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Top 20 Questions To Consider Before Hiring LCMS Development Company

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    An LCMS is a learning content management system that manages the complete lifecycle of the content, from authoring and publishing to delivery and analysis. It is an important part of any organization for its content management and training process. 

    Do you also wonder about having an LCMS for your organization, then you must not look anywhere else, because you will get a perfect learning content management system for your company at A3logics out of various IT professional services working in the industry?

    In order to develop an LCMS for your company, it takes a unified procedure that should be followed by the management team. Before you find an LCMS development company for your organization, there must be some questions that should be asked to the developer team.

    Asking questions to the team will help you in having a better understanding of the learning content management system for its effective performance and role in the company.

    What Is LCMS?

    A learning content management system is an integrated multi-user authoring, delivery, and administrative platform that is also used by instructional designers to manage all the learning-related activities. 

    LCMS deals with the content developed and stored in the system, it is a platform that allows an organization to create, host, manage, and track the digital content. It is considered a one-stop shop for all the eLearning tasks, that is it provides everything from its creation to delivery.

    The primary focus of the learning content management system is to develop eLearning content for the organization. It gives instructional designs, course authors, and subject matter experts who will provide ways to create the content more efficiently. Custom LMS development services will allow you to have a clear insight into the LCMS you want for your company.

    It will create reusable content pieces which can be available for the developers to use later in the future. This will help the organization in restructuring and repurposing the online content in a much better way.

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    Are LCMS And LMS the Same?

    LCMS is often mistaken by LMS but described in one word, then no. Learning management systems and learning content management systems are more different than similar. The initials are similar but depict different aspects of the learning process, such as LMS stands for learning management system whereas, LCMS stands for learning content management system.

    The primary focus of an LMS is to deliver the eLearning content, such as courses and training modules, on the other hand, LCMS’s main focus is to create and manage the eLearning content.

    LMS manages the learning activities that include classrooms and on-hand training. But LCMS manages the learning resources like visuals, courses, assessments, and reference material.

    LMS tracks the learner’s information like progress and history, while LCMS tracks authoring information like progress and history. Some various key features & functionalities differ in LCMS & LMS.

    As it is seen that the LCMS is specialized in digital content, whereas LMS is more like a platform that allows the users to manage a wide range of learning experiences. It also manages traditional forms of learning and training, such as organizing face-to-face workshops and others.

    On one hand, LMS allows you to manage more experiences of the learning process, it does not allow you to create those experiences for the organization. LCMS is specialized in creating and delivering customized content.

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    Questions You Should Ask Your LCMS Development Company

    1. Why Do You Need An LCMS?

    The question that company’s ask is why do they need LCMS? Well, an organization does not need a learning content management system just because it was suggested by someone.

    The product engineering services make sure that the system built will suit the needs and expectations of the companies. An LCMS will help you in building up training content and delivering it to the learners in your company which will ensure the effective working of the system. 

    2. What Are The Important Features Of LCMS?

    This is the most asked question from the customers, they want to know about what important features are included in their LCMS, as features are the most essential aspect of any system. An eLearning software development services includes a number of services and features to deliver you, but not all of them are as important as it seems.

    At A3logics, you will get all the important features that will meet your organization’s needs. There are a few standard features that most LCMS have, such as:

    • Tracking and reporting is the most basic feature that software should have, as they will help the managers to keep a track of their employee’s training and progress. 
    • Course customization should be installed in the LCMS, as it helps the learners to change and manage their respective courses as per their choice.
    • Customization and branding, if you are developing an LCMS for your company, then there must be a logo of the same in order to have a right over the system.
    • Centralized content management will eliminate content silos and keep the worries regarding management away.
    • There should be multi-format publishing for the flexibility to publish all the content from one source and output it in different ways

    These are some of the basic features of the system that should be included in the LCMS which will service almost all the customers of different organizations.

