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Know how Dispatch software helps you deal with field workers?

Industries work on multiple levels. From growing raw materials sometimes or ordering the same to produce a product with it, to manufacture it and make it delivery-ready, and to deliver the product i.e. often termed as delivery services. An industrial work is summed up when all these levels simultaneously and continuously work altogether to meet the demand raised by the market.

Production frequency needs to be slightly more than the delivering rate. Reason being, the possibilities include the intermediate failure of a product meanwhile its production, or breakdown of production machinery or some temporary pause in the production capacity. All these possibilities could affect the supply chain and disturb the demand supply. But here is a point to note down that all these problems have solutions to tackle in ways like auxiliary storage at every level of production and extra products are under protocol to be preserved for such emergencies.

  • What if the complete production process goes well, and the product get all the checks to get delivered normally, but then the delivery line fails? 
  • What if the product gets failed after it gets delivered?
  • What if your customer has faced a particular technical problem and asks you to send the dedicated expert to resolve the problem?

Dispatch software is nothing but to tackle such situations not magically but with way better efficiency. It is designed and developed by analyzing the delivery relevant issues including the product getting delivered and becoming faulty right after it got delivered or later on, etc. It is a shipping logistics software in which the customer details are available be the one then a new or an older customer to receive service from your organization. Such applications also require agile cloud computing consulting services with better expertise as it is a cloud-based solution and require intense consultation over its customized development.

The purpose of a dispatch software is to-

purpose of a dispatch software

- Enhance the customer experience

Whenever a customer faces an issue with the product, and apply for a complaint or with a repair request, the dispatch software carries the customer’s maximum possible information including the address, the product one owns, its specifications, and possible problems that product could have. So that the customer need not to be worried about how to demonstrate the issue with the product and is only required to lodge a complaint or initiate a request.

The on field team of repairers or technicians would be assigned the duty as per the requirements without delaying on deciding ‘to whom to assign the job?’.

- Keep the feedbacks more cautiously (in case, are negative or includes any complaint)

Feedbacks are the most valuable content that any online enterprise solution has without paying a charge for. It is termed as user-generated content and nowadays is trending with a humongous business around it over social media aggregation.

If software alarms you on a complaint i.e. a feedback, it is an efficiency enhancing feature for an organization. It allows you to work on it immediately and in an efficient manner as it also helps you analyse and conclude the solution to the problem that the customer is facing.

Keeping the feedback more cautiously has always been an efficiency enhancing behavior for any company or an organization. No matter if the company is one of the IT consulting companies or not.

- Keep the team at the field area efficient and agile

In the case, the customer has applied with a request to resolve the problem, a notification is received from the software and the nearby technician on the field can be assigned with an immediate effect. Also, the software is nothing but a mobile-based application that could iterate and can get the gate pass or exit code from the customer itself. 

All that helps the technician at the field job work quickly and efficiently without having to talk with the customer repeatedly. Well, that's the motto with the dispatch software, to enhance customer satisfaction and convert the service sector into even richer mode.

- Keep the Customer feel easy and friendly with the enterprise solution

The dispatch software being a mobile-based application allows the customer to add reviews on customer service which would help the company to enhance the customer service even richer for the next time. The software keeps track of the customer whether it is a fresh one or the repeating one with the same or new problem. So that the field job assigning could be performed quite rapidly.

These are some of the basic features and ways in which the dispatch software could help your company deal with field workers and ultimately gain customer satisfaction through them. It is a solution for every possible scenario regarding customer service be it then customer flooding at a time simultaneously or a customer with the repeating issue, etc.

In addition to this, let’s take a look into what are the basic functionalities dispatch software must possess and should be checked before deploying the software into the company:

1. The most simple & interactive User Interface

More importantly in this case, if the dispatch application is developed with a customized mobile application development, and made to be used at both the ends, it necessitates the application to be simple with the UI. This is because the application is going to be used by the customer as well as at the office end. Thus, a technical or corporate person might not face a challenge but if the UI is found incomprehensible by the customer, one might choose to not get a service due to the complexity of the application. One might not even know how to operate the mobile applications effectively. As there are customers of all age groups and we have to keep in mind that not every age group has similar compatibility with using mobile phones.

2. Whether the application has tracking features or not?

When there are numerous technicians or field workers at the job, you being an service manager must get the tracking feature on application to track your multiple technicians of where they are and what they are doing. It makes it easy to ping the near most technicians for the job whenever and wherever required.

3. Embedded Automation

It is required for an application to have automation embedded to it. To ping the technicians with an alarming pop-up so that the technicians get the required information without hustling for it individually. It helps keep the customer as well as the job workers hustle-free.

Conclusively, these are some of the reasons, and to be taken care of things before deploying dispatch software. To get such an application built for your business too, you must hire dedicated developers or get it developed from a custom application development service provider because such applications require better accuracy along with multiple user access to enhance customer service experience as well as overall company efficiency.

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