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8 Key considerations to check while hiring react developers for your next project

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    React.js is the most widely used web framework among software developers for developing robust & enterprise-grade applications. The reason behind its popularity is the simplification of the web development solution. As React overtakes other platforms, the need for React developers has significantly evolved. In this article, we shall draw light on the tips to hire react developers best suited for your upcoming projects.  

    React Overview

    React JS is renowned for allowing developers to build interfaces through efficient, flexible, and declarative JavaScript libraries. ReactJS also lets you compose small pieces (components) of code and complex UIs to render real mobile UI components. 

    React Native is profoundly used for mobile app development, whether iOS or Android. React Native uses a blend of JavaScript and XML-Esque markup (JSX) for creating applications and their UI.

    React Native renders extensive cross-platform development by using host platform standards through API. It can also translate the markup to real-native UI elements allowing you to render views on whatever platform you are working on. React encourages high-performance by working separately on the main UI thread. 

    Since React improves the development experiences while offering cross-platform app development potential, the platform and the developers, well-versed with the language, always stay in demand. 

    Now we know the reasons behind React's popularity, let's move further to select the right candidate for your organization. Let's begin by understanding the key responsibilities of a React developer.

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    Responsibility of React Developers

    • Develop a captivative and interactive user interface.
    • Create quality, concise, expressive, and modern UI code.
    • Build and optimize reusable HTML/CSS/JavaScript components.
    • Manage app's functional and state libraries to derive computed data & asynchronous API calls.
    • Monitor code constantly undergoing QA process, like end-to-end quality testing and integration testing. 

    A React developer must be well-versed with the React toolkit, JavaScript features, stylesheets, React workflows, and CSS preprocessors to fulfill its responsibility. 

    Roadmap to Hiring React Developers

    In order to hire a reliable and intelligent React Developer, check for -

    • Proficiency in ECMA Script 6+ & Javascript
    • Proficiency in relevant technologies, such as MongoDB, Express.js, Node.js, & MERN Stack.
    • His/her understanding of framework & testing tools, such as Jest, Enzyme, Karma, Selenium & others.
    • Understanding JS build tools, such as Yarn, Webpack, NPM & more.
    • His/her experience with Reactjs State management tools and version control systems.
    • His/her in-depth knowledge of React fundamentals & styling strategies and flexible learning curve. 

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    We will elaborate on these above-mentioned points or tips to ensure that you hire the right developers. Hiring developers of different levels requires a different set of questions to obtain the level of knowledge they acquire. So you can prepare a few interview questions ranging from junior to senior level developer, like -

    For Junior Developer

    • Differentiate between props and state in React.
    • Any experience with React.
    • Why should one consider the React framework instead of others?
    • A popular choice for form handling.

    For Mid-Experienced Developer

    • Method to implement Routing in React.
    • How does Virtual DOM work?
    • Knowledge of Context API.
    • Knowledge of lifecycle methods in React.

    Finally, the Senior Level Developer

    • Understanding of Redux Architecture.
    • Knowledge of Error Boundaries in React.
    • Method to create higher-order components.
    • Understanding of Lazy loading in React.

    Proficiency in EMCA Script and JavaScript

    Your React Developer must have a comprehensive knowledge of JavaScript features, syntax, and operations. The developer you are about to hire must have an understanding of JS scopes, hoisting, prototypal inheritance, event bubbling, DOM manipulation, and functions. 

    Not just JavaScript, the developer must have strong knowledge of EMCAScript. ECMA stands for European Computer Manufacturer's Association. 

     < script type="text/ ecmascript" >

    ECMAScript is a standard programming language for performing computations in Web applications. It is also an official client-side scripting language used for VoiceXML and simple data manipulation. With ECMA, developers can write single-line code while simplifying JS code. 

    Excellence in Adjacent Technologies

    An IT consulting firm must employ an all-rounder React developer, which means the developer must have relevant knowledge of multiple technologies that are compatible with React. Language or backend frameworks such as Django, Ruby on Rails, and Laravel are some frameworks that are quite compatible with React.

    Other than these, having sound knowledge of MERN (MongoDB, Express JS, React JS, and Node JS) Stack gives an extra hand. MERN is again the most compatible backend technology, preferred to build robust JavaScript applications. Node.js and Express frameworks are perfect combos that work best with React for handling multiple requests and managing server loads.

    Basic Understanding Of Testing Tools & Framework

    Any successful deployment rests on successful quality testing. Hence, this skill is also essential for a React developer to ensure that the application built is scalable. However, there are several tools that a developer can use to perform quality assurance, such as end-to-end testing and integration testing on React code. 

    Tools, such as Selenium, Webdriver, Cypress, Nightwatch.js & more can be used for end-to-end testing. Tools, such as Enzyme, Sinon, AVA, Tape, Chai, Jest & more can be used for Unit Testing and Karma for integration testing. Knowing these tools and how they work prevent developers from making serious issues and help them write clean and better code while fixing bugs in no time. 