    3. How Will The Software Keep My Data Safe?

    Your company might keep the data for essential purposes, but a learner always wants to know if their data is safe with the organization and in the system, they are putting it in. In our LCMS you will get the best cloud computing services which will help in keeping your information safe.

    It will control the access given to people on the private data and will help in organizing a better and safer place for the data of the learners. The data stored also needs to be tracked by the managers, and an LCMS should provide that access as well.

    4. How Will LCMS Benefit Us?

    Why should we have LCMS benefits will it provide to my organization?

    This is one of the most asked questions for the software about what advantages the customers can extract out of the learning content management system. The IT outsourcing services include those benefits in their services and make sure to deliver you to the best kind of system, such as:

    • Better learning is experienced by the employees, as they receive automated training processes and modules.
    • A big amount of money and time is saved by installing a learning content management system, as it promotes an automated learning process for the learners.
    • It will be a better onboarding experience for the new employees joining the organization.
    • It will promote more effective working in the organization.

    These were some of the benefits that your organization can avail of by installing an LCMS.

    5. How Is Content Designed On LCMS?

    You can ask your LCMS developer team how the content on the system is created.

    By asking such a question the answer you get should be easy and smooth to function and not complicated. The system should have options for generating multimedia content, animations, games, and embedding video with voice-overs. 

    It should also have PDFs and eBooks for quizzers and extra content for the learners, one should be able to quickly and frequently update the content in the software so that new knowledge can be distributed to the learners fast and smoothly.

    6. How Will is This Solution Help Improving Learning Experience?

    Customers need to know how the software will help in increasing their learner’s experience more. The answer to this question is, that by installing an automated learning system the learners get better opportunities and more content to learn from.

    When employees get a complete automated system for their training process, which provides customized content, flexibility, easy access, and various other features like these, that helps in increasing the overall experience of the learners.

    7. What Should Be The Budget?

    The pricing of any such software is inevitable, and the answer to this is mostly very vague, as no one can give an exact number for the pricing of an LCMS.

    You must calculate how much of the resources you are wishing to invest in the new platform, the features you are wishing to include, the size of the system you want, and various other things. Your cost depends on that.

    At A3logics, we will provide you with the basic starting LCMS software at approx $20-25 thousand. This will include all the basic and important features for your organization, but it might not be enough for you and in order to have a perfect learning content management system, you should go for an advanced version.

    Choosing an advanced system with more features meeting all your needs and requirements will help your organization grow and work better. This will impact the cost of your existing system but also positively impact your company’s workflow.

    8. What Will Be The Process Of Implementation?

    Switching to other systems can be a bit of a restless process for your learners, so you need to be very patient while the process completes itself. Try to find out an average installation and onboarding time for the solution you opted for as a whole. Then you must repeat the process with each user who will through the system. 

    You must not rely on a solution that requires you to figure the functionalities out and find out early whether you want to receive vendor-side support during the process of implementation.

    9. Who Will Be The Target Audience?

    Every customer wants to know which audience the LCMS  target, will it reach the desired audience or not, how is the target audience determined, and whatnot.

    The audience for any LCMS is determined by the kind of company it is demanded. Based on that, we will find what category of audience we can cater the system to. 

    For example, if you have a healthcare industry, then the LCMS will service all the students studying medicine, employees of your company, and other people in the same zone. All these people can be enrolled in the system. 

    10. How Does LCMS Help the Company grow?

    To learn about the growth of the company, you must understand the working method of the LCMS. The system focuses on automating the whole process of training being given to the employees.

    When the complete process training is automated, it relieves the managers from that duty, which gives them more time to concentrate on the business. As a result, it will increase the overall output of the company in a short period.

    11. Can The Impact Of LCMS Be Measure?

    In one word, yes, you can measure the impact of the LCMS on your organization. You should pay attention to the success metrics, you have to be able to measure the success of learning on an organizational level.

    You should know which metrics you have to measure to evaluate the success of your LCMS, to begin with. Then that information can be used to find a solution that the metrics have integrated.

    The more early you start to think about this process and measure the success the better it will be for your organization.

