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In recent times, cloud computing became quite popular. With growing digital transformation trends, it has come a long way. As per the Gartner report, it is predicted that the market for public cloud is all set to reach $411 billion in 2020 from $260 billion in 2017. By opting for cloud computing services entrepreneurs can now avail of benefits of an in-house infrastructure with a manageable cost. On average 73% of businesses are already using cloud computing solutions in multiple ways.Organizati [...]

IT strategy consultants play an influential role in every organization’s growth. They can assist the company in realizing its goals faster by outlining IT strategies that improve business workflow and productivity significantly. However, the process of building an IT strategy for businesses is quite complicated, requiring in-depth analysis and input from all aspects of your business to map out a holistic plan. A large percentage of firms are unable to draw significant success in their business [...]

Are you also struggling to manage enterprise data? Still relying on manual processes like spreadsheets, email, and in-person meetings to govern structural changes across your enterprise systems. If these, chances of modern enterprise data management solutions lacking in your business are high. Have you also faced a situation where most of your team members in a meeting have a different number of performance measures? This typically results in the next hour spent on reconciliation of that data r [...]

The word design is quite vast, and there is a lot to explore and know about it in detail. There are many areas of designing, and one can easily find skilled designers having expertise in a specific area like UI, UX, product designers, graphic designers, interaction designers, information architects, and many more. Being a designer is not easy, and it includes various responsibilities like continuously finding problems and creating solutions for them. Also, in today’s time, when a website is th [...]

Most of the digital transformation service providers have recently agreed that measuring the ROI of digital transformation is challenging. In fact, 70% of the transformation leaders believe calculating digital transformation ROI is difficult because customer interactions with a business can’t be quantified using traditional methods. A single metric is not enough to calculate transformation in any business. Hence, adopting a portfolio approach is crucial when measuring ROI for your digital inno [...]

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has become a mandate to maintain trading partner relationships. It maintains digital connectivity that is key to attain a higher level of productivity and agility in this competitive era. Companies across the world, be it large, medium, or small, are looking forward to adding, modernizing, and expanding their EDI communication and software. There is a lot to consider and a lot of decisions to make when adopting EDI transactions in an enterprise. To meet partner [...]

With the digital world changing around and constant evolution in technology, businesses are exploring opportunities to cut down additional costs. The aim is to enhance transactions and communication while replacing paper-based methods that are prone to errors. Whether your traditional communication system has started taking a toll on your internal resources or your partners has mandated electronic transmission, it’s high time that you implement EDI in your enterprise to trade with vendors and [...]

Cloud computing is the most popular and trending technologies these days. Growing digitization has made organizations migrate their business towards cloud services, as it provides access to servers, storage, databases, and additional application services. This also saves a lot of money as most cloud computing services are based on the pay-as-you-go model. On the one hand, where few companies are busy with maintaining the necessary infrastructure, cloud computing saves this time and lets you foc [...]

By now, you all must be familiar with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and we have discussed various aspects of it in our previous blogs. For quick revision, it is an electronic method to exchange business documents between trading partners and organizations. It is a simple, automated, structured, and efficient mode to send and receive business files and data. There is no denying the fact that EDI offers multiple advantages for all industries and supply chain participants. It helps in the trans [...]

Organizations are rapidly adopting cloud services to deliver applications quicker and in an automated fashion. Organizations look forward to the platform with the ability to auto-scale, and that is reliable. With cloud computing services, the term “container” has come up, which is an approach to operating systems virtually. The container has helped in creating modern infrastructure. In the traditional time when developing any new application, developers need to change or upgrade the OS or de [...]