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How to Choose the Perfect EDI Mapping Software For Your Business in 2022?

Most companies today rely on third-party EDI mapping services for seamless exchange or translation to EDI data from one form to another. EDI services or software solution enables two trading company partners to easily exchange or transfer important business information between their computer systems in a standardized format without relying on manual-entry systems or paper-based document exchange.

EDI software provides numerous benefits to companies today, including reduced errors during business information exchange, improved transaction speed, cost-efficiency, improved customer experience and so on.

Despite the huge benefits of EDI services, many companies lack clarity about different modules or components of an end-to-end EDI solutions. Popular components of EDI software include EDI translation, EDI mapping, EDI implementation, and EDI support. 

The article addresses one of the key aspects of Electronic Data Exchange which is EDI mapping. You will also get a detailed idea about the advantages of EDI mapping and how to choose the perfect EDI mapping software for your business:

What is EDI Mapping?

EDI mapping refers to a process under which EDI data is translated into a format that can be easily processed or understood in new environments. For example, translation of EDI data by an EDI software solution into ASCII formats like XML, flat file or other similar forms.

Through EDI Mapping software, you can easily transfer or automate the movement of data received through various EDI sources to your in-house systems like accounting, ERP and so on. Such software helps companies immensely in reducing the time required for processing EDI transactions. 

EDI mapping software has been available for years for companies but with the newer versions available today, you can perform the data exchange with your trading partners in the fastest and secure manner while maintaining the high throughput rate.

Benefits of EDI Mapping Software

EDI Mapping Software

Seamless EDI Integration

When you choose EDI mapping services or software, EDI integration becomes simplified due to easy mapping between EDI data sources and targets like CSV files, XML files and other IT systems within your firm. 

Quick Exchange of EDI Data 

EDI service providers offer the EDI tools for easiest and fastest exchange of EDI data with other IT systems like ERP, CRM, etc. for companies. Also, it ensures the highest throughput for companies adopting the technology.

Shorter Cycle Times for EDI Data Processing 

EDI mapping software can dramatically reduce the time required to process EDI transactions for companies, compared to other traditional IT systems.

24/7 Vendor Support

With an EDI mapping software, you get the highest quality support from your EDI service provider for EDI data exchange-related problems.

Smooth Data Filtering 

EDI mapping software performs a number of logical comparisons, string operations or other data manipulation operations to effectively manipulate or filter important data for matching out the EDI information with different business processes.

EDI Mapping Software Comparison

When you are comparing mapping software of different EDI mapping service providers, there are some important questions that you should ask them. You should also consider questions like:

1. Is EDI Mapping Software Configurable?

Does your chosen mapping software provide flexibility for the future to be configured according to your business needs? Check your EDI service provider offers the custom-made capabilities to upgrade your existing EDI tool.

2. Is the EDI Mapping Software Easy to Use? 

It is important that your chosen EDI mapping software is easy to use for employees and can be attuned as per employee requirements. Also, make sure minimum training is required for employees to get familiar with it. 

3. Is the EDI Mapping Software Affordable? 

It is important that you set an overall budget for your EDI mapping project. Typically, the cost of acquiring an EDI mapping software should not exceed more than 30% of your overall project budget.

4. Does the EDI Mapping Service Provider Offer Robust Support? 

Check out whether your EDI integration services provider provides regular support for its mapping software or not. Always, pick an EDI mapping tool that provides top-class support for problems related to EDI integration, mapping and implementation.

5. Is the EDI Mapping Software Provider Company Experienced? 

 Also, see how much experience your vendor has in the EDI services arena. Remember, an EDI mapping tool is as good as the company behind it.

Essential Features To Check While Selecting the EDI Mapping Software

Seamless Integration with Other Business Systems 

EDI mapping software eases out the task of streamlining order processing workflow in your firm by seamlessly integrating with other business systems for processing orders, invoices, and other EDI data in and out. So, always pick an EDI mapping software that easily integrates with other IT systems in your firm otherwise, it will offer little value. The more trading partners you will have, the more value your EDI mapping software will offer.

Automation and Simple UI

You should pick mapping software from an EDI service provider that offers highly automated functionality and a simple user interface (UI). An automated EDI mapping tool can easily schedule important daily tasks like importing and exporting data from EDI documents into your accounting systems and so on. Also, it should have an intuitive dashboard for users to perform different EDI tasks easily.


For any business, it is critical to set up a right budget for the EDI mapping software initially. No matter your business scale or size, it is important that the total cost of your chosen EDI mapping tool does not exceed more than 30% of the overall budget of your EDI mapping project.

Browser-based Interface 

Choosing a cloud based EDI solution with a robust web-interface is recommended for both small and large scale enterprises. Hence, it is important that you pick a browser-interface driven mapping tool. It offers benefits similar to a web-based accounting/ERP system such as faster time-to-value, ubiquitous access to data, reduced IT complexity, and less security and connectivity worries.

Scalability & Configurability 

Always choose an EDI mapping software provider who provides custom solutions so that you can add/remove functionalities from your existing ERP system if the need arises in future. Additional capabilities include support for remote warehouse or 3PL documents, etc.

Make sure you are working with leading EDI mapping service provider companies who offer truly customizable EDI solutions to minimize any risk associated with your accounting or enterprise application changes. Also, choose an EDI mapping tool that supports all major EDI documents standards so that it can support you when you scale up your business.

Easy Onboarding Facility for Multiple Vendors 

As a growing business, always choose an EDI mapping solution that provides support for onboarding multiple vendors or trading partners. It should have predefined templates to make onboarding and compliance processes with major retailers from different industries quick and simple. Also, ensure that your chosen EDI mapping tool enables you to create partner-specific business rules. 

Robust Product Support

Always partner an EDI service provider, who provides regular support for its EDI mapping solution. Also, make sure your chosen EDI vendor has a full spectrum of EDI solutions for every need - right from EDI integration, mapping to implementation. 

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, opting a reliable EDI mapping software solution is a great idea for businesses to import and export EDI data seamlessly from their EDI transactions, accounting, and ERP systems. Following the above guidelines will also help you choose the best EDI mapping solution for your business.

Also, if you want reliable EDI mapping services, partner with A3logics. We are a leading enterprise software development company holding in-depth expertise in delivering reliable and trustworthy EDI services. This will help you seamlessly communicate and exchange business information with partners.

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