    12. What Type Of Reports And Data Can Be Created?

    There are a number of ways of creating a report for your company that will allow you to track and analyze the progress of your employees. All different types of reports are prepared to start from the progress report, graph to track the performance, assessments results, and all the other types of reports that an organization might need.

    Apart from reports, your company's data, employee information, important details on any deal, client’s private data, and more like this. All such types of data can be created by the system that will help you in improving the relationship with your fellow workers, as all that data is safe in the system, and will help in a growing business. 

    13. What Are The Employees Onboarding Process? 

    An LCMS is a perfect platform that will help your company’s onboarding process. The system’s requirements will be set as per your management, you must prepare it in the format you want it to be. A dedicated software development team will make sure to deliver you the best system including an easy onboarding process.

    The system will help in enrolling the new employees and providing them with the training module, induction for the new company, their rules and regulations, and various other things like which will help a new employee to join the organization more easily. The LCMS will smoothen the joining process of the new employees joining and make their onboarding more effective.

    14. Is The Platform Adaptable And Customizable 

    Every company wants its learning content management system to be adaptable and customizable so that the learners are able to access the content as they like. Customizing the course module gives learners the power of molding it as per their convenience and preference. 

    The system must be easily adaptable so that it does not oppose any of the rules and regulations of the company. The LCMS should have supporting features for the organization which will help them to build a better understanding between the system and them.  

    15. Does The System Play Well With Others?

    It is very important for a company to have an LCMS that will get along with the other software present in the system. Any organization has a number of other platforms performing different tasks for them.

    At A3logics, we provide an LCMS that is easily connected to other software in your company, which will help you to create a well-working environment ensuring a smooth workflow and management among the workforce.

    16. Will It Blend Well?

    A growing concern among organizations is that the new system should be able to blend in the company, with its managers, learners, and other software existing. 

    The LCMS that they demand is the one that should blend with their needs of the training process, blend with managers for their duties and responsibilities, and also blend with the employees/learners for their learning process.

    The blending of the LCMS is also important for the company’s functions and its operating, as a well-blended learning content management system will ensure an effective workflow in the organization along with easy processing of the training process.

    17. Will It Support The Learner's Needs?

    As every different individual has their own different needs, the IT consultation services companies should make sure that the system will support those needs of the learners. The employees enrolling in the training module will customize the content available, change the timelines, might want to have more content or take more tests, these choices must be supported by the LMCS system.

    Apart from the learning needs, there are needs, such as accessing information, keeping records, adding private data, and various others like this. A3logics will provide you with an LCMS that will cater to all such needs that learners or managers have.

    18. Is It Easy To Use?

    The software you are getting developed should be easy to use and not complicated, as it will be used by the whole organization. Developing easy software will help in more involvement of learners and other people as well.

    The LCMS that you will get will include all the instructions to its use, a user manual for future use. It will have all the functions which will be easily accessible for the users for their convenience and for their effective performance.

    19. How Creative Can It  Be?

    The company would want to know about the creative features of the LCMS and how it will support the enterprise to grow and work more efficiently. Hiring a skilled website development company will make sure that all such features are present in the system, which include:

    The learning content management system will have all the options to creatively edit your content in the system, or innovate it. Creating a whole course module will help learners enhance their learning and creative skills.

    20. Will The System Allow Us To Track History Of Students Or Clients?

    Tracking the performance and history of their employees and clients is an important part of the company. Managers like to take a follow up with the people connected to the system.

    Clients’ data is stored in the system along with the learner’s assessment history and their reports. The managers can track any information stored in the system, despite the fact of how old it is, which will help the organization in performing their tasks and following up more efficiently and effectively. 

    In a Nutshell

    Pining it all in a single place, it can be said that hiring an LCMS development company can be a big task and it takes a lot of time and effort, to avoid that an organization should ask the developer team to avoid the extra efforts.

    There are a number of questions that you should ask your developer team before hiring them to make sure that your enterprise software development organization is the right choice for your LCMS.

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