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How to Choose the Right Dedicated Development Team for Your Businesses in 2022

The ever-rising demand for professional IT services is making it pretty difficult for companies to find the right tech talent or teams. A dedicated development team might be the perfect option to take you out of this trouble. 

Many outsourcing IT companies today allow you to hire dedicated developers  from their talented pool of engineers today. With dedicated developers teams, you can build quality software products at cost-effective prices easily. These teams increase the speed of development and work with full commitment to attain your project goals.

However, finding a reliable dedicated development team is not an easy task. You must consider various aspects like team experience, tech expertise, past projects, location, client testimonials and so on. 

To know more about how to hire the right dedicated team for your business, read on the article below: 

What is a Dedicated Team Model?

Dedicated Team Model

A dedicated team model refers to a business approach to website and app development. In other words, it is a working arrangement between a client, outsourcing company, and dedicated developers. The outsourcing company acts as a middleman in this arrangement as it provides software development professionals to the client on a long-term basis for the realization of his project. 

These developers work on a particular project as per the client requirements or expectations and reports directly to the client. Also, these specialists are chosen as per the client project requirements.

The role of the client in this working structure is more hand-on, compared to other models. The client has to regularly interact with the team, monitor daily activities and overall project of the project via a project manager, directly or both. 

Outsourcing companies play more of an assisting role in this model. It offers administrative support, recruiting services, and other resources vital for project completion to the client. 

Dedicated Development Team: Pros & Cons 


  • Dedicated teams offer you cost flexibility; you can work with a fixed and predefined budget easily. 
  • As project scope is not strictly defined at the start, you can request changes anytime. 
  • You get full project control while working with dedicated developers. 
  • When you hire a dedicated development team its members put their full attention on attaining your project and businesses goals.
  • With dedicated software developers, you can fast-pace software development cycles. 
  • As dedicated teams follow agile principles during website or mobile app development, you get the flexibility to make modifications in your project. 
  • With dedicated software services, you get access to a wider pool of talented developers working across the globe. 


  • Dedicated teams are mostly suitable for long-term projects as they need to get a full picture of your project. And, if time is something you lack, it might not be the best option. 
  • Hiring a dedicated team is often a time-consuming process which requires serious search, time and budget. 
  • You are required to maintain consistent communication with dedicated team members on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to clarify doubts or discuss any aspect of the project that needs attention. 

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When You Should Hire Dedicated Developers? 

Project scope is not strictly defined: It is ideal to hire a dedicated team when the scope of your project is not formed properly. Also, if there is a possibility of change in project requirements at the development stages, you must choose a dedicated team model.

Looking to cut project costs: Choose a dedicated team model when you want to cut project costs in terms of overhead expenses and infrastructure. With offshore IT teams, you don’t need any additional software, hardware or training arrangements for your project.

Lack of In-house technical expertise: if you have a shortage of IT people and talent in your firm or people who possess knowledge about building complex, industry-specific IT solutions, you should hire a dedicated team. 

Want to put minimum efforts to set up a new software team: In case of a dedicated team model, you work with an outsourcing service provider who helps you set up a dedicated team based on your project requirements and expectations. 

Minimize project risk: The changes of project failure are less with dedicated teams. These teams have expert developers, quality analysts, and designers who have years of experience in building complex software solutions. Also, they work with full commitment and focus - which minimizes project failure possibility. 

How To Choose The Right Dedicated Development Team For Your Business?

Getting Started 

Define Project Goals and Business Requirements Clearly at the Start

When working with offshore dedicated teams, it's better you clarify your project requirements clearly at the start. Try to determine the primary objective of your product and break down your project into different milestones.  

After this, create a detailed project charter which defines the deadlines to achieve those milestones for you dedicated team members. If your project scope or requirements are not clear, then conduct initial brainstorming sessions to get clarity on the same.  

Research Thoroughly to Identify the Right Outsourcing partner

Start with a simple Google search to identify different software outsourcing companies - look at their websites, portfolios and client testimonials. Have they worked with similar software products or companies of your calibre? Check out the size and number of Android developers, web designers, QAs, etc. your potential partner company has. Will they be able to meet urgent project deadlines and offer the flexibility you want. 

Make a Proper Budget

In most cases, the project scope is not clear while choosing a dedicated team model. Companies also fail to make a proper project estimation. So, create a proper budget at the start of the project. Assign a particular budget for each project milestone as it will help you keep track of ROI at later project stages.

Evaluate the Developer Skill Set Through Interviews 

Beyond the initial contact with outsourcing partners, organize a strong interview process. For offshore developers, conduct online interviews via top video-conferencing tools like Zoom, Skype, etc. It will help you identify, technology stack, expertise, and skills of your chosen dedicated team. For example, if you are looking to build a hybrid app, you would definitely want to contact or hire Phonegap developers or React Native Developers. 

Be a good listener too. An app or web development expert during the interview will make suggestions that you may not have considered for your project. This is a good indication that your chosen agency or dedicated team has the technical expertise and can build a quality product for you. 

How to Choose a Reliable Dedicated Development Team? 

Check out the Vendor’s Skill, Experience, and Portfolio 

Before you decide to work with dedicated developers, check out the experience of the IT consulting and software development company offering such services. Verify its credibility on the basis of factors like the number of successful projects delivered in the past, technology expertise, client reviews, type of clients and technology stack they work upon. 

Also, for offshore dedicated teams, check out the company reputation on popular websites like Clutch or GoodFirms. Have a close look at their LinkedIn profile and also try to contact some of their clients who they have worked with before. See if clients recommend their services to you or not.

Have a Glance at Their GitHub Account

Github is an invaluable resource to check the technology expertise of your potential development partner. It acts like an online collaboration platform where different offshore developers collaborate for open source projects and make their contribution.

Check out the following metrics of your chosen dedicated development partner: 

  • Total followers count
  • Github joining date
  • Total number of contributions 
  • Relevant keywords
  • Past projects 
  • Code structure 

Enquire about the Development Methodology and Workflow

Check out whether you choose a dedicated software services provider, follow an agile development approach or not. Agile is preferable by most companies today as it ensures quality product development with minimum errors. The whole development process becomes quicker, efficient, less redundant and economical. 

Check Out the Support & Maintenance Facility

Enquire about the follow-up support and maintenance your outsourcing partner offers. If you experience any issues during the project, how will they resolve the same? What is the level of commitment they offer to complete your project on time? Never trust a professional IT services company who does not offer follow-up support for your software scaling-related needs in future.

Ignore Cheapest Quote Options 

It is recommended not to focus on low-cost rates when choosing offshore dedicated teams. Why? Outsourcing companies offering low-cost dedicated development services often fail to deliver a quality product on time. Also, they lack quality after-support. Hence, if you are not sure about outsourcing company expertise, don’t stick to it just because you get cheaper software services. 


In a nutshell, a dedicated development team model is quite beneficial for modern-day firms as it offers a combination of highly-skilled employees and cost-effective services for software development. For long-term projects that have continuous workload - it is an ideal option. 

Also, if you are looking to hire dedicated development teams, then A3logics is the best choice. Our dedicated developers offer best-in-class IT consulting and custom software solutions as per your project requirements. 

You can hire software developers, android app developers, iOS developers, quality assurance experts and blockchain developers at competitive prices from us to build a world-class product. 

Contact us directly to know more about our dedicated development services.

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