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How On-Demand Mobile Apps are Disrupting the Grocery Business in 2022

In today’s digital era, where on-demand mobile apps have revoluzined almost every major sector - from retail to banking - grocery businesses are no longer behind. Majority of the grocery retailers are ready to leverage retail mobility solutions for their business growth. In this effort, grocery delivery apps are standing at the front.

The popularity of online grocery shopping can be analyzed from this fact that its market value has doubled from 2016 to 2018. The online grocery industry was worth 632 billion USD in 2018. The credit for this rapid growth goes to the on-demand grocery apps that offer extreme convenience for people to order essentials and certain foods online.

Be it an Android app, iOS app or hybrid app - bigger players like Amazon, Walmart, Aldi are ready to empty their wallets for grocery delivery app development today to have a lion share in this already booming market.

In 2020 also, online grocery apps like Walmart grocery, Shipt, Insacart, etc. are seeing a huge upsurge in daily downloads from different app stores. Customers are slowly realizing the fact that instead of ordering expensive meals from food & restaurantapp solutions, ordering grocery items online and then preparing food at home is a more ideal option. Also, on-demand grocery apps offer extreme convenience to customers by offering the facility to buy products at the comfort of their home. 

Now let’s have a detailed look at how on-demand grocery apps are becoming the first choice for grocery business today through this unique infographic designed by expert UI/UX designers at A3logics: 

On-Demand Mobile Apps and Grocery Industry: Statistics and Development Trends 2021