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Process of Hiring Dedicated Ecommerce Development Team

When it is about which dimension to explore, Ecommerce is the most opted choice for entrepreneurs today.

Do you realize why it is so?

Or, what are the other responsible reasons behind Ecommerce becoming the most prevalent choice for entrepreneurs to possess a business in?

You see, running an eCommerce business is easy by possessing smart ecommerce software solutions even for the smallest possible products like makeup accessories, electronic spare parts, and whatnot. 

You can be the producer, you can be a warehouse service provider which keeps the raw material stored and serves as an e-commerce supplier of the raw material. However, that would require land for this.

If you can manage with the land and resources to keep the raw material unaffected from the storage environment, you can be a transport fleet managing e-service provider.

Conclusively, everything is possible with an electronic medium, it should be a problem-solving service only.

People answer that the pandemic is the reason. But the pandemic was only an acceleration providing a catalyst for bringing the eCommerce boom.

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Nevertheless, let us emphasize the process of hiring an ecommerce development team, and the quintessential factors in and around it after that. Below are the potential characters that would be the essential team members, and then the factors that require some of your time before going to a marathon of forming an eCommerce team.

First, let us explore some impacting factors that could affect the decision and post hiring results. How an Ecommerce development team should be hired i.e.

The Process To Hire An Ecommerce Team

1. Company Experience

It is apparent when one is to hire an eCommerce development team for one’s eCommerce idea, the hired team is expected to have worked on similar ideas before.

Without adequate experience, a team isn’t worth hiring and would end up being an ineffective spend.

Ask them about their experiences, their previous projects, and discuss your idea for what else they can add to it or what would they suggest to cut out from it for its overall betterment?

2. Staff Size

The size of the company’s staff or at least the team’s size matter when things are about hiring or deploying into the organization.

An outsourcing company would charge on an hourly basis usually, which would be a crucial factor to think about how many characters in the team you would require?

Will you be ready to hire a designer, a developer, a marketer, an analyst, and a tester altogether?

Compare the cost to be levied on hiring a team at once and hiring an individual for every requirement.

3. Company’s portfolio

A company’s portfolio says it all about its abilities. Check on to their client-base, or ask them to showcase their portfolio when you reach out to them. It is fine to ask about their work experience and it is smart to judge them by their reaction to it.

They might be very open or very manipulative while showcasing their portfolio. Either case would help you judge the company’s confidence.

4. Testimonials

Testimonials, public review, and user-generated content available in their feedback channels including social media platforms, etc. would help you know the customer’s experience with the company.

You would half realize the potential of the team by checking on their testimonials, case studies, comments on their social media posts, if any.

Apart from this, there are core characters to be in an eCommerce development team are an operation manager, a director, a designer, a marketer, a developer, and a tester to check on its performance. Let us discuss further about them a bit, considering if you choose to hire them individually and ultimately going to make an eCommerce team through them.

Characters To Hire In An Ecommerce Development Team

1. Hire A Responsible Authority: Director Product Manager

An eCommerce development team isn’t all about the drag and drop enabled websites, or abandoned E-cart’s smart management. It is also about managing partnerships, reporting, decision making, evaluating the rights and the wrongs, and being answerable to the P&L figures.

You would require a person who could be the sole responsible for the overall operation management. Being the business owner, if you possess such abilities, nothing better could happen than this.

The other two options are either to hire one such experienced person or to hire a full-service eCommerce development company, which we will discuss in a brief ahead.

2. Hire Website Creators: Developer

These are the key people who would develop the entire online structure of the eCommerce business.

Make sure to decide on which tech stack you would like to develop your eCommerce software in?

There are a few really smart and next-gen platforms like Magento, Shopify, Drupal, and Laravel. Hiring a dedicated developer of which could be the crucial part.

A Magento development company would cost you a bit higher than others, or maybe a developer who charges around $80 per hour to develop a dynamic website, but can also provide you with the best functionalities you can expect for.

3. Hire One To Lead The Operations: Operation Manager

This one would be the person answerable for the technical operations and would monitor the entire development process including the testing part including regression, or A/B testing.

Essentially the interface part is over this person so that everything available in the frontend should function smoothly.

4. Hire Tech-support: QA & Testing Person

Running a business that has an electronic face would require consistent vigilance over the software solution. Especially when the customers are all the time wandering in and around your business website digitally.

Data security, QA testing, are the key dimensions that this person has to take care of. Make sure you hire the right people for this and do not let the potential customers leave your website or mobile application just because of its poor performance.

