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Managed Mobility Services: How to Choose the Right Vendor

The emergence of mobility evolution has taken the corporate world by storm. Over the past years, there has been a rapid growth in the popularity of various mobile devices processing and presenting digital data. Wireless internet and devices have given the flexibility to connect out-of-office workers to the enterprise environment. This all has increased the demand for enterprise mobility solutions among both users and business owners. 

Over the past couple of years, mobility evolution has added a significant increase in productivity and contributes to a culture of constant business connectivity. A great enterprise mobility service means delivering responsive support whenever required by your remote workers. Along with the increase in the number of users of mobile devices, it is equally important to take care of the network and how much the data is secure. 

Rising security threats and the accelerated speed of innovation in the mobility market has only added to the complexity. Organizations have to rethink the way they manage the mobility services environment across their corporate enterprise. 

Today in this article, let us talk in detail about Managed mobility services (MMS) and what business executives should do when choosing a managed mobility service.

Managed Mobility Services and its Importance

Managed mobility services refer to the management of the entire mobile device ecosystem. It includes a range of tasks, from procurement through refresh and disposal. The main advantage of contracting a managed mobility services is having a comprehensive end-to-end enterprise service model with a single responsible party and accountability for efficient mobility agreements and usage. Its focus is on connecting mobile out-of-office workers to servers, databases, management, and other employees, and also helps in the process of staff augmentation. It eases the burden on IT departments by dealing with the complexity of managing multiple device platforms. 

With the help of these managed mobility services, you can minimize risks by freeing up your IT staff to assist and advise on deployment activities while still supporting the day-to-day technology needs of your business. In short managed mobility services help in streamline mobility management for the future.

Now that you know what managed mobility services are and how they can benefit your business, let's talk about how to find the perfect managed mobility service vendor for your business, who can create a customized solution that can fulfill all your requirements. 

Things to Consider when Hiring Managed Mobility Service Provider

Managed Mobility Service Provider

Finding the right enterprise mobility development company for your business can be challenging as there are too many in the market but only a few delivers what they promise. If you are looking to expand or automate your business and integrate mobility solutions for your business finding the right service partner is very important. Here are a few things to consider before you finalize someone for your project. Let's begin with knowing them in detail:

Determine Current Mobile Requirements

The first thing a company should do is to check whether the managed mobility services they are looking for, fits the size and scope of the company’s needs. Keeping in mind the long-term objectives, businesses need to check if the existing data and mobile device security networks would be compatible or not. 

It is also essential to work with a vendor that follows your current mobility infrastructure and is capable of bringing positive change in your current business process. Hence based on your current mobility system, you need to go thoroughly with your business needs and mobile aspirations. You can also hire professional IT services to do a comprehensive check on your current system on your behalf. 

Ensure the MMS Has the Appropriate Integrations

Smooth integration with all other existing IT management systems within a company is equally important. An MMS provider should be compatible with the cloud services and the entire mobile strategy system of the company otherwise all the cost benefits of an MMS purchase would be negated in the procurement and deployment of other systems.

Seek Out a Managed Mobility Service Built for Scalability

Every business has some unique needs when it comes to managed mobility services. But what remains constant in their demand is scalability. Business owners, while getting a solution developed, only visions about expansion, and hence, they look out for solutions that can take their business forward and can be easily scalable with the growing demand. 

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Mobile app development services are rapidly growing, and with each passing year, even the technologies are changing. Seeing the changes in this trend, managed mobility services must have the capability to grow along with global company mergers and large company acquisitions. In the foreseeable future, if you are looking for a transition to a BYOD or hybrid mobility model, your managed mobility service provider needs to have the technology in place to handle multiple device types across multiple carriers in a single platform. 

Make Security & Compliance A Priority

Security is a big concern of the organizations operating under a BYOD or hybrid mobility model. The Verizon 2019 Data Breach Investigation Report found that 80% of breaches stem from stolen or weak credentials on employee phones and laptops. Effective mobile management is the modern necessity of every business and should be a key factor while choosing the managed mobility service provider. Most organizations use MDM software to automate access controls and enforce compliance policies.

Focus on Empowering End-Users

According to Dell, 60% of modern professionals use smartphones for work, and 45% say that mobile devices increase their overall business productivity. An MMS provider who keeps the end-users up and running is helpful to achieve your business goals. A mobile-friendly portal and a help desk to offer 24/7/365 international support to their customers, this is a critical element to consider when choosing an MMS provider. 

Companies offering product engineering services, to be specific managed mobility services, must build the solutions that support every element of mobility and stage of the mobile lifecycle. It should be focused on employees' experience, as there are times employees get frustrated when they have to wait for weeks, to receive replacements; upgrades, these delays prohibit them from working remotely, diminish their productivity, and may even interfere with their client relationships. An effective MMS provider enables operational workflows to address common concerns, puts the power back in the employee’s hands, and minimizes the need for help desk services. 

The Final Say

An efficient enterprise mobility solution helps in resolving many common mobility challenges. It has several benefits, which help you widely in achieving business goals. The mobility ecosystem is currently changing and evolving hence, it is crucial to look for someone who can take care of all you need and create a customized mobility solution for your business. As the wheels of digital transformation gather pace, more and more enterprises will look for Managed Mobility Services vendors, hence, if you also have the same vision or planning to take the same road, be ready to take the step first!

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