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    Well-Conversant With JavaScript Built Tools

    Apart from the backend framework and testing tools, is the developer well-versed with software packages and tools? JavaScript offers multiple tools and packages for developers to use and optimize assets for production, handle dependencies, run web server development, browser reloader, file watcher, and many more. Your React developer must be well-versed with the tools widely used for developing a mobile app on React, such as -

    • Yarn is a package manager helpful to optimize NPM workflows, manage dependencies, and install software packages.
    • Webpack is an open-source module bundler. Webpack combines all resources in one single file to generate a dependency graph.
    • NPM is a dependency cloud storage to help React developers download and install packages from the NPM registry.

    These tools are helpful in minimizing the development time by automating several repetitive tasks and increasing productivity.

    Experienced in Working with Version Control System

    Any organization doesn't run on a single developer. A software is prepared with the help of multiple developers working towards a similar goal. However, every brain works differently, giving its own version of code. In order to streamline the development process and manage code written by multiple developers, usually companies use a version control system. 

    Version control systems, such as SVN, TFS, Mercurial, Git, and more allow developers to pull the code from repositories, track old codes, manage history, compare new code, branch & merge code, and pull, add, push and commit commands.

    Experience with ReactJS Workflows

    One of the biggest challenges that any IT professional services provider would face is the state management in large-scale apps. When hiring a React developer ensure that the candidate has experience in managing the state across the application components. You can ask for evidence of optimizing the application performance. Additionally, you can grill the candidate about the latest hooks on React 16.8, methods to handle complexities in the project, and how to make functional components stateful without writing a class as well as elementary to advance knowledge of state management libraries, depending on the level of experience. Ask the knowledge of Redux, Context API, Mobx, and other similar & popular libraries. To understand -

    • Mobx is a library used to make state management simple and scalable by applying transparent functional reactive programming.
    • Context API is a component structure that helps solve prop-drilling issues through sharing unique data across all levels.
    • Redux is another library consisting of numerous application states that require frequent updates in response to actions.

    In-depth Knowledge of React Fundamentals & Styling Strategies

    As aforementioned, when hiring a react developer for junior, senior or mid-level experience, one must have elementary knowledge of React concepts. React shares a huge ecosystem of default tools with reusable components, including Create React App that works as a scaffold for enterprise application development

    The candidate you are willing to hire must be well-versed with the styling through the code. With the help of external styling libraries and CSS strategies, a developer can easily design responsive, rich, and interactive UIs. Components, such as Material UI and SASS, are a few popular styling components to create even the most complex styling UI elements. 

    Some CSS techniques widely used by React developers are - 

    • CSS Frameworks to make web development processes agile.
    • JSS to writing style is a declarative, reusable, and conflict-free way using JavaScript.
    • CSS Preprocessor for writing styling information that complies with CSS through SASS, SCAA, and LESS.
    • CSS-in-JS implemented by React libraries for styling components using JavaScript. 

    Have a Flexible Learning Curve

    Every developer would know about the large ecosystem of React, and the detailed documentation & learning curve offered to understand libraries, style components, third-party packages, and tools usage. 

    The React developer(s) you hire must be keen on learning, enhancing their knowledge more and more on React. React has Docs, Tutorials, and Blog for learners. It also shares guidelines for contributors to share their valuable tips or knowledge. This section of React is a clear example of custom LMS development.

    Developers must be open to using this learning curve while enhancing their interpersonal skills, such as critical thinking, teamwork, effective communication, and more.

    Demand for React Developers

    Did you know that 31.3% of worldwide developers used React in 2021? The leading platforms using this Javascript library are - Netflix, PayPal, Airbnb, eBay, and many others. 

    Companies who understand the rise of React offer attractive and substantial prices for the developers, inclusive of bonuses & perks to develop robust software for the clients. 

    Developer's Experience

    React Native community has furnished robust and intelligent debugging tools and meaningful error messages or reporting into the framework making enterprise software development easy for a junior react developer. 

    React Native saves a developer's lot of time and energy, allowing them to focus on vital parts of work, improving the overall productivity & impacting the product release cycle.

    React Development Timeline

    You can ask React Developers to explain the development plan that they follow. This helps in measuring future project progress. A typical React development plan must include - 

    • Planning and documentation to keep an accurate record of information, organize regular meetings, define sprint scope, and conduct planning.
    • Designing will help you understand the look and feel of the project user interface and back-end architecture setup.
    • Development to fulfill design specifications, perform unit testing.
    • Software Testing Services helps in measuring the functional or operational conditions of different environments.
    • Users Acceptance Testing helps in gathering user feedback to acknowledge areas of improvement. 
    • Finally, the launch of the App.


    React can minimize the resources needed for react native app development, reducing a lot of costs. The team can quickly iterate, share knowledge and resources more efficiently. 

    Even for a developer, learning about React is much more profitable, as the demand for React is more than any other platform. On average, React Developers in the U.S makes around $110,278 a year, which is calculated as $53/hour. Even a freelance developer can make $20-$38 per hour. 

    Through React, developers can create their custom component libraries and operate them on new projects. React also allows developers to renovate the old ones, thereby making them highly functional and popular.

    A3logics offers a dedicated software development team following lean & agile approaches and adopting the latest technology to provide its customers with the best solution. Additionally, you get -

    • Transparent communication throughout the development process.
    • Commitment for privacy and security of all information.
    • Assurance of high performance that drives sales and revenue.
    • Keeping pace with evolving technology to stay competitive.
    • 24X7 support for any technical help.

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