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Coronavirus or COVID-19 has taken the world by a storm. Started from Wuhan, China, it was then declared a pandemic, by the World Health Organization (WHO). It spread like wildfire and within such a short span, brought our lives to halt. The number of Corona positive cases are increasing every day and yet, we do not have any medicine or vaccine to cure it. The government, in every country, is rigorously taking preventive measures to reduce its widespread.Social distancing is something, on which t [...]

You all must have heard of Amazon Web Services (AWS), a name that has emerged as a great invention to deploy applications to the cloud. If you are still living under the rock, then here is a little insight into it. AWS has taken cloud computing to a new level by offering flexible, on-demand and cost-effective storage service. It has a different approach to control and command data and information according to the requirements of users. There is no denying the fact that AWS is now the largest and [...]

Software solutions like websites and apps, have become an integral part of business marketing. These solutions help businesses mark their online presence and reach a large number of users. Software solutions help in increasing user engagement which eventually results in higher revenue.Most businesses hire software development companies, to get websites and apps developed. Some businesses prefer getting a custom software solution, while others choose readily available solutions for their business [...]

We have been reading and listening to how technology has changed our lives over the past few years and how we have incorporated it into every aspect of our routines. Honestly, saying that technology has advanced and evolve in these years is an understatement. We have witnessed a revolution in the last decade that has completely changed the way we businesses operate, offer their goods & services, and interact with their customers. Yes, there were a few adverse effects and some drastic changes [...]

The only thing constant in life is change. Every day we wake up to find something new in our lives. In the same way, over the past few years, we all have witnessed some outstanding digital transformation trends, out of which, some were completely new and took the world by storm, while others, were just the improved versions of already existing technologies.Businesses are very keen to explore these technologies and use them for their benefits. As per a leading source, Digital Transformation (DX) [...]

In today’s digitized era, the banking and finance industry is witnessing an unprecedented level of change - be it a fierce competition, changing customer demands or stringent regulations. Banking and finance institutions are transitioning from a product-centric approach to custom-focused one as a response to changing market conditions. Banking institutions are also slowly realizing the need to partner with a reliable, enterprise-grade banking and finance IT solution provider to deliver superi [...]

Television shows no longer enjoy the same popularity as they seemed to years ago. There is hardly any audience left for these series as users are switching to other digital channels. People are no longer interested in those typical shows often interrupted by a number of commercials. Now, customers seek unique content that they can watch as per their convenience rather than according to the set schedules. Hence, online streaming apps that offer a plethora of series and movies that resonate with t [...]

Uber has emerged as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, giving the right direction to other startups. Its unparalleled success and an annual revenue in millions is the reason that people are coming up with a replica of this mobile app. They intend to recreate the same magic and attain the success that this company has. If you are planning to introduce a similar app like Uber, then there is so much to know about Taxi app development than just the idea.So, to make the journey of launching a [...]

We all know this -- gig or sharing economy is the way towards the future. It enables people to share their assets or service with other people for a certain fee. Online travel and property-rental booking services provider- Airbnb is just a product of this gig economy revolution. Today, this on-demand app enables you to book accommodations, buy travel tickets and compare electronics prices by just a few clicks from your smartphone. Investing in Airbnb clone app development is an excellent option [...]

So, you have decided to launch your own fantasy sports mobile app. Well, it’s a great opportunity to make inroads in the fantasy sports market today by building a popular app like Dream11. Building a fantasy app like Dream11 can really help you in brand promotion by reaching a wider pool of customers. However, starting a fantasy sports betting app development project is not an easy task. To help you out, the article will provide you with a detailed overview of fantasy sports app development - [...]