Let the business know its serving abilities, by keeping the website tested and the overall performance up to the mark.

5. Hire A Marketer

Digital marketing is the energy-producing fuel that any business requires to reach the summit. Sales could be an alternative but are not ideal in the case of an eCommerce business.

The typical purpose of any electronic face of the business is a website or an application is to bring the business to those who are unable to reach the business on their own. 

Therefore, to bring the traffic from distant geographical locations, to keep things in accordance with the guidelines that could affect the SEO, and to strategize the 

Campaigns, a digital marketing manager, and its executives would be an essential need.

An Ideal Size of the Team

This factor is a successively depending one and could vary according to the type of service you provide. Most of the services require a website development company or just a developer to develop a face for the business that desires to be available for everyone sitting at their houses, and not just for those who are physically able to reach them, like in the case of a procurement storage provider, etc. 

Suppose if you are-

1. A Procurement Storage Service Provider

It would be somewhat a mixture of offline and online business because the face of a business would be electronic only, but not the services. However, it should not be considered as not an ecommerce business type, because the objective of an eCommerce business is to get the services in the hands of the customers, not at the doorsteps only.

Thus, a procurement storage business would require a developer to develop an ecommerce website, a database handling person, and the functionality to see online if the physical store has enough space and the resources to keep your raw material or not? 

Secondly, it should have the functionality to book the space, the time duration to keep the material stored for, and everything that is relevant to the storage facilities online. 

All that you require is a small team to handle the website, and merely one or two-person to physically foster the storage space and the resources over there, including a team to load-unload and deliver the material simultaneously.

2. If you are A Manufacturer

A manufacturing business would be the same as the procurement storage business, as it is also an offline service, but has to be available through a website only for its consumers.

3. If you are A Fleet management service provider

This could be the classic case for an eCommerce business as Fleet management includes multiple operations at one go including vehicle maintenance, licensing, driver management, fuel management, vehicle tracking, accident management, etc.

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Being such a multi-service provider, you could have a vast eCommerce business.

For this, you would require an experienced enterprise software development company and a set of resources including-

I. Cloud computing support for Cloud-based operations

II. Data security and transaction management software

III. EDI professional services to keep the electronic transactions safe

IV. On demand mobile development company or a developer, etc.

4. An all-in-one Ecommerce Service Provider

An all-in-one eCommerce service provider refers to those who exist virtually as a store and have an administrative office only at some outlet. 

Such types of businesses are Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, etc, as we never see their stores outside. They are the biggest eCommerce players and half of the people still misunderstand that only such businesses are called eCommerce businesses.

Therefore, it was necessary to mention the other types of businesses prior to it.

To have such a business solution developed, you would require to have a complete eCommerce team, including a dedicated developer, qa and testing services provider, cloud computing support, other resource-based support, finance manager, IT consultancy service provider, and much more than just these basic materialistic things. 

Check Your Financial Capacity to Hire

You must check that your capacity is whether to hire a team or it is just to bring a few resources in?

In the latter case, it is suggested to hire an eCommerce services provider which would let your physical efforts be saved and would cost much less than producing an entire team would cost.

Hire an In-house or Contractual Human Resource

In this case, you already have a business, but if you want to integrate additional functionality or your existing social media accounts into your business, you would require an integration expert.

Here is the time when you have to decide on hiring a person on a contract or as a permanent resource to the company?

Hire an Asset as a service

There are multiple software and tools that are quintessential meanwhile eCommerce software development. You would have to make a decision between getting those resources as a service i.e. SaaS or you want to purchase that software separately for your business only. 

The Alternates

You may hire a full-service eCommerce provider who would free you from the hiring process and provide a peaceful operational run and would effectively mitigate the risks of growing an eCommerce development team from scratch.

It would assist you in the following ways-

  • By providing already grown-up logistics support.
  • By providing expert support and consistent IT consultancy
  • By providing global storage and transportation support
  • By providing AI-powered abilities
  • By reducing the physical effort required to run and operate everything as per the compliance and regulations.

This would be an all-time solution to hire an ecommerce development company rather than hiring every individual and filling all the positions.

Apart from this, there are other factors like Capital expenditure, the risk of stepping into new markets through the eCommerce world, and the challenges that would arrive while competing in the international market altogether.

Make sure the process doesn’t burden you and your decisions are wise, not just effective. Everything has to be smart, not just hard to implement.

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