we have. Statistics reveal that by 2020, the data is expected to increase 4 times more than the grai [...]

Look around yourself, we are living in a digital world. Of course, not the one that you see in futuristic sci-fi movies but we are almost there. Aren’t we? From entertainment and news to games and travel, everything is just a few clicks away on your phone. Thanks to some smart brains and inspiring ideas, we are blessed with some amazing mobile applications that have made our lives convenient. One such gift is mobile wallets that have revolutionized the way we transfer money. As we are moving t [...]

With the kind of lifestyle prevalent these days, staying healthy and fit is very important. People are extremely conscious about what they eat and how much they eat, in a day. There are several fitness and yoga centers available, but due to hectic schedule and busy lifestyle, most people are unable to go there. They often tend to be vigilant and take notice of various other options, or we should say more convenient options, to burn those extra calories.Thankfully, these days smartphones can help [...]

E-learning apps are the need for today. They have become one of the best ways to study and learn something new, at the leisure of being at home. These days more and more companies are builiding an app for online learning, and this has paved all new paths for e-learning app development services. These apps are quite famous among the youth and working professionals who are willing to learn something new with their current job or studies. Also, these days mostly all schools are moving and updating [...]

The mobile application industry is spreading its wings in all the directions, covering multiple sectors and healthcare is no exception at all. In recent years, a few pharmacy apps have witnessed the instant rise and are expected to bloom in the coming times as well. Using the latest technologies, the industry has stepped into the medicine distribution system online. This has saved people from long queues, hours of waiting to meet the doctor, lengthy treatments, and going through the same hectic [...]

Many businesses that now partner with Salesforce service providers strive hard to close maximum deals and pipeline their sales process. Some of these fail miserably as they restrict their functioning to just regular monitoring of the effectiveness of sales schemes and bringing up different dashboards. The experts suggest, to boost sales one needs to prepare a seamless workflow. There needs to be a clear guideline on how sales representatives must communicate with the leads to turn them into loy [...]

Can you imagine a workplace without effective communication? If there is any, then the future of that office is at stake. Every IT professional services provider business is now focusing more on the smooth flow of communication than ever and apps like Slack are helping them to attain their goals. Looking at the rising demand for messaging apps in the workplace, people are now coming up with innovative solutions.Hitherto, we have successfully delivered varied mobile app solutions and messaging ap [...]

There is hardly any chance that you haven’t heard of the Internet of Things or IoT unless you have been living in a different world for the past 5-10 years. Many It experts and technocrats claim that it is the next big revolution after the internet while others say that it is the greatest technology introduced since cloud computing. It is expected to change the world and ow we accomplish our tasks now in the coming years. Some even predict that it will soon take control of how companies conduc [...]

For a common man, web and mobile apps are the same. People who have little knowledge, often use these terms as synonyms but the truth is that they are completely different. Not only are they distinct for users but the way they are developed and deployed are also contrasting. In simple terms, web apps are accessible via web and mobile browsers with a good internet connection without any need to install it on the device. On the contrary, mobile apps are built for a particular mobile device and ar [...]

The increasing usage of mobile apps has brought revolutionary changes in a variety of sectors, including ecommerce, banking, healthcare and so on. If we talk about the healthcare industry specifically, the evolution of innovative MedTech solutions has also led to rapid technological advancements in this domain. The best one of them is the evolution of doctor appointment mobile app development. The usage of a doctor on-demand app is offering new ways to make an appointment with medical experts fo [...]