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How Does EHS Management Software Contribute To Company Profit?

The Environment, Health, and Safety or EHS management is one of the modern concepts, arising out of the increased social awareness and responsibilities in the corporate world. The concepts broadly include being responsible towards the environment, general safety, and health of the employees. The EHS management system is a type of software application that enables automation of safety programs and simplifies government regulatory compliance to a major extent.

Employees are an integral resource for running a successful business enterprise. Hence, it is important to foster a safe organizational culture that ensures employee's safety.

The functions of a modern EHS management software solutions include maintaining air quality, ergonomics, and other aspects of the workplace, which results in a healthier environment for employees. Similarly, reducing carbon emissions, waste management, and environmental regulatory compliance are also some important functions.

However, EHS management functions are as beneficial for the company, as it is for the environment and its employees, which is why companies from healthcare, shipping & logistics, real-estate & housing, etc. are heavily investing in the formidable EHS framework. One of the most important parts of this framework is EHS management software, which also contributes to a company’s overall profits.

Let’s learn how an EHS management system is driving value to your organization:

1.   Save Valuable Time

Save Valuable Time

EHS managers have to manage a lot of tasks, most of which are administrative in nature. EHS software helps managers to monitor various functions at a time, and that too via a smartphone or a tablet. The “do-any-where” feature of the software allows managers to save enormous amounts of time to spend on productive elements of strategic planning, designing performance enhancement programs, etc. These tasks, in the long run, help increase efficiency that leads to increased profits.

2.  Easy Inspection Process

Inspection is a formal way of identifying risks and hazards. It systematically evaluates the EHS performance at the workplace and verifies its statutory compliance. Though it is a very time consuming and tiring process but can be eased using an EHS management software. It has easy-to-use features and user-friendly interfaces that perform inspections at all levels. It schedules corrective measures and tracks the results which can be shared instantly across the enterprise.

3.  Enhances Employee Efficiency

EHS Software helps managers keep track of various employee-focused tasks, like air quality monitoring, and implementation of ergonomics in the workplace. Keeping track of these activities simultaneously helps managers ensure that the measures intended are implemented at ground zero level. These efforts yield multiple results, which include better employee health, and consequently, reduced absenteeism. Also, ergonomics at the workplace ensure that the employee is comfortable enough to deliver expected results.

4.  Minimizes Risk

Usually, companies have their risk analysis data like incident reports, environmental reports, employee health data, etc.,spread across various files and sources. Due to this fragmented database, there is a high possibility that analyzing data for risk assessment might fall short of accuracy, therefore, making risk contemplation prone to flaws. EHS software lets you store and analyse this fragmented data, eliminating the possibility of miscalculating data or missing out on small, but impactful aspects.

5.  Lowers Costs

Cost reduction is one of the organic ways to increase profits, and EHS software helps a great deal in this regard. Reduction in time consumption, enhanced efficiency, minimal absenteeism, and lower wastage levels, all of these help in cost reduction in the long run. Moreover, the application of EHS software lets a company minimize the risks of legal expenses, penalties, and fines arising out of non-compliance of mandatory regulations. Also, healthier employees have a direct impact on medical costs and compensations.

6.   Transparent Centralized Database

Transparency plays a vital role in developing trust among shareholders and creditors, who are more likely to put their money on trustworthy companies. EHS software creates a transparent database, which lets the stakeholders know that the company they are about to invest in is free from legal risks. It also lets investors analyse the moral, ethical, and economic sustainability of the company.

7.  Streamline Reporting

An effective EHS software help professionals in creating complex reports within a short time (which takes hours if created manually). It creates fully formatted customized reports to capture various incidents and permits.

8.  Improved Financial Performance

EHS management monitors the complete operational activities to identify hazards and take immediate action to prevent it. Effective health and safety programs reduce the injury rate and protect your company from heavy losses. Thus, it increases the probability of earning a good profit margin.

9.  Reduced Turnover Rate

Higher workplace safety influences employee's morale and increases their trust in the organization. This reduces their turnover rate and boosts retention. Thus, cut the cost incurred on hiring a new employee. 

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Wrapping up

It is very essential for any business to maintain a secure work atmosphere. The government has enforced EHS standards that enterprises must follow to ensure employees well being. But without an effective EHS software, it is hard to comply with the safety rules.

Having an EHS software increases the work efficiency of employees, reduces the risk associated with operations, updates you with the latest industry norms and prevents the occurrence of accidents at the workplace. It enables easy data tracking and effective analyses of trends to draw meaningful insights. Thus, making the environment, health, and safety compliance process effective and easy